The Thunder of Nautilus

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After spending the remaining hours of the night at the police station on a cold cement bed with only a couple of rough blankets, Justin was finally told that his brother had arrived. James hugged the shivering Justin and told him that everything would be all right. He’d booked a hotel room on his way, and after Justin had taken a hot shower, told him to just sleep and covered him with clean, soft sheets and blankets and drew the curtains.

Once his brother was asleep, James went down into the dining room, made himself a cup of tea at the buffet, and then called Marie. The information he got from his brother over the phone that night was sketchy and not entirely clear, so he told Marie what he knew and where he was at present. Marie told James that she’d come over as soon as possible and asked John, who’d just finished his breakfast, to drop her off at the hotel on his way to work. Once Marie arrived, they drove to the police station and picked up Justin’s camper. James drove the van and Marie drove Jim’s car back to the hotel. Justin hadn’t been able to sleep more than an hour, and he was up by the time Marie and James returned and greeted Marie and his brother with a heartfelt hug. He then apologized for having caused them trouble, and his brother and Marie excused his actions, saying his intentions were good but foolish, and that he had to stop getting involved in potentially dangerous situations.

Years later, after Justin had graduated from the police academy and was about to become a homicide cop, Marie and James, married by then, finally gave up telling him what not to do.

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