The Thunder of Nautilus

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The Scene Of The Crime

Soon the farm was swarming with police officers and crime scene investigators. Robert’s and Lily’s rotting corpses, along with Lily’s putrid head and hands found in the fridge, were taken to the morgue of the Bristol coroner, and the crime scene investigators spent hours taking samples and photos of the house and sheds that night and into the next day.

The rental car was found and, fearing more bodies were buried, the grounds around the farm, including the one -acre paddock, were systematically searched, and the corpse of a man was uncovered the following day. The scene at the farm was beyond anything Inspector Green had ever seen, or could have imagined. In the cold of that night, he’d made a pact with himself to not rest until he’d pieced together the puzzle in its entirety.

The first item of significance to Inspector Green was the rental car, and it was examined in great detail. It proved to be the source of one big part of the puzzle, and it was what he’d instinctively felt, when he’d initially made a connection between the lawyer and Malcolm Macbeth. The lawyer’s cause of death had previously been established by the coroner as strangulation with a piece of wire, and when a bloodied garrote was found in the rental car, DNA analysis of the blood clearly established it to be Glynda Gemein’s. Furthermore, a shovel, still containing soil residue, was found in the car, and soil samples taken from the woods and original place of her disappearance were a match.

Detective Green deduced that Malcolm strangled Glynda Gemein in the woods where she’d gone jogging the day she disappeared, and that he’d buried her at the site of the killing. Why she was found in another forest a long way from where she was killed was a mystery, but Green had the van belonging to the female victim at the farm examined, and Gemein’s blood and traces of the soil where she’d originally been buried were found.

DNA analysis of other human particles found in the van proved to belong to the man in the paddock, and his identity had been established as Christian Crawly, who’d disappeared from a nightclub in London just over six months prior.

Detailed detective work determined that Robert and Lily had been involved in Satanist practices and evidently had devised their own version of dark rites, hence the ritualistic display of Malcolm as a sacrifice to the Lord of Hades.

The cage in the farmhouse cellar provided more pieces of the puzzle, thanks to the methodical search by the crime scene technicians, and it became evident that Malcolm and Robert, as well as Christian, had all been incarcerated in that cage, but only Robert’s blood was found at the clumsily cut wire of a cat flap, which obviously had been used to feed the victims when they were kept there. The heroin residue and the paraphernalia found on the living room table prompted examinations of all victims, including Malcolm, and the traces of the drug found in the body of Malcolm and Christian suggested that the heroin was used to control the prisoners. High doses of the opiate and the presence of a large amount of alcohol in Robert’s blood indicated that Robert had died of an overdose after he’d killed and hung the disfigured body of Malcolm Macbeth.

However, Malcolm’s fingerprints on the electric saw and the knife in the master bedroom as well as on cooking utensils in the kitchen proved him to be the killer and mutilator of the female victim, and the brain matter found in the trash and the residue of the same found in the cooking pot and the bowl in the cage revealed the incomprehensible horror of cannibalism.

The investigative team, with Detective Green at the helm, gradually and meticulously pieced together a series of events comprising a progression of evil that the devil himself could not have conceived in a more hideous and gruesome fashion.

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