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Chapter 6

Room then walked along a corridor and up two flights of stairs which led to a ginormous gym, exercise room, sauna, shower rooms, bathroom and baby changing room. “Oh look Brodie ... There’s your room “said Tracy pointing at the baby changing room.” Oh yeah ... I must remember that when I take you in to change your nappy “was the quick response from Brodie that caused everyone to laugh again, much to the frustration of the red faced Tracy.” Come on now Tracy, if you can give it then you have to be prepared to take it “. Said Mrs Young. The whole group followed the teachers through the gym and out into another corridor full of private rooms including their own. Then down another two flights of stairs which led into a kind of reading, quiet room. Walking through the room they all ended up back in the main foyer. Leading the twelve students out through the main doors and to the rear of the hotel down a white stone path Mr Harvey and his fellow teachers left the students to explore the Hotel grounds. There was a small pet corner with guinni pigs , rabbits , birds and chickens , A wooden fortress climbing frame and swings , A huge circular fountain with an array of flowers at either side , A four foot high maze and acres of beautiful green country side for as far as the eye could see . Megan and Brodie made their way to pet corner. “Aww look Megan, look at the baby bunnies “said Brodie while crouching down for a closer look. Megan, noticing Ali and Tracy entering the maze remarked on how it was a shame the maze wasn’t any taller than the pair would get lost never to be seen again. “Now whose wishful thinking ” laughed Brodie? Charlie on hearing Megan’s wish decided to do just that and play a little cat and mouse with the two bullies so when Megan and Brodie headed back into the Hotel to clean themselves up for dinner Charlie set to work and began by making the maze two inches taller and mixed the maze up a bit for added confusion , He also devilishly conjured up the sound of a wild animal growling , even though there really was no wild animal at all but the sound of one was enough to scare the absolute living daylights out of Ali and Tracy.

“I never noticed the hedges this big before we came in here” said a confused Tracy. “N ... N ...N....Never mind that ...did you hear something” said Ali quickly glancing all around her. “ What is it ... It sounds like a.... Lion” carried on Ali. The pair screaming frantically and aimlessly ran, desperately seeking the exit to the six foot tall hedges of the maze. Back in the Hotel after cleaning their hands and making their way into the dining room of the Hotel Megan and Brodie sitting at a table studied the menu and discussed what they would choose for dinner. Charlie at the other end of the dining room, peering out of the window with a satisfying grin watched has Tracy and Ali terrifyingly searched for an exit to the maze as the wild roars seemed to get closer and closer. A voice distracted Charlie. It was Mr Steinburg asking if anyone had seen Tracy and Ali as he noticed the pair not present for dinner. “Are they in your room girls?” he asked Megan and Brodie. “No Sir, last time we saw them they were in the maze Sir.” Replied Megan then carried on looking at the menu. As Mr Steinburg made his way to the window Charlie quick as a flash instantly turned the maze back to normal and dismissed the bodiless, invisible growl. Reaching the window and looking across the hotel grounds to the maze.... “What on earth are those two doing” said Mr Steinburg thinking aloud and causing the other pupils to rush to the window mumbling and giggling at the pair rushing around inside the small maze. The teacher made his way out of the Hotel, through the grounds towards the maze whilst Megan, Brodie, Charlie and all the other students and teachers watched from the dining room windows. “GIRLS!” Shouted Mr Steinburg to Ali and Tracy as he drew nearer to the pair. “Girls...What on earth are you doing , Your like a couple of headless chickens running around out here, Now come out of here and get to the dining room, you’re already late. “Sir...we’ve been chased by a lion and we couldn’t get out of the maze” sobbed Tracy. “The hedges were over six foot tall Sir” said a relieved Ali. Mr Steinburg looking at the pair in a very puzzled way said “These hedges are no more than four foot tall and did you actually see this Lion?” “No Sir ...We didn’t see a lion but we heard it Sir, it was chasing us, and the hedges were bigger Sir.” Pleaded Ali has Tracy carried on sobbing. Mr Steinburg shaking his head in disbelief and sighing said “Come on, Back into the Hotel, a long journey and too much country air I think.” The pair ran back inside ahead of Mr Steinburg as he walked back, glanced up at the other teachers and students looking out of the dining room windows, raised his hand and gave them a nod. “OK you lot, show time over so back to your food ordering.” Said Mr Harvey to the curious bunch of teenagers. Mr Steinburg returning to the dining room sat with his four colleagues and informed them of Ali and Tracy’s story. Ian Jenkins sat at the table behind eavesdropping then passed the story around until the whole dining room was filled with whispers and giggles. Charlie looking on, smiled then vacuumed himself back into the toy car in Megan’s pocket. The other three teachers though amazed at what they heard were not at all surprised that Ali and Tracy would come out with such a story. Entering the dining room and after eating there dinners and putting up with whispers and sniggers Ali and Tracy left and made their way to the games room. “Fancy a game of snooker Trace.”

“Yeah...go on then.” The pair went about setting up the snooker table when they heard. GRRRRRRRR... It was Ian Jenkins and his friends making fun of the pair. “You made me jump you idiot and there was a Lion, we heard it.” Said Ali. “Yeah whatever, you’re both cuckoo.” said Ian whilst making circular movements with this finger and pointing to his head. “Oh come on Ali I’m not listening to these morons.” Said Tracy while shoving her snooker cue on the table and pushing past the boys to leave the room. Ali followed and the two made their way up to their room. Megan and Brodie were already in there changing into their track suits before using the Hotel Gym. The door opened, in walked Ali and Tracy. “Someone doesn’t look very happy” said Megan to Brodie as she sat on her bed tying her laces, “Oh well.” Sighed Brodie in response. “Yeah go on laugh at us alright, we did hear a Lion and the maze did get bigger but hey… We don’t care if no one believes us especially you two.” said Ali whilst sitting on her bed and flicking through a magazine. Tracy coming out of the wash room and sitting on Ali’s bed turned to Brodie. “Take it you’re going to the gym?” “Derrr...What gave it away then Tracy” replied Brodie sarcastically. Megan laughed while she and Brodie made a quick exit from the room. “Grrr I’m gonna get those two!” said a frustrated Tracy. “Yeah…We will later when they least expect it!” said Ali in a sly, concoctive voice. With a menacing grin and rubbing her hands together Tracy said “Yeah when there fast asleep.” Megan had left her jeans folded up on the bottom of her bed with the little Grey car in the pocket and Charlie heard everything the pair were planning and relished in the prospect of it all back firing in their faces yet again. An hour or so later after their trip to the gym and taking a shower a very tired and weary Megan and Brodie returned to their room to change into their pyjamas and jump into bed for a good night sleep. Ali and Tracy were already in their beds and pretending to be asleep. “Night Meg.” “Night Brodie” said the girls to each other then they drifted off to sleep.

“Psst…Trace…you still awake?” “Yeah.” replied Tracy. “Come on I’ve got a plan.” Whispering and creeping out of bed Tracy followed Ali into the wash room where they filled a blue plastic cup with cold water. “I’m gonna balance this beside Megan so when she moves it will spill and it will look like she’s wet the bed.” Tracy trying not to laugh out loud said “What about Brodie?” Ali whispering whilst creeping out of the wash room said to Tracy “There is a stapler on the table by my bed, go get it and staple her hair to her pillow.” “Oh brilliant!” whispered Tracy and they both set about Ali’s wicked plans. After placing the cup of cold water beside Megan and Stapling Brodie’s hair to her pillow the insubordinate pair returned to their beds and eventually fell asleep. Charlie already aware of the duo’s plans manifested from the old Grey car and quickly set about changing the Outcome of what the bullying pair expected.

He placed the cup of water slightly tilted so that it would spill at the slightest move against Ali’s back. He then made the staples come out of Brodie’s hair, float across the room and anchor themselves into Tracy’s hair stapling it to her pillow. He then sat at the end of Megan’s bed waited and watched. Charlie didn’t have to wait long before a loud shrill filled the room waking everyone instantly. It was Ali, and on turning over in her bed had upset the strategically placed cup of cold water causing it to spill and shock Ali into waking up. “What is going on?” said a tired Megan whilst sitting up and switching on her table lamp. Brodie switching on her lamp and yawning asked the same. “As if you didn’t know.” Replied an agitated Ali jumping out of bed and pulling her quilt off. “Oh God… What now?” Asked Brodie as she looked over to Ali “Look Meg she wet herself hahahaha.” “No I did not, it’s a…” Ali stopped, thinking about what she was about to say “One of you two poured water over me.” “And when did we do that considering we been asleep for hours?” said Megan looking at her watch. “You just won’t admit you wet the bed!” said Brodie revelling in Ali’s mishap. Tracy hearing the arguments sat up asking what everyone was shouting at. Suddenly there was roars of laughter from Megan and Brodie pointing at Tracy and rolling with laughter. Tracy red faced and grabbing the pillow attached to her head and running into the wash room slamming the door behind her. “We’ll get you for this!” snarled Ali and quickly followed Tracy into the washroom and again slamming the door shut. After joining in the friend’s laughter Charlie (satisfied) vacuumed himself back into the old Grey car in Megan’s jeans pocket. Still laughing and not at all curious has to how a pillow became attached to Tracy’s head didn’t notice Mrs Young after knocking enter the four girls room. “Girls ...Shush! ... There is an awful lot of noise coming from this room, what on earth is going on “. Still finding it difficult to contain themselves Megan answered Mrs Young, “We don’t know Mrs, we were woken by Ali shouting about water on her bed and blaming us but it had nothing to do with us, and Tracy had a pillow stuck to her head!” Brodie couldn’t speak at all because she couldn’t stop laughing. “Where are they now” asked Mrs Young “In the wash room Mrs “replied Megan.” You two quieten down said Mrs Young walking towards the wash room, knocking then going in. Mrs Moses came in asking where Mrs Young was but as Megan answered the young PE teacher along with a coy looking Ali and Tracy emerged from the wash room. Mrs Young went to talk with Mrs Moses then nodding her head in agreement and after instructing Ali and Tracy. “OK girls because there is some disagreement between you all Mrs Moses and I have decided to split you up for the rest of the night . I will stay here with you two and Ali and Tracy will go with Mrs Moses ” . ” Yeah ...peace at last ” cheered Brodie . ” Can i go back to sleep now” asked Megan noticing Ali give her an evil look as she left the room . The rest of the night passed by quietly .

It was the next morning , the day of the mystical walk through Blackstock Woods and after having breakfast the two friends returned to there room to put on there boots and warm coats for the mile long walk through the legend soacked woods . Ali and Tracy were already in the room putting on there coats and were about to leave to meet Mr Steinburg for the walk but had a few words with Megan and Brodie first . ” Dont think your gonna get away with last night , we should have known you were pretending to be asleep when i put that cup of water beside you ” said Ali looking at Megan . ” What ... You mean ... Huh ? , your so sad , get a life ” said Megan and after checking she had everything including the old Grey toy car her and Brodie set off to meet everyone for the walk they had been looking forward to . Everyone was lined up outside and Megan and Brodie joined the group has Mrs Moses led them all out of the grounds over a quiet road then down a small trampled path onto a mile long trail through thick and thin tree trunks and dark shaded areas beneath the forest canopy . Some students were a bit nervous of entering the forest because of the legends that surrounded it and

the darkness of some of the trail , but with the encouragement of the teachers and the security of being in a group they quickly overcame there fears . Charlie manifested from the toy car and walked along side Megan and Brodie completely invisible to all , he was intregued at the old legends of ghosts and goblins and witchery surrounding the ancient Blackstock Woods . Mrs Moses reading out the deep history of the ancient woods encouraged the students to ask questions and make notes as they would be expected to create an essay on the subject when they returned to school . ” The forest is said to be over three hundred years old and to the right you will notice a clearing with the very old stone remains of what is said to be the dwelling place of Old Mother Whitwell , a legendary , profane , reclusive witch “. Brodie put her hand up ” Yes Brodie ” said Mrs Moses . ” What does profane mean “. Tracy laughed saying ” Derrr thicko ” in earshot of Mr Harvey . ” Woud you care to tell us Tracy ” he asked. Tracy going red in the face looked down at the ground saying ” I dont know Sir ” . Brodie stuck out her tongue and grinned at Tracy . ” Profane means contempt or disrespect for anything sacred or holy and vulgar or course , especially in language ” . ” Sounds like Ali said Ian Jenkins interrupting Mrs Moses , the group laughed apart from Ali . ” OK ...thas enough , now take a look around , make notes , any questions dont hesitate to ask ” said Mrs Moses has her and her collegues sat on a bench drinking coffee from there flasks . Mr Steinburg had joined some of the students that had gathered around a stone slab next to the old witches dwelling remains . There was an inscription and Nr Steinburg read it out . ” BLACKSTOCK WOODS IS SOAKED IN HISTORY , THIS ANCIENT PLACE HOLDS MANY A MYSTERY , THE WOODS WELCOME THOSE WHO BELIEVE , THOSE WHO DOUBT WILL BE MADE TO LEAVE “. Mr Steinburg turned to the students ” Well ... What do you think the inscription means , is there a message do you think ?“. Megan held up her hand ” Yes Megan ... What do you think ?“. ” I think its saying that the woods are really ,really old and lots of things have happened in it , Things that you maybe would not believe because it sounds made up but the storys and legends have had to come from somewhere Sir , so why would you not believe them “. ” Yes Megan ... Very good but any ideas on the made to leave bit “? Said Mr Steinburg pointing at the insccription . ” I dont know about that sir “. Megan pondered . ” Hmmm does the person who looks after the woods ask you to leave if you tell him you dont believe the storys that surround the woods “. Everyone laughed . Mr Steinburg though seeing the funny side said ” Actually students what Megan said is not to far from the truth “. Everyone listened including Ali and Tracy ” Mrs Moses has dug up quite a bit of history on this place and what she found was history repeating itself “. Mrs Moses joined in the discussion . ” What i found in the history archives of Blackstock woods was apart from witches and goblins and ghosts and gouls , was that every fifty years there have been reported incidents of people upon reading the old inscription and not believing , finding themselves with a sudden feeling of being watched and feeling terrified and all sorts of mishaps happening to them to the point they could not take anymore and left the woods has fast as there legs could carry them in absolute panic “. Tracy interupted Mrs Moses ” Yeah but Mrs ...who would believe that rubbish , its just some old woods ” . Mrs Moses looking at Tracy said ” Actually its been fifty years today since the last incident “. Tracy looked at Ali , gulped then glanced around the woods with a fearful look . “Dont worry i think its all rubbish to “. Said Ali . There was a small sign about a hundred yards from the inscription ,the sign simply poined down to a small cafe and read ′ The Cave’ Eveyone mumbled amongst themselves and the teachers packed away there flasks then got all the students together to explore the cave . ” OK everyone , pair up and form a line ,we are going to explore the cave” said Mr Harvey . Ian Jenkins and Jack Pearce teased Tracy and Ali saying that the ghosts and witches are watching them and the cave monster is waiting to get them when they go in . ” Oh shut up ...only idiots like you believe that crap”. Said Tracy as she linked Ali’s arm and followed the others along the short path leading to the cave . The group reached the cave and Mrs Young read

out the sign that was at the cave entrance . ” Do not remove any stone from the cave . Do not climb the rocks within the cave.” Eveyone walked in . ” Oh wow...look at the rocks shining ” said Brodie ” Thats all crystal veins Brodie , arnt they beautiful”. Said Mrs Moses ,herself in awe at the beauty of the caves interior . Ali poked Brodie in the ribs saying ” Teachers Pet “. ” Go away Ali said Megan as her and Brodie moved away from the menacing pair. Tracy whispered to Ali then they both started giggling. Since the whole group arrived at the woods Charlie had been listening to everything and thought of using what everyone had been told about the mystical woods to his advantage and having some fun with the none relenting Ali and Tracy . As everyone explored the cave and some asking questions about the history of the cave Charlie manifested from the old toy car in Megans pocket . Ali and Tracy were not taking the history of the woods or the cave seriously at all and both girls thought it great fun to make fun of those that did including Megan and Brodie . Most of the students left the cave with three of the teachers and made there way back along the short path to the opening where they got out there note books , sat on the benches and made notes about what they had learned . Megan and Brodie were still in the cave with Mrs Moses who was taking photo’s also in the cave was Ali and Tracy and Jack and Ian . The two boys were teasing Tracy telling her the cave monster was watching her and just waiting for a chance to grab her . Mrs Moses left the cave telling the others to come out within the next ten minutes . Megan and Brodie decided to leave with Mrs Moses so they wouldnt be involved in any trouble with Ali and Tracy . ” Leaving so soon wimps are you scared ” said Tracy to Megan and Brodie but the two friends ignored her and left the cave . ” Your the one who’s scared Tracy , Your the one with the unbeliever curse on you”. Said Ian Jenkins ” Ha ha ha, Yeah...come on Ian lets leave them on there own ” said Jack . “lets leave them two own their own”

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