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Chapter 5

It was the last day of term, a few months previous Mr Steinberg , Mr Harvey , Mrs Young , and Mrs Moses all from Games , Geography and Science departments had organized and arranged a three day , two night residential treat trip at the Whistling Wind Hotel on the edge of Black stock Woods in the breath taking Wiltshire Country side. With all places allocated on a first come basis for any students in years seven and eight Megan and Brodie were keen to gain permission from their parents to apply for a place. After been given permission and accepted on the trip the two friends ended the last day of term on a high note of excitement. The week end over and the two friends parents escorted them to the meeting point where mum gave her fond farewells, safety advise and a reminder to phone her at least once a day. With the students and their bags loaded onto the coach all were eagerly waiting to set off. After a head count Mr Steinberg announced there would be a fifteen minute delay as there were two late arrivals. “Wish they would hurry up “. Said Megan to Brodie whilst peering out of the coach window. Brodie nodded in agreement. Minutes went by when Mrs Moses was heard saying “Come on girls get on the coach... We need to set off “.” Oh at last “said Brodie has her and Megan looked to the front of the coach and to their sheer disappointment the two late arrivals were only Ali and Tracy.” Oh Grrrrreat..... How on earth were those two allowed on this trip “said Brodie whilst slumping back in her seat? Megan just sighed and said “I don’t know but I’m going to avoid them has humanly possible “. Ali and Tracy sat in the only two seats left available which were beside the teachers. “At least the journey there will be a painless one “Said Brodie. With everyone on the coach the driver started the engine and they all set off for the two hour journey to the Whistling Wind Hotel. Standing facing he students Mr Harvey (A strong exercise fanatic of a man) gave a re-run of rules, what was to be expected and details of the place they all were staying. “Can I have your attention everyone “? He waited a few seconds. ” Thank you ... Now people , the place we are going to be spending the next three days ′ as you know ′ is called the Whistling Wind Hotel and is situated on the edge of Black stock Woods in a quiet , remote , beautiful part of the Wiltshire country side . The hotel itself is a huge converted mansion dating back to the 18th Century and is run and managed by Mr and Mrs Waters and there family. There are three rooms booked for you lot, four to a room “. What about you and Mr Steinberg Sir, are you sharing a room with Mrs Moses and Mrs Young “. Asked Jack Pearce causing everyone to giggle. “No Pearce ... Mrs Moses and Mrs Young will have their own room , Mrs Young will tell you you’re groups when we arrive . The grounds of the Hotel are vast and very family orientated so there will be plenty to keep you all occupied. May I remind you all that good manners, respect and impeccable behaviour must be maintained at all times throughout our stay, anyone breaking the rules, no matter how trivial will be automatically sent home after your parents have been advised to collect you, and you will not be considered for anymore school trips for a whole year “. Some of the students moaned and groaned at that but Mr Harvey interrupting said ” Well ... If

You don’t want that to happen then the simplest solution is to be on you best behaviour “. Mrs Moses the science teacher stood up to speak. ” May I add students ... Tomorrow we will be taking a walk through the mystical Black stock Woods and discussing the myths and legends surrounding the place “?” Oh ... Wow “said Megan “That sounds cool “.” I can’t wait “said Brodie squeezing Megan’s arm.” May I also remind you that there will be other guests at the hotel so we expect the good reputation of our school to be up held “said Mr Harvey making a quick glance to Ali and Tracy?” Now ... Does anyone have any questions “? Asked Mr Harvey glancing around the coach. A voice came from the back of the coach, it was Mathew Jenkins. ” What time do we have to go to bed Sir “?” We expect you all to be in your beds by ten and up by seven ready for breakfast at eight which incidentally is a full cooked English breakfast “.” Is there a pool table and a swimming pool”. Asked Jack. “There is a games room which i believe has a snooker table, unfortunately there is no swimming pool but there is a gym and a sauna for any of you who are interested “. Replied Mr Harvey with a happy note in his voice has like Mrs Young, he was one of the schools P.E Teachers. “Any more questions “Asked Mr Steinberg the geography teacher.” When will we be there Sir “asked Megan? Looking at his watch and speaking to the driver Mr Steinberg said “Twenty minutes, so make sure you have your belongings and all litter placed in the rubbish bag provided “. The whole coach started buzzing with excitement and everyone cleaned away sweet wrappers , sandwich boxes , empty juice bottles and other rubbish , put on their coats then excitedly sat looking out of the coach windows to see who could spot their destination first . Mr Harvey, speaking again “OK people we are here “everyone started standing up, looking out the windows, talking and laughing. The whole coach was alive with excitement that Mr Harvey had to raise his voice for everyone to hear. “When we stop, wait for Mr Steinberg and Mrs Moses to leave first then follow single file and stand beside them in an orderly manner “. After pulling up in the coach car park everyone though excited got off as instructed and waited. Mr Harvey had gone into the hotel with a wad of paper work in his hand, the coach driver and Mr Steinberg unloaded everyone’s luggage while Mrs Young and Mrs Moses supervised the twelve excited teenagers. Mr Harvey returned ” That’s it, were booked in, now students listen to Mrs Young has she gives you your groups of four and your group leader. Which will be one of us teachers then get in your group and stand by your teacher. As Mrs Young created the groups Megan’s gut feeling instinctively told her what was to come and sure enough Mrs Young had paired Megan and Brodie with Ali and Tracy with Mr Steinberg has there group leader . “Oh God ...why those two “said Brodie.” Suddenly I feel sick “said Megan while they both picked up there bags and made their way to Mr Steinberg. Tracy and Ali were uncharacteristically quiet which made Megan think that maybe , just maybe the embarrassment they suffered that day in the park has made them turn over a new leaf and this residential would work out fine after all. “OK you four .... Follow me and I will show you to your room “. Said Mr Steinberg leading the way into the hotel . Entering the huge double doors of the hotel the foyer was big, the service desk was in the centre beyond a gold, tiled floor with two red carpeted grand stair cases at either side. There was two doorways immediately to the left and right of the entrance which lead to different parts of the hotel, the ceilings were very high and all four girls were in awe at the massive hanging, crystal chandelier above the centre of the foyer. “Come on girls this way ” interrupted Mr Steinberg. Following there group leader up the grand stair case they turned left , walked along a red carpeted corridor with numbered doors about twelve foot apart , they turned right along another corridor then came to a stop outside door number 19 . Mr Steinberg opening the door with a small key on a red plastic key ring said ” There you go ladies , this is your room , sort out your bags , make yourselves comfortable then meet up back in the foyer in twenty minutes , Oh ... And ladies , keep the room tidy , and no damages ” . He then left the girls to it. Megan looked round the room, it seemed bigger on the inside than she expected. There

Was four single beds, two on the right of the room and two on the left? The decor was dull and old fashioned in Megan’s eyes. There was dark wood panelling all the way round the bottom half of the walls, the top half was covered in a deep, red paisley wall paper, and the ceiling was high with a big round white light shade in the centre of the room. The carpet ‘again’ was a deep red pile, the beds all the same had big dark wooden foot and head boards, and were covered with four big, pink duvets. There was a small dark wooden table with a lamp with a lamp by the side of each bed. There was two large dark wooden wardrobes in the centre of the room against the wall, in-between the two far beds. There was a door immediately to the left of the main door which lead to an en-suit wash room. “I bags this bed” said Ali, “I bags this one “followed Tracy as they both jumped on the two beds beside the bathroom.” We will just take these two then” said Brodie while throwing down her bag beside the bed on the far right. Megan placed her bag by her bed then went to open the right side wardrobe, it was big inside with shelves and a rail with lots of wire hangers. Taking off their coats and emptying there bags Megan and Brodie began to place their clothes in there wardrobe. Ali threw her coat onto the floor and emptied her bags contents onto her bed has did Tracy, while they both decided what top to wear. “Mr Steinberg said to keep the room tidy, in case you hadn’t heard him “said Brodie.” It is tidy... It’s my kind of tidy and besides , if you don’t like it then feel free to clean it up .” said Ali with a real sarcastic grin. Tracy, laughing, threw more of her stuff onto the floor. ” Come on Brodie , let’s go down stairs ” suggested Megan has she didn’t want to spend more time than was necessary with the intolerable pair, and after taking off her coat and placing it on her bed, her and Brodie left the room. ” See you later “shouted Tracy then laughed. The little old Grey car was in the pocket of Megan’s coat laying over her bed and as soon has Megan realised she had left it there she would undoubtedly be back. “Hey Ali... Let’s take a look in there wardrobe “. Whispered Tracy. “Yeah ... Let’s see if we can tidy it up for them “sniggered Ali. Charlie’s ghost materialised from the little Grey car in Megan’s pocket, he sat on Megan’s bed and watched the menacing pair as they casually pulled out Megan’s sock drawer and tipped it onto the floor, laughing and walking back to their beds. Charlie within seconds had the socks back in the drawer and the drawer back in the wardrobe. Ali ... Falling back on her bed and laughing at Tracy saying “Now they have their own mess to clean up ” said ” Oh come on , we better go down stairs before were late again “. But as she stood up ... “T. T. T Trace.... You didn’t “pointing to the floor, Tracy looked “Huh! ... I’m off”. Charlie leaning against the wardrobe arms folded, chuckled as the pair made a quick exit. No sooner had they left the room when Megan came back in after realising she had left the little Grey car that she had become so attached to. Seeing Mega place the car in her jeans pocket Charlie quickly vacuumed himself back into it. Megan made her way back down stairs and met up with Brodie and the rest in the main foyer. “Ok everyone ... Are we all here? Said Mr Harvey. “Yes Sir ” replied all twelve students and a nod from the other three teachers.” OK now we are going to take you on a tour of the Hotel so there is no excuses for getting lost. So everyone pay attention and listen”. The group following Mr Harvey made their way across the foyer to the first right side doorway. “As you can see students, this is the dining area, it can seat up to a hundred guests, the door over in the far corner leads to the kitchen which is out of bounds to everyone but Hotel staff.” What if I get hungry Sir “asked Roland Troop ′ a short, round, over weight year eight student who was always eating.′ “I’m sure you like the rest of us will be adequately fed Troop, but if you do get peckish then there is a snack machine in the foyer “. Answered Mr Steinburg. “This way everyone ” said Mr Harvey walking down to the second doorway on the right of the foyer. They came to a set of double doors that led into a rather large games room and bar. “OH WICKED a full size snooker table “. Said a dreamy Jack Pearce with the same reaction coming from Megan and Brodie and some others in the group. “Look we can all have a beer while were playing “Joked Ian Jenkins.” Dreaming again Jenkins “said Mr Harvey. Everyone laughing left the

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