The Thunder of Nautilus

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Detective Inspector Green, having solved the riddle of the Wiltshire murders, was promoted to chief inspector and became known in cop circles as the twenty-first-century Sherlock Holmes—the man who used both his powers of deduction and his instincts to solve crime.

Dr. John Byron gave up working as a psychiatrist and wrote a book about the unfathomable psyche of the compulsive killer, and hosted many more lunches and weekend frolics with Nigel, James, Marie, and Justin as his guests at the manor.

Marie published her fairy tale, The Thunder of Nautilus, married James, and they lived happily ever after.

Nigel, happily living his life alone and not thinking about finding a partner to share his unorthodox lifestyle, found Mr. Right after all—when he met Inspector Green. Three years later they were married in an unconventional ceremony themed, “The Importance of Being Earnest,” in honor of Oscar Wilde.

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