The Beauty at the End of the Block, A Brew Parkers Mystery

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Chapter 10

Tuesday, Detective Hite contacted Holly informing her she was no longer a person of interest. He thanked her for her cooperation. The honorable detective did not divulge any additional information. No problem, we simply asked Margret. And, Margret, gracious, nosy person that she is, filled in the blanks for us. (and everyone else.)

Margret's Brew Parkers block party was the official end of summer party for the kids and the perfect place for her to have a captive audience for her tale of how Dear Holly was cleared of all charges. The party meant a little more to Holly's family and mine.. Holly's school said everything was good by them and she could start back next week. She had only missed the first two classes of the fall semester.

The story, as Margret told it went as follows. Our perfect neighbors , Jerry and Roger, were behind the murders and Holly's set up. Jerry, we now knew was Reginald “The Fox” Woodard, was behind the actual killing and planting of evidence. He was contracted by a company to kill Sahara /Mille and Kyle/Teddy and take any evidence they had on the true nature of the fake organic cleaner. Yes. The cleaner in Holly's garage was at the center of the entire problem. The cleaner was the latest organic cleaner that everyone bought and loved. It smelled nice and was good for the environment and our homes because it was free of harmful chemicals. Wrong! It had chemicals in it! Some minor, mid-level, nobody found out what was in and couldn't keep it to himself. He choose to share it with his favorite prostitute, Millie. (Really! And he did not see this as a bad idea?) Millie told Teddy and together, they blackmailed the employee and the company. Rephrase that, tried to blackmail the company. Now,the company with the less than organic, organic cleaner had to eliminate the rogue employee who knew the new “perfect for the all organic home” was a fake. The employee was found floating in the local river. Teddy was scared people would come after them and called the police, who in turn, called the government and placed. Teddy and Millie in witness protection.

“But, wait. Jerry and Roger were here first. How did they know where they were sending them?” Whitney asked.

“Listen and I will explain.” Margret told her. “The company had a spy in the agency and knew where they were sending them. Roger and Jerry were sent here first in order to establish their cover. Sahara and Kyle show up with their made up back story.” Margret took a breath and a refreshing sip of her trendy wine spritzer. (Trendy. Wine spritzer. Funny.) “I told you ladies there was something wrong with them! Sahara just did not know fashion for someone claiming to be in the business. Anyway Sahara had caught him lurking around outside after the Brew Parkers meeting. She confronted him. The two argued outside and she followed him back to his yard. They continued to argue, then went back at the Greentree house. They argued inside. He pushed her, hard, and she went through the monster stained glass window. Sahara did not die as planned. Jerry liked to add irony to his “jobs”. He planned to poison both Millie and Teddy with the “organic” cleaner. Kyle came home after a night at the casino and found the police tape and mess at his house. He went in, saw the mess and scared, so the police assume. He must have drunk from the cup tainted with the cleaner. He went with the police and died with them hours later. Because of the mess of Sahara's death, Jerry changed to his back up plan. Jerry always had a back up plan. He would frame a neighbor. He had researched all of the neighbors and found Holly to be the best. She had a background that fit what he needed. He planted the evidence and the police followed his bread crumbs to Holly. He and Roger left town “to help a sick aunt” and never return. Jerry added the human touch by having his good neighbor, John, check the security system, water the plants and make sure the service mowed the lawn. You could not risk being a bad neighbor and have someone really try hard to find them. Roger was in charge of following any media coverage on the murders. What Jerry did not know was Roger had a hard copy of the evidence from the Greentree's house hidden in his computer case; just in case. Roger Beers was the “electronics expert” Jerry was using for this job. Roger turned out to be just a good lair. The security set up in their house did not work. The microphones he had hidden in the planters only recorded but never transmitted, as Roger said they would. Jerry never checked. He hated electronics which is why he brought Roger in. John, who was an electronics geek, found the emails and other paperwork in the case He thought the instructions Roger left about the security system were odd but, didn't get a chance to talk about it with him before they left. When the fan overheated, John opened it and solved the case.”

“Your contacts at the police told you all that?” Gretchen asked.

“Yes. Where else would I get it from? Once the police check the house a found a finger print, they tracked Jerry and Roger to Millersport and arrested them. Roger told the police everything. Jerry knew he was caught and talked. He probably hoped to get the bad company in trouble, but we will see.” Margret's little lie about the information was apparent to everyone. Calling her on it, would not do anyone any good.

“Holly, how are you feeling?” Whitney asked and passed an ice tea to her.

My best friend smiled and accepted the drink. “Relieved. Happy. I was so worried about how all this effected the guys.”

Beth laughed. “Forget the boys! What about your career and you!”

Holly smiled, turned and placed her hand over my shoulders. “Tabitha had my back. I knew she could solve it”

“We solved it. Holly, John and I. We worked together.”

“So ,thinking about all that creepy stuff helps you think like a killer, I guess.” Margret cocked her eyebrow at me.

I smiled. “ Maybe. I'm just glad Holly is safe and everything will go back to normal.”

(Well, MY version of normal.)

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