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Chapter 3

Megan heard a voice call from down stairs. It was her mum “Yes mum” shouted Megan. “Its 8 o clock my sweet, time for bed.” “OK mum… Good night….Love you.” “Love you too” called mum has little sister Shauna came into the room carrying her favourite dolly. “What you been doing” asked Shauna. “Just reading a book… How was your day” asked Megan. “It was good… I got a reward card in assembly for filling up my star chart and sitting properly” replied Shauna. “Oh... well done sis” complimented Megan. “How was your day Megan” asked Shauna “Well it’s been a strange kind of day and I’m really tired now so I’m going to say good night.” Both girls got into bed and before long they were both fast asleep. The next few days passed by quickly and without any odd occurrences or problems for Megan and Brodie. It was the week end, Saturday Megan had taken the Grey metal car out of the old dinted tin and after playing with it for a while she put it in her jeans pocket. Megan and Brodie had planned to take there skate boards to the local town park and practice some stunts, though both girls keen skateboarders were still quite amateur. After finding the ideal skate boarding path happily playing and laughing at each other’s failed stunt attempts they both failed to notice a gang of around seven youths heading in their direction. “Oi … idiots” The two friends instantly turned to see the youths walking towards them. “Oh you know your names then”. It was Tracy and Ali with a group of five others who only hung around the two because they were scared of them. “Oh… Great… what now” muttered Brodie. The youths crowded around the two friends. Tracy…with her many spots, long blonde hair, green T-shirt, knee length pink trousers and white trainers, leaned towards Megan.” How about telling us what happened in the library the other day”. Megan Whilst turning her head to escape Tracy’s foul smelling breath said “ You know what happened, you and your side kick trapped us in the library, blocked the door with a table then started throwing books at us “. “ That’s bull and you know it “. Said Ali whilst stepping forward and pushing Megan over. Brodie jumped in front of Ali saying “Leave us alone and go away”. “Not without a bit of fun first” said Tracy. An elderly lady walking her dog politely asked the group. “Excuse me dears, can I just get by”. “Move out of the way guys, let the smelly old bag through “said Tracy with total disregard and respect to the lady. “ Oh you’re a nasty piece of work you are “said Megan “Shut up Megan “said Brodie trying not to wind the pair up too much. “ Yeah…Shut up Megan “Said Tracy whilst grabbing Megan’s skateboard from her. The ghostly spirit of Charlie manifested from the Grey, metal car in Megan’s jeans pocket, always remaining invisible to all he stood beside Megan. “You don’t mind if me and the guys play on your skate boards for a while do you “. Said Tracy while Ali snatched Boride’s from her hands and punched her in the shoulder. “Oww… for goodness sake… give me back my skate board, protested Brodie while Megan unable to help could only shake her head and sigh at the actions of the two bullies and there pathetic followers. Charlie, watching everything, gave a mischievous grin then set about turning the tables on the troublesome pair. Tracy ...putting Megan’s skate board on the ground placed her right foot onto the front of the board and precariously pushed herself off with her left. Charlie glided towards Tracy and just has she was about to put both feet on the skate board he nodded his head and instantly she fell to the ground. Megan placing her hand over her mouth looked at Brodie then silently laughed. ” I wouldn’t laugh if was you ” sad Ali has she clipped Megan across the side of the head then immediately got onto Brodie’s board and headed towards her friend, leaving Megan rubbing her head and wishing Ali would suffer the same fate has her stupid friend. No sooner did

Megan have that thought when Brodie’s skate board came to a sudden halt causing Ali to fly through the air and land on top of Tracy. “HA HA HA HA.“..... Roared Megan and Brodie, and the five friends could not resist laughing at the pair also. Ali and Tracy were furious and after picking themselves up Ali went charging towards Brodie, ranting on about her skate board. “So you think its funny do you”? Tracy glanced at their five friends and shouted “Do you!” Ali went on at Brodie. “What did you do to this stupid skate board”? “ works perfectly OK for me”. Said Brodie with a slight smugness about her. “Prove it” said Ali shoving the skateboard in Brodie’s stomach. Brodie, placing the skateboard on the ground pushed herself off, she rolled along the path there and back with ease. “Must have been a stone or something” said Megan after seeing the look on Ali’s face of pure fury towards Brodie. “Yeah it must have been”, said Tracy “because were the best there is when it comes to skateboarding”. Megan and Brodie didn’t dare look at each other because they knew they would burst out laughing. “Give me ago on that one “said Ali whilst swapping boards with Tracy. Megan didn’t want any of the two bullies touching her skateboard but she knew if she said that then Ali for sure would smash it up, so like Brodie she just stood quiet and watched. Meanwhile... The ghost of Charlie was watching all the time and knew exactly how to get this pair running home to mummy. Ali put Megan’s skate board on the ground, placed her foot on it and after moving it backwards and forwards a few times gave one big push off then free wheeled along the path. Everyone was watching. “Yeah ... Go on Ali “Shouted Tracy as Megan and Brodie looked on. Ali stopped, turned the board round and pushed herself freewheeling back along the path toward the group. Charlie leapt into action and with a nod of his head Ali’s trousers fell to her ankles the skateboard kept going, Ali couldn’t get off and was screaming for the others to come help her. Carrying Ali with her trousers round her ankles just a little way past the group the skateboard came to a sudden stop and for the second time throwing one of the bullies into the air and onto the ground. Ali got up with a very red face, pulled up her trousers and just ran. “Ali... Wait for me “shouted Tracy, chasing after her. Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha laughed Megan and Brodie, Megan tried walking over to pick up her skateboard but felt so weak with laughter she just lay on the grass and rolled around laughing.

Tuesday and 3rd period history with Mr Bates, not a favourite of Megan’s , not that she didn’t like history because she had a great interest in it, but more of the prospect of spending a whole hour with Mr Bates, a man in his 40′s , short and stocky, neatly groomed short dark hair. He always wore khaki trousers, a tweed checked jacket with dark brown elbow patches, a kind of yellow shirt with a green Coloured tie. Megan often imagined his whole wardrobe consisting of the same clothes, a set for each day of the week. Mr Bates was a stickler for punctuality and god help you if you are late for one of his lessons as Megan had found out once before but had borne Witness to many others that had sheepishly entered his class room after his lesson had begun. He showed no mercy and spared you no embarrassment as he would bellow at you from his desk... The whole class would sit in silence has Mr Bates would tear the late comer apart limb from limb (figuratively speaking) of course. He had often reduced many to tears and would pick at the individual consistently throughout his lesson. Feeling a kind of strange attachment to the little Grey car Megan carried it with her everywhere she went, in her school bag during the week and in her jeans or coat pocket at weekends. Arriving to the History class early Megan got out the relevant books, hung her bag over her chair then quietly sat and waited for class to begin. Mr Bates, with his back to the class of around twenty students was busy chalking something on the black board, he stopped, looked at his watch then said “Smith...Close the door”. To Simon Smith who always sat near the door at the rear of the class room. “Sir” Replied Simon then

Proceeded to close the door. “Hurry up Smith and get back to your seat” ordered Mr Bates then set about the usual registration.

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