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Chapter 7

Ali and Tracy were inside devising plots for there own entertainment to scare other members of the group, they plotted and schemed thinking they were alone in the cave but of course they were’nt. Charlie..leaning against the cave entrance listned and watched, he decided to make the temperature of the cave drop to just above freezing,Tracy and Ali shivered, ”’s freezing in here” stammered Tracy. Charlie smiled then began to make circular movements with his right hand and after several movements he bowled his hand tward the pair of shivering girl’s. A sudden gust of ice cold wind blasted across them causing both there hair to blow backwards.” EEEEEK...Wh...wh...what was that, did you feel that?” said a nervous Tracy. Ali with her eye’s wide open replied ” I’m getting out of here”. She ran out of the cave with Tracy right behind her. Charlie followed them bowling blast’s of cold air at the pair has they ran back to the group. ” Sir...Sir “...shouted Ali. Mr Stienberg turned to see two very panicky girl’s running toward’s him and the whole group of students stopped and stared at the troublesome duo. ” Ssssss Sir “. stuttered the terrified girl’s and both grabbing the teachers arm’s and hiding behind him looking towards the cave. ” There is something not right about this place Sir ” Ali went on ” Something was watching us Sir and blowing wind at us “. The whole group fell about laughing. ” Calm down girl’s... if this is another one of your silly stunt’s then... Mr Stienberg was interrupted ” It’s not Sir , it’s not.” protested Tracy . ” Just as well it’s time to leave then , we will talk about this back at the hotel.” sighed Mr Stienberg. ” Hey Megan... don’t those two look stupid ” said Brodie. ” Yeah they do ...wonder whats got into those two ?” replied a curious Megan . Charlie making sure no one would see what he was about to do at a precise moment rolled not one , not two , but three stone’s along the ground to a stop by Tracy’s feet . Tracy looked down on feeling the first stone hit her shoe and on doing so saw the following two stone’s rolling toward her , she looked into the direction they came from and at that moment Charlie made a bigger rock hover in mid air and a stick orbit around it for just enough time for Tracy to see it . ” AAAGGGGHHH....” Screamed Tracy , Ali screamed because Tracy did but had not seen what her friend had seen . Charlie made everything look normal , Tracy ran back toward Mr Stienberg ” Sir ...sir can we go please , i’m scared ” she said crying to the by now frustrated teacher . ” Right... come on you two , come with me i’ve had enough of the pair of you , You just can’t help yourselves can you ?“. Mr Steinberg

After talking to the other teacher’s frog marched the protesting Ali and Tracy back along the Black Stock Woods path to the Whistling Winds Hotel.

All the rest of the group were talking about Ali and Tracy and how they always after be centre of attention , but Megan had her own thought’s after all the strange things that had occurred lately she thought that maybe the pair’s claims could have some truth in them . Ian Jenkins elbowed Megan in the arm interrupting her train of thought. “Told them the cave monster and ghosts would get them” he laughed. Ali and Tracy nearing the Hotel were walking behind Mr Steinberg Charlie was behind them making footstep sounds, Tracy looking behind her grabbed Ali’s arm tightly ” Listen Ali ... listen... can you hear that “. Charlie began to make stamping sounds and the two girl’s reluctantly looked behind them but there was no one there, the leaves on the ground were moving as if someone was walking through them, both girl’s looked at each other and screamed then ran past Mr Steinberg and didn’t stop until they reached the Hotel. Mr Steinberg was left standing in disbelief at the actions of the two girl’s. The teacher caught up with them at the hotel, Ali tried to explain… “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM AND PACK YOUR BAGS, I’L BE CONTACTING YOUR PARENTS TO COME PICK YOU BOTH UP “. Shouted a very angry Mr Steinberg. The rest of the group arrived back at the hotel and Megan and Brodie went up to their room to change for dinner. Ali and Tracy were sat on Ali’s bed with their bags packed beside them, the atmosphere in the room was tense, Megan and Brodie glanced at each other, and Megan shrugged her shoulders and carried on changing for dinner, Charlie was sat at the end of Megan’s bed. Megan couldn’t bare it any longer and decided to break the agonising silence. “Are you two ok? What went on back in the woods? Why are your bags packed?” Brodie quickly sat her bed in anticipation of their response. It was Tracy that spoke first “What do you care Megan? Miss Goody two shoes” “I was just asking…GODDD…” replied Megan. “ There was something after us in the woods”. Brodie giggled and Ali glared at her. “There was and Mr Steinberg thinks we are making it all up and is ringing our parents right now to come and get us”. “You always make stuff up though so how do you expect anyone to believe you” said Megan. Ali stood up and walked across to Megan then pushed her on the bed saying “we’re NOT making it up…Weird stuff always happens when you two are around”. “Oh typical…always someone else to blame” said Brodie. Tracy interrupted “Ali’s right, the laces tied together, the library books, the skate boards and now this… you two are always there”. Megan stood up from her bed shoved Ali and walked towards the wardrobe saying “What about the maze? We weren’t there then!, you both just look for excuses for when your pathetic schemes fall apart, just face it…you’re a single brain cell sharing pair of bullies that blames everyone else when things go wrong”. Tracy was enraged by Megan’s nerve and angrily walked toward her. There was a knock on the door Tracy stood still, the door opened, it was Mr Steinberg, Megan was ready for whatever Tracy was about to throw at her but was relieved at the unexpected brilliantly timed intervention of Mr Steinberg. “You two…Come with me” he said, pointing at Ali and Tracy. Has the pair left the room Charlie was disgruntled that Mr Steinberg interrupted his playtime with Ali and Tracy and decided to return to his old toy car? Megan and Brodie discussed the day’s events before changing their clothes then headed off to the dining area. Brodie glanced out of the window on their way down the grand stairway to the dining room “Megan look there is Ali and Tracy with Mr Steinberg and Mrs Moses” “Shush” said Megan “Let’s sit here and see what’s going on”. The two friends sat on the stairs watching and listening. “I agree with Mr Steinberg girls you have both disrupted the rest of the group today and really we are all in constant anticipation of what drama you both are going to drum up next”. Both girls tried to plead there innocents but Mr Steinberg was having none of it. “Go to your room, collect your belongings and come back down to the foyer, your parents will be here to collect you both shortly”. Megan and Brodie quickly stood up and made their way down the stairs passing Ali and Tracy who pushed passed the two girls mumbling it was all their fault. Whilst eating there dinner the whole groups attention was requested by Mr Harvey. “Listen you lot Ali and Tracy will not be joining in for our final day here tomorrow, due to their constant disruptive behaviour their parents have been contacted and are collecting them has we speak”. Dampened cheers came from some members of the group while some were shocked others were not surprised. “At least we can enjoy our last day” said Brodie. Megan put her hand up “Sir” …”Yes Megan, what is it?” replied Mr Harvey “Why Ali and Tracy were even allowed on the trip? Everyone knows they cause trouble and bully people”. Mr Harvey replied…”Because Megan everyone deserves a second chance and this trip we thought would give you all a taste of independence and responsibility and help build bridges amongst a few of you, unfortunately though a majority of you are on your best behaviour warnings were given that disruptive bad behaviour would not be tolerated which the minority did not ad heed and inevitably have had to accept the consequences. Now everyone…carry on the good behaviour and we will shall all enjoy the rest of our stay”. With Ali and Tracy well on their way home the rest of the day went smoothly and enjoyable for everyone and Megan and Brodie along with the rest of the students and teachers enjoyed the use of the hotels facilities before retiring for bed .The following morning after breakfast Megan rang her mum to make sure she would be at the school to pick her up later on that day. Mum reassured Megan she would be there then gave Megan some news she certainly didn’t expect at all. “You know that old house you told me about…well while you have been away I decided to go and see it for myself, I rang the developers number and you would never believe it but he turns out to be an old school friend of mine”. “Oh Wow said Megan, what did he say”? “It turns out ‘Peter’ his name is did intend to demolish the house and replace it with a new build but was refused permission from planning department because of the age of the house”. Megan interrupted “So does that mean we can’t apply for it then”? “Hang on Meg, let me finish” said her mum. “As he can’t demolish the old house has decided to completely renovate it and bring it up to modern standard with all mod cons”. Megan excitedly interrupted again “Mum…does that mean we can”…Her mum cut in “Yes my angel Peter said it should take six weeks maximum to complete the building work and refurbishment then as long as we like it and are happy with the rental price and all the paper work is in order ,than its ours”. Megan’s mum had to hold the phone away from her ear as Megan let out one almighty of a scream of excitement. Hahaha her mum laughed,” I knew you’d like that news”. “Oh mum that’s brilliant news, I can’t wait to tell Brodie does Shauna know? What did Aunty Maggie say?” Mum laughed again “Ha-ha slow down Megan…I only just spoke to Peter last night so I haven’t had a chance to tell Shauna or Maggie yet, you’re the first to know hunni”. “Thanks mum…I’m going now see you later”. “Ok my love” replied mum “Love you”. “Love you to mum bye “. Megan put down the phone and ran up the grand stairway as quick has she could to her and Brodie’s room to tell her friend the good news. “Oh great…does that mean I’ll be able to stay over”. Was Brodie’s response. Charlie, all the while had been listening and though feeling a bit sad at the prospect of seeing the old house again was over joyed he would be going back there. After packing up there stuff and Thanking the Hoteliers Mr and Mrs Waters the students began their two hour journey back to school. As promised Megan’s mum was there to meet her and after thanking the teachers for taking good care of her daughter and Megan saying goodbye to Brodie Megan’s mum took her off home to see her little sister Shauna and Aunty Maggie for lots of cuddles and a good nights sleep. The following morning at breakfast Mum told Megan that Peter had been in touch and asked if they would like to go see the house before work started on it so Mum had arranged for her Megan and Shauna to view the house later that day. Megan couldn’t wait and quickly ate her breakfast and rushed up the stairs to get dressed. Time couldn’t go any quicker for Megan and it wasn’t long before she found herself walking along Brook lane with her mum and little sister toward the old house. Peter was waiting in his car outside the house and after all introductions and chit chat he led them through an old heavy dark green front door into a parkie floored hallway. Shauna stayed beside her mum has peter explained what alterations he would be making. Megan asked if she could look upstairs and after given permission to do so she went off to explore there soon to be new home. When Megan got to the top of the stairs Charlie’s ghostly spirit materialized from the old car Megan always carried with her. Charlie was agitated and the memories of him unable to protect his poor mother from the hands of his evil uncle Zach came flooding back. There was three bedrooms upstairs and has Megan looked around the first front room Charlie’s attention was immediately drawn to the back room where Uncle Zach once slept. Charlie sensed Zach’s presence and knowing farewell the evil man that he was worried Charlie that living in this house was not going to be easy for Megan and her family. Charlie quickly went through the wall into Zachs room and sure enough there he stood looking out of the window only visible to Charlie. Charlie called his name “Zach…Zach its Charlie”. Zach slowly turned to face Charlie, he was startled as Zach looked even uglier in death than he did in life. His left eye was hanging over his cheek bone the left side of his head was compressed , all down his left side seemed broken. “ Hit by a train…Drunk…What are you doing here” growled Zach to Charlie “Good to see you to Uncle Zach”replied Charlie. There was a noise , it was Megan going into the second bedroom and Mum Shauna and Peter making there way up the stairs. Zach looked at Charlie with a menacing evil grin “Ahhh…a family moving in, some fresh good clean souls to gather and torment” he laughed. Charlie enraged by Zachs words looked at the bedroom door and willed it to stay tight shut then turning to Zach gave him a one and only warning. “Zach you leave this family alone, they are good people and with every power I have I will protect them for eternity”!. The door handle turned Charlie turned to the door again ,it was Megan on the other side trying toget in. Zach sensed Charlies determination to keep Megan out. “ You have a special bond with this mortal I sense, just how much protection do you think you can give her before her soul belongs to me”. Charlie felt a pure rage serge through his body, he pushed his hands forward toward Zach forcing him to disappear through the wall to the outside. Megan ,her Mum ,Shauna and Peter were all trying to open the door. “ Sorry ladies” said Peter “its totally stuck tight, probably age but don’t worry it will all be working and looking great for when you move in. With that everyone went back down stairs and left the house. Megan was so excited she picked up her little sister and began to swing her around. After a few words with Peter , Mum, Megan and Shauna began there walk back to Maggies house . “I cant wait to tell Aunty Maggie about the house mum” said Megan to her smiling Mum. Charlie stayed beside Megan listening to the excitement and feeling the joyous glow from her and her family but he also knew that at some point in the next six weeks before Megan and her family moved into Charlies old renovated house he would have to make himself visible to Megan and explain everything . Not how Charlie planned it but was the only way for him to protect Megan and her family.

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