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Chapter 4

“Adams”..... ” Sir “.” Brown “.... ” Sir “.” Davis “.... ” Sir “.” Hulbert …” Sir ” ” Hunter “....” Sir “Jenkins “.... “Jenkins “.... Mr Bates looked up and glanced round the class room then looked back down to the registration book saying “No Jenkins.... Absent “... While placing an X next to Mathew Jenkins name then carrying on with the registration. “Price “.... ” Sir “.” Prentice “.... “Sir “. Registration was suddenly interrupted, the class room door slowly opened, everyone turned to the door. Mr Bates peering up from the registration book, there was an eerie silence which was broken by a faint, worried voice. “Sorry Sir “. It was Mathew Jenkins and he was a good five minutes late for class. Megan instantly pitied Mathew because not only would he have to contend with the agonizing telling off and lecture from Mr Bates but also the embarrassment in front of his class mates. “AH Jenkins.... How good of you to join us, are you sure you can spare us your time, SPEAKING OF WHICH ...DO YOU HAVE A WATCH, ARE YOU ABLE TO READ A CLOCK? Roared Mr Bates. Mathew tried to offer an excuse but Mr Bates true to form cut him down and spared him no mercy in his telling off. The rest of the class sat silent, apart from the odd one sniggering, probably due to nerves. “NOT ONLY ARE YOU LATE FOR MY CLASS JENKINS BUT YOU HAVE ALSO INTERUPPTED REGISTRATION AND DISSRUPTED THE REST OF THE CLASS THAT CAN TELL THE TIME “. Mathew stood with his hands behind his back and his head down, Mr Bates went on. “PUT YOUR HANDS BY YOUR SIDE AND LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M SPEAKING TO YOU, I WILL NOT TOLERATE LATENESS TO MY CLASS AND ANYONE WHO IS LATE WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. REPORT TO THIS CLASS AFTER SCHOOL JENKINS, YOU HAVE JUST EARNED YOURSELF AN HOUR OF DETENTION, NOW SIT DOWN AND GET OUT YOUR HISTORY BOOK”. He then completed registration. Megan shook her head pitying Mathew but re-leaved it wasn’t her. The ghostly spirit of Charlie after listening to the bellowing roars of Mr Bates , appeared by Megan’s side, sensing Megan’s pity for Mathew , Charlie looked at Mr Bates and gave a mischievousness grin has he did when he was about to have some fun. “Now class... Turn to page five of your History books “Said Mr Bates whilst standing up and approaching the black board. An arm shot up “S.s.s.s.s Sir “. It was Mathew Jenkins. “Yes ” said Mr Bates while turning to face the class.” What is it boy “. Mathew stood up “Sir... I left my bag in the gym and it has my History book in it, that’s why i was late Sir “.” IF YOU HAVE NO HISTORY BOOK THEN YOU CANT DO TODAYS SET WORK CAN YOU “? Shouted Mr Bates” No Sir “replied Mathew.” BECAUSE OF YOUR LATENESS AND FORGETFULLNESS YOU CAN SPEND THE WHOLE LESSON WRITING THE LINES, I MUST ALWAYS BE PUNCTUAL AND NEVER FORGET MY BOOKS , Now come to the front and get some paper and a pen, You can catch up on today’s lesson during your detention “. Said Mr Bates while turning back to the Black board. Mathew walking to the front of the class room looking really fed up picked up some paper and a pen and returned to his seat. “Now class... Today’s lesson as you will see by consulting page 5 of your History books ′ With exception of Jenkins’, Is reminding us of the Long 18th Century Georgian gentlemen and the Canons of Salisbury “. The ghost of Charlie glided across to the other side of the Blackboard, Mr Bates pointing to what he had earlier wrote on the board and reading it out to class. “Social backgrounds of Salisbury Canons, Nobles 3... Gentry 17... Clergy 23 “. He moved the board round to read further, it was stuck, using both hands he pushed down trying to move the board round but Charlie was not about to let this lesson go easy for the regimental Mr Bates. It suddenly released and whizzed round causing Mr Bates to stumble into it and hug the board. While some students laughed and some didn’t dare Megan just sat in disbelief as Mr

Bates went from being the most thorough, exact teacher to the most clumsily. The roll Blackboard seeming to have a mind of its own refused to show the writing Mr Bates had written for this particular lesson., it moved up and down, not allowing him to control it at all. “Sir... Why is it doing that” said a scared Andrew Prentice. Mr Bates didn’t answer but decided to give up the struggle with the possessed board. Turning to face the class he demanded... “Those of you who are laughing I suggest you stop, even though this occurrence is very odd it is no laughing matter, now just copy the text from page 5 of your History books into your work books.” The board still moving up and down behind Mr Bates was all too much for the terrified Andrew Prentice who suddenly leapt up and ran out of the classroom. “Jenkins” ” Yes Sir ““Go and fetch Mr Gordon the Care taker “.” Yes Sir “. Mathew left the class room in search of the quite old, partially deaf caretaker, Mr Gordon. Mr Bates went to sit in his chair which suddenly moved from beneath him causing him to fall heavily on his bottom. The whole class roared with laughter, Megan looked on with a real satisfying smile on her face. Charlie, noticing Megan’s obvious joy began a flurry of mishaps for the unsuspecting teacher.

“OK class... QUIET! ... ANYMORE AND YOU WILL ALL FIND YOURSELVES IN DETENTION! “Shouted the very irate History teacher has he picked himself up from the floor beside his desk. The Blackboard came to a sudden stop. “Ahh ... Marvellous “he said rubbing his hands together and walking towards the board. His chair had moved again and was very strategically placed behind him. Looking at the board and addressing the class... “Salisbury Canons of the 18th Century ” he said whilst stepping back from the board.” SIR...LOOK OUT!” Shouted Lorain Roberts. To late ... Mr Bates had gone over the top of his chair, rolled with his back on his desk then kind of back flipped knocking all the pens, paper, books and stuff from the front desk to the floor on his way and landing on his bottom for a second time. While shocked by this out of character clumsiness of the normally precise, thorough History teacher, the whole class could not contain themselves and though risking a detention and probably more, some students practically fell from their own chairs with laughter. Mr Bates angrily picking himself up from the floor screamed at the class demanding order and silence and after dismissing several students to the corridor for insubordination Mr Bates ‘agitated’ tried to regain his authority over the rest of the class. Speaking with an obvious air of embarrassment. “Now... The rest of you carry on with your work and no talking “. Megan glanced up at Mr Bates has he left the class room. Instantly some students began to snigger and whisper but they soon stopped on hearing the familiar, bellowing roar of Mr Bates has he tore into the several students he had sent into the corridor. One by one they all came back into the class room, some red faced, some with tears in their eyes. Charlie stood by the door waiting for Mr Bates to enter , has he did and on closing the door behind him Charlie made sure the back of the aggravated teachers jacket got caught on the door as it shut. Mr Bates tugged at his jacket frustratingly trying to release it when suddenly the opened causing him to propel across the class room narrowly missing Angela Watson , Yet again after tripping over Angels table leg Mr Bates ended up on his bottom. Megan ‘aghast’ could not believe what she was witnessing during this History period with Mr Bates. It was Jenkins returning with the Care taker Mr Gordon who was dumb founded has to why (what looked like to him) Mr Bates had threw himself on the floor in front of him. “You alright Sir, This lad ere said you required my services ” said Mr Gordon as Mr Bates embarrassingly got to his feet very much resembling a pressure cooker. He coughed... “Yes... There appears to be a problem with the Blackboard”. “Right Sir ... And what might that problem be Sir “. Asked Mr Gordon whilst walking towards the Blackboard. Mr Bates after instructing Jenkins to go back to his seat explained to Mr Gordon about the Blackboard then looking and sounding quite defeated , instructed the class to carry on writing from there text books. After checking the roll of the Blackboard and pushing it up and down several

Times, scratching his head Mr Gordon could find no fault and deduced to Mr Bates, Human error. This of course enraged Mr Bates and refused to accept fault and requested Mr Gordon to thoroughly inspect the board after class. Advising his return shortly Mr Gordon left the class room. Mr Bates sat in his chair at his desk and looked at his watch, Charlie sensing this History period was coming to a close had one last treat for the unsuspecting Mr Bates. He loosened the laces of Mr Bates shoes and tied them both together, then giving a sigh of contentment he vacuumed himself back into the little Grey car in Megan’s bag. ‘R I N N N G ’ .... The school bell sounded marking the end of the lesson, all the students putting their books in their bags began to leave the class room. Megan being the last one out witnessed Mr Bates standing from his chair, making his way to tidy the students desks and yet again, falling to the floor. He erupted in anger shouting “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE “. Megan bewildered hastily left the class room and made her way to meet Brodie.

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