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Two "wrecked" US-immigrants from Germany run into a "shiftless" angel with preferences for "erotic exesses" and two neurotic brothers with a car, and they get to know each other.

Mystery / Humor
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Kathiel's Curse

So, that was a day entirely to the taste of an angel.

Wherever Kathiel, an angel of the seventh solstice in the Zodiac of Lion (!) went, he turned ​​animals and people wild!

What was he doing on earth anyway? Well, God, his father and supreme commander, meant to catch a human body in order to sneak around a little bit “down there”. "Mix yourself with the crowd" he called it.

What for? Well, obviously to keep “updated” regarding his favorite creation "homo sapiens" (were "homos" not queers?).

Ok. Back to this day, with which even an angel appeared overtaxed.

It was lunch time, and it was summer. The sun beat down, and we are in an insignificant backwater (or dump) southwest of "Kentucky Fried Chicken".

There lies a small park with trees, bushes, benches and a grassy area (there also were overfull trash cans).

No one else was there, just that angel ... well, animals were there, too!

Even many of them, mainly squirrels and also a few scolding sparrows and magpies.

They appeared not to ‘like’ him, because they attacked him!

He had absolutely no chance to defend himself somehow. At least 50 or 100 huge gray squirrels had now thrown him to the ground, biting him.

Even the sparrows and magpies cheerfully added their ketchup!

Wherever a squirrel was not perched on his body - where some "free space" was, he received strong chops.

An old man with a medium sized dog on a leash walked by, looked at the "carnage" for a while thoughtfully, then took his cane and "slapped on it"! Killed "accidentally" several furry "comrades", but it was finally "war" and thus losses were the "standard".

Even the dog of the old man dragged the poor downed winged one now growling at the left leg of his trousers.

Then finally the rescue approached!

Two "idiots" from good old Germany who were here to "drop out", came squabbling down the roadway...

"You whistling brain really are so stupid! Start to swallow your plum brandy in the middle of the business. Man, Guenther, you should know that you cannot drink here in public!"

THAT was the woman who walked beside this "Guenther" and was quite upset.

But Guenther could talk, too, and tried to argue;

"Oh man, Nika, since time ago I have not had a Wurzbacher Pfluemli! Don’t be a spoilsport."

"Spoilsport? What if the seller called the cops and had you stuck in jail because of publicly exhibited alcoholism, huh?"

"You ... Nika?"

Guenther had stopped suddenly, pointing with his finger, his jaw lowered, to a "riot-like tumult."

Nika now also stood and watched. So there were two who stood and watched.

Until an angry bird over them shit on Guenther’s head, and his sheer anger made the bottle with the remaining "Pfluemli" slip from his hand.

"Bloody stupid bird here man!"

"Guenni shut up and come, the poor man over there needs help!"

Nika was looking for a "blow object". Found a fir bough with crooked branches and needles still on it, and stormed towards the old man with the stick and the dog.

"Hey! You…don’t even know the guy. What if the beasts tackle him justly?"

But Nika did not hear her suspicious buddy anymore. Just beat heavily the old pensioner with his snappy mutt.

That one rendered himself after the third and fourth "hammer blow" to his back and stomach, took his yapping ‘flea bag’ and quickly left the area, grumbling.

"You…stupid…bastards, go away! What...do you want from that poor guy ...? Piss off!"

Nika taught one squirrel after another how to fly.

Now also Guenther rushed with a "found" old broom with no "hairs" to help (otherwise he would have trouble with his wife) and flailed heavily. The birds gave up first. Then the more stubborn gray squirrels.

Finally the "poor guy" was freed from the last bloodthirsty "city park monster";

"Hey you! Do you still live or are you dead already?"

An actually superfluous question, because now as all the brutes had left the completely torn and bleeding guy and he somehow regained air to breathe;

"Oh Lord, why are you doing this to me ....? What, oh Father, have I done that you kick me that way in the ass?!"


Had he escaped from a madhouse, or was this man in his tattered Woolworth suit simply "orthodox"?

Nika and Guenther looked at each other thoughtfully.

But now the “most severely injured” (?) victim of the squirrels and sparrows actually made efforts to stand up!

"Nope, no, you rather should stay down there and get some rest! Guenther will call an ambulance and …"

"I don’t need no ambulance! I'm…doing fine again..."

Huh. For certain, hardly had these clear words crossed his "erotically arrogant" lips (Nika was stunned) the badly battered "pretty boy" in the rag dress was already on his two lean and muscular legs (and watch that well-portioned ass, too!) fixed the sad remnant of his "suit" and offered thankfully his right paw to the oddly staring woman and also to the man, staring remarkably out of his square shirt.

"Many thanks for helping me! I would like to talk to you much longer (oh really?), but I don’t have much time and have to go now, unfortunately."

Then the woman with transfigured bedroom eyes;

"You're ... just my type! You make my blood boil and my heart melt ...I love you!"

And wush, Kathiel the angel - whose injuries were already on the mend again, had the old woman hanging on his neck.

What did Guenther do? Just stand around like a stupid and grinning foolishly - that's all.

"N...no...please...there must have been a misunderstanding. I am not a man to…fall in love with, I …"

"Oh yes, you are! You are so...sweeeet!"

The poor angel could not escape from the "clutches" of this apparently highly sexually excited and sex-mad wife. Although he really tried.

Well, probably some "divine energies" had been spoiled, during the previous "fight" with the many crazy creatures.

"I am...everything else, but not…SWEET! Please let me free...I...cannot breathe!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but - you smell so good!"

"That ... I can hardly believe."


"Because during the attack of these ... animals some of the squirrels peed on me!"

Finally the woman let the angel free, took a step backwards, sniffed once around him, and;

"Yeah, right, that is squirrel piss! You know what, Guenni?"

He still stood there and was amused.

"What’s up, Nika?"

"We're going to take him with us! We might only have a double room in the Motel there, but we'll get him in somewhere."

"Yeah, OK, if you say so (did he always say to everything that the "she boss” uttered, "yes & amen”?). First of all put him in the bathtub, and….he needs new clothes, too!”

"That's right! Right at the end of the street where our quarters is, is such a thrift store! There ..."


Now, the little angel became rebellious and grabbed the woman by the shoulders.

"...I am not a homeless bum who just has been beaten up by a bunch of brain amputated


"Oh, you're an angel? I already thought so! “Normally” wounds don’t heal that fast..."

So, now things became critical.

What should he, Kathiel, the enervated one, say now?

"That’s the reason the guy looks so damn good! Angels always look like a candy bar... he he, no wonder that the old woman gets hot like the neighbor's cat in oat straw!"

Guenther was more and more amused.

"I want to leave!"

Kathiel now wanted to get lost quickly, as the situation seemed to "escalate"...

"You nice and cute little guy, go kiss me!"

Once again that woman was "glued" to Kathiel’s chest.

"No, get off! I have...to fulfill a mission, please set me free or I cannot comply with my duties!"

"What duties?"

"I'm here...because I have a job to do. In a Motel about 10 miles from here, two good friends are waiting for me, because I cannot do this job alone."

"Oh, so so. Two good friends..."

Kathiel’s annoying appendage finally broke away from him again, cocked her head and grinned openly in his face.

"...But Guenther and I will go with you! Because since we are here in this country, - three weeks so far, we haven’t had any fun!"

"Yes, exactly! This is crappy. Shitty and boring!"

Immediately “comrade” Guenther "passionately" agreed.

And because passion, as is well known, "causes suffering";

"...The immigration thing has not worked so far ‘cause we got not enough coal and such primitivists like us are not welcome here. Doesn’t matter. Therefore we want to experience something as long as we are here."

"You've heard it, my honey angel. Can I have my kiss now?"

"For God's sake, no, you old whim, go, go away!"

"Old whim? And what does the will of thy bread have to do with a kiss, which a human female justifiably calls from you, huh?"

The angry woman took a step back.


"Nymphomanic hellion! What do you mean with “legitimately”? Just because you have freed me from my small animal plague, I do not have to marry you!"

"No, right, but to kiss me!"

"I shall not kiss you! Even if a hundred devils appeared smearing my wings with mustard!"

He was funny, that angel. Nika loved "being funny."

"Good. I will not force you from now on. But only on one condition!"

"You are not in the position to put conditions, woman."

"What do you mean, please? You arrogant and stupid ... Heyyyy …"


But not far. Because at the about 100 yards far from "Main Street", the driver of a badly rusted and battered Pickup truck, made a full stop waisting the brake pads!

Why? Well, because of that "arrogant and stupid" angelic being over there who apparently was not aware of the mismanaged “battery charge”.

"You bum! What made you fly here in front of my truck, huh (did one notice Kathiel’s “angelic category” now truly?). And the way you look...I suppose you for long have not gotten any salary, huh? Man, piss off, before I take off your pants."

The unfriendly Pickup driver, who had precisely gotten out for shitting (good grief, what a world?) pushed our depressed "angel of misfortune" with curses away from his lane, and, shaking his head, again entered his oldtimer, slamming the door, hit the throttle and rushed away in a cloud of smoke.

Wrapped in thick black and stinking smoke, Kathiel, the "outcast", stood disoriented and coughing up the road.

If it wouldn’t have been for Nika and Guenther, in their shiny black Ford Fiesta model 1990!

"Hey, angel! Want a lift?"

Right next to Kathiel, Nika now brought her smooth polished "special edition" to a halt. Meanwhile Guenni sat in the passenger seat and "lost in thought" “smiled” in his three-day beard.

"...Now what? I thought you had an appointment? WE can take you there!"

Ohhh, Nika was proud!

Kathiel quickly recovered from his coughing attack, approached the open passenger window, leaned forward and peered into the interior of this "vehicle".

"Where would you please like me to sit?"

The old Fiesta had only two doors and the rear seat - well, the back seat just gave space for a "dwarf"?

"I will not go in there! Since I am very claustrophobic. Thanks for your offer, but…"

"Claustrophobia? Ha, I shall get out there and pull your ears, you Earl of Upper and Important!"

"Exactly! This car can accommodate up to five people! Two in the front and three in the rear! You're just too conceited to enter here, right?"

Guenni gave "his wife" support. Yes, they already had been merged and “brotherly united” for over 20 years.

"You autocratic flail! Don’t you have noticed yet that your 'specials' have temporarily gone and that you are in need of assistance, in your moth-gray outfit bitten by squirrels and without a single Dollar in your pocket?"

Kathiel lowered his head guiltily. Because the old storm goat over there at the steering wheel was right!

"C’mon Guenther, get out, move the seat and push the angel in the back seat!"

Said and done! And there parted the happy (?) trio eastbound, always following the eastern and setting sun, the eastwards ruling angel of the evening's finest hour.


The secluded Motel, near a still more secluded lake with forest and meadow view was reached after an hour ride.

Nika moved her spotless "antique" on wheels, next to an old but also lightning-coated and highly polished Black Panther 67 Ford Mustang, with a lot of potential hit- suspicious shiny chrome around it and "turned off" the engine.

Kathiel had revealed her the name of the Motel, so for her it was not too difficult to locate it.

Well, after one reached it and got out, the task was to wake up the snoring "winged monster" there in the back seat of the Fiesta!

"Wow, how can you sleep so tight...and the way the guy…lies there...it's really uncomfortable!"

The sleeper in the uncomfortable sleeping position had meanwhile rolled on the stock available to him like a hedgehog on its side, and could not be woken up even by vigorous shaking and moving.

"Man Guenther, he must be dead! Go to the room with the number 23 and look, whether the friends of that one are there!"

Guenther was about to rush, but;

"STOP! He is alive!"

"Wha ... what ... who ... oh, you again!"

"Yes, still me, you sheep! Get out of that box!"

"...Why are you so rude?"

"I'm not rude, I'm just straight. Get out before you drool on my pad!"

Finally the angel, now apparently having arrived at the end of his forces, peeled from the back seat of the car of our two "emigrants" and staggered toward room 23, where that black Ford Mustang was parked.

Knock, knock - and open went the door.


Huh? Nika and Guenther looked at each other like two tomatoes just before being made ketchup.

"Katie"? What a name was THAT?

"…Tell me, where have you been all this time? We have called you at least a hundred times on your mobile phone and ..."

"I'm sorry, but I think my phone has no more power."

He leaned kind of 'broken' on the door frame, the unreliable cell phone owner, and looked like he would leave again at any moment for the kingdom of Morpheus.

"Your phone doesn’t have ..."power" anymore? Tss ... ".

Amused, the guy in jeans and a beer bottle in his hand, looked at a second guy in "blue slacks" right next to him, who did not hold any beer bottle, but kept a rag in his hands.

"... Katie, you're really THE blast! The phone has no power and because of that you are more than 15 hours late, looking like you were overrun by a herd of elephants, and ..."

"I'm sorry, but I think I am...under a curse!"

Silence. Only the cheerful chirping of birds.

When that became "unbearable";

"Who is that?!"

The guy with the bottle pointed at those from the "delivery service", regarding late but directly delivered "auxiliary angels".

"Because…they are Guenther and Nika! Who saved me from the…squirrels and all... those birds...and...well, also from the pensioner and that dog ..."

"WHAT does he babble? Squirrels? Birds? You had to be saved by them?”

This uttered the one with the rag in his hands.

"Yes, this curse which somebody attached to me. No matter where I go, all the…beasts get crazy and ... "

"Heyyyy old prick … slowly, slowly ..."

The angel tipped straight forward, just in the very arms of the one with the rag.

Well, the other guy put his bottle away, helped grabbing, and together they transported the one with the "consciousness problem" to the next bed, and had the "half dead" sleep for now.

"May we come in?"

The woman, Nika, suddenly stood in the “frame”, with Guenther close to her, who peered curiously "around the room".

"No, you may not!"

The one who previously had held the beer bottle, suddenly stood "in the way" and;

"… OK, we're very grateful to you that you ..."

"Why do you call him ‘Katie’? Katie is a woman's name!"

That came from Guenni. And only two seconds later;

“Yes, exactly! That's no name for a normal guy! This is abnormal and perverse. Something like that should be denounced, for God’s sake!!!"

That was Nika who - of course - had to have the last word.

"Kathiel. His real name is Kathiel. Satisfied now?"

"Kathiel? Oh! He must indeed be called Kathiel, because names of angels usually end with an i and e and an l."

How had this intrusive woman gotten to know that buddy Kathiel was an angel?

Much time for reflection and questioning gazing at the rag representative did not remain ‘cause the old woman, together with her Guenther, passed by the one standing in front of her and sat to the left of the totally exhausted “Katie”,who was in a comatose state, on the bedside.

"Can I sleep next to him in this bed?" The angel-crazy old one already held his hand.

"No, woman! You take your ...Guenther ..."

The latter merely stood around like an ox without gender, hands buried until the balls in his pockets and "smirked one down";

"... and you bugger off to somewhere else, right?"

"OK. I’ll go and take with me just the Guenni man to a room next door (oh shit!)"

Uh, now she even kissed the "defenseless wingman" as well! Full smack on the pale little cheek (drool).

"Well, let’s go, Guenti (how many "shortcuts" had his name, anyway?), we will rent our space!"

Said and done, with powerful "zest" in her voice, hopped on the legs, grabbed her Guenther by the handle ("little brother & little sister" or what?) and walked elated and "in good spirits" out of the still open door.

"Terrible woman! With that one I would not like to be tied in, I rather would have gone to get a sausage! "

"You and your eternal chow! You cannot think of anything else but eating, right?”

This heavily "incriminating" argument came from the one who now closed the door, grabbed his rags again and marched over to the kitchen (practical these kitchenettes in the Motel rooms!).

"Bla bla bla bla bla. Do you really think that your exaggerated "order and cleanliness craze” of the last three weeks, does NOT piss me off?"

The bottle Fritz.

Grabbing his half-empty beer bottle, and sulking, he let himself fall in the nearest armchair.

“You have totally disfigured the vehicle! Just this…plush angel on the back mirror! Just as the ‘herb sachets’ on the shelf behind and the lavender pads in the ventilation system ...I HATE IT!"

"I really don’t understand why you're upset again. Be happy that I put things in order! Was unbearable, the whole rubbish there. And the pads and the sachets are really only for fresh air!"

"PAH! Should I be glad about it?"

The friend of the beer bottles could only shake his head regardingly, scratching annoyed his crotch ...

"You ass! I cannot rejoice about that! Every time before I want to get into MY truck, should I wipe my shoes? That...that really cannot be true ...PURE HORROR FOR ME!"

The one with the apparent "obsessive cleaning craze" did not pay attention anymore to the one in the chair, instead walked over to the table, crawled under it and cleaned something with a rag.

"Fritz-Walter do not this and Fritz-Walter do not that ... man man man man. Fritz-Walter...I've just employed the vacuum cleaner, Fritz-Walter, please take care of the chips…”

"Yes, it is quite true!"

Now the other one came back from under the table again, stretched, enormously angry in front of Fritz-Walter (?) and;

"... Everywhere around you leave crumbs. In the car, under the table (aaaha!), you know that bugs me! Just like the old rotten sausage I found yesterday in the engine compartment ... good grief!"

"You cucumber, what have you lost in MY engine, huh?"

"Well, I just wanted to clean up, you idiot!"

"To clean up? You, the engine of MY Mustang IS clean, OK? There is no need for a cleanliness maniatic snot brat like you, that…"

"Snot brat? You are disgusting again today. And stuff like that is my brother! (now we know more) You ... you're just arrogant and presumptuous...Do you think just because you got a few more years on your hump, you can jump around playing the Big Boss, with me as your doormat huh?"

One brother was sitting and the other one stood, but all glances were equally "pungent"...

"Why do you want to bust me?"

"Hey, I don’t want to bust you, I only demand from you not to defile the Mustang again with empty bottles, pizza residues and chocolate paper. In addition, I expect that while eating you will not constantly throw crumbs under the table, ‘cause it’s up to me to clean up, meanwhile you just grab a beer and laze about.

That's not fair!"

"Not fair? You, I really would like you to be again as you were before, because then one could have serious fun! Just as you are now, I will not stand you within short. I ... I'll take the car and just run away! I …cancel the relationship with you, I ..."

The dear brother over there looked as if any moment the tears would roll.

Finally the "big responsible brother" stood up, put his hands on the shoulders of the “little one”, and continued in a somewhat "more responsible" tone.

"Hey, just tell me what your problem is. Must be something ... mental ... and with your silly cleaning and order craze, you try to compensate for that ...? C’mon, vomit it, let it out! Whatever it is, I will listen to you and together we will find a solution, OK?"

The first "salt water charge" oozed already. But before the younger one fell “redeemed” on the neck of the older one;

"Thank you, thanks, but .. I have no mental problem as you call it ..."

The problem negator took two steps back, turned, stalked over to the sink - and meanwhile he carefully rinsed under running water for his "best and only friend" the rags, with all those pesky crumbs in it;

"Tomorrow there will be vegetable burgers for lunch! Not that you again order a pizza or 20 sausages. You're getting too fat! In addition, the food you eat is unhealthy. You need vitamins! And they are also good for loosing weight!"

Well then ...


These were Fritz-Walter and Fritz-Erwin!

As turned out next morning, they were two boys who grew up in the U.S., sons of a German immigrant couple from Franconia!

Nika learnt that. She insisted, hardly she got to see the two rascals next day, pulling out every possible booger separately out of their noses.

And also the "profession" both exercised, she had become aware of.

Designation of the commercial trade exercised: Patented "Ghost & Bug Hunters" with a license for "roach grilling".

Well, why shouldn’t they admit it? That curious and inquisitive female bullet already knew everything about her very proper "private angel"!

How was he doing meanwhile?

When the brothers “Dinklsink” (so the last name) finally (?) had on their crumb-free table the “vegetable burgers”, eagerly expected by Fritz-Walter (?) Mr. “kipping is fun” already was awake for an hour, and even the battery seemed recharged, because he could (almost) fly faster than a flock of "swoop loving” hawks!

Hawks, mice hordes, the old "blessed" farm horse of the local Motel boss - all sorts of animals responded "emotionally" to him!

But not only the beasts, as one already knew ...

Meanwhile the Dinklsinks next door struggled about the "to be or not to be of vegetable sausages” and meanwhile Nika and Guenther - who as a matter of fact had rented a room next to them, were lying on a couch, which belonged to the “inventory” of the covered front porch, the angel "just needed to go” somewhere else!

For he desperately needed new clothes because the old ones just hung in tatters down on him.

Well, that was shortly after the hawks, mice, and that old horse, had caused that miserable state of his five Dollars fifty jacket.

When he came back from "shopping", Guenti and his "comrade" still lounged around on the sofa, and also immediately began "both at once" to complain, because;

"Man, Katie, can’t you watch where you land?"

He was kind of a "crash pilot" that Kathiellos!

Crashed at the "landing" full cap on the support beams of the porch roof and then head over to the lovingly planted rose bushes in front.

When he crawled back out;

"Hey, look at you, man!"

Nika could hardly believe it. And Guenther beside her, had eyes as big as wagon wheels.

"... Hey, barely one lets you "play" outside, you get filthy again and tear apart that jacket and pants, huh? How does that come?"

The new suit which he had bought - money for it was thrown in by Fritz-Walter, was ruined again and "in tatters".

And another thing noticed the female broom with the "X-ray vision" IMMEDIATELY!

"Is...that lipstick? Look, Guenni, he has red lipstick all over the face and the shirt collar!"

Right there, the Guenni already had watched for some time, and therefore didn’t say nothing respectively.

"... And how he… smells! Like three heavy duty brothels which merged.”

That was the perfume, which clouded the angel and made Nika think.

“It seems to me that Ol’ Loui’ went to a brothel, didn’t pay for and then got beaten up, Guenni!"


"I was in no brothel, just bought a new suit, and then all at once ... these women showed up."

Kathiel now stood in front of the sofa with the two louts monsters, and looked quite innocent and a bit confused from the "scraps".

"... Which women?"

"Oops ... women just ... Oh Nika, is this interrogation really necessary? I really have little desire to answer your questions and to play your ‘question & answer’ game.”

"I don’t care if you feel like it or not.... who were these women??!!!"

Was she jealous? Hey, she knew this flutter bird just for a day and already made the first "territorial claims of ownership"?

"Well, some five office chicks going shopping. Hardly that they saw me in the store where I bought my clothes they attacked me. WHAT WOULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE DONE IN MY PLACE?"

Now the angel was stressed, Nika could clearly feel. But stop the "questioning"? NO.

"What you should have done? Run, for example!"

"Didn’t work because the charge of my "battery" as you call it, had not been completely restored. And also they all lay on me! I ... I could not even move. And ... and then the redhead with her ... Bahhhh."

Disgusted, the angel turned away.

Then Guenther, formulating the phrase "future-pointing" to an end;

"...With her big tits?"

The angel again, very pale;

"Stop it. The things ... were hanging right into my face ... and no, I’m sick, I have to lie down."

And the way he did it. Right next to the top fury, Nika from the Grace Meadow, who actually watched compassionately.

"Poor little man (what?). I'm really sorry for you."

Now she even stroked the angel, too. But he was too exhausted in order to make a defense. Just closed the small wearying eyes and "let it go".

That was a really big couch on which the three now were lying. Made to unfold and covered with an extra soft "feeling good” fabric.

"If besides animals people also go wild just smelling you - then why not me and Guenni?!"

“Yes, exactly! And why not Fritz-Walter and Fritz-Erwin?!"

The Guenti man agreed sagaciously.

Then the door close by opened and one of the Dinklsink brothers, Fritz-Walter, came through.

"Whoa, you would not believe what a fucking shitty life I have."

Opposite the couch was an armchair (funny, right?). In there the big brother let himself sink (displeased) but continued to "talk" straight on;

"... Man, Walter, once again you have to guzzle below the table, Walter please eat your salad, Walter, take the fingers off the beer, Walter, get a new job, because the one who consumes the most food must earn an “extra” ! Wow, this snotty-nosed brat really bugs me. He ...in its time was different! Why is he SO now?! I .... WILL GET A DIVORCE! THEN I WILL DO THE JOB ALL ALONE! AND YES YOU CAN BECOME A HOUSEWIFE AND MOTHER, BECAUSE THAT ROLE SUITS YOU,YOU QUACK GOOSE."

Silence. Ocurred frequently, right?

Well, Nika kept stroking and "scratching" the battered little angel and Guenther just stared in silence.

"What 's happened to him? I thought he just wanted to get new clothes?"

Finally, the howler monkey had discovered the "broken" angel left from Nika.

"They wanted to rape him!"


"A horde of horny office sluts!" Nika’s face, full of pity, darkened.

"... Muck critters! So many women on a single guy that’s a mess, isn’t it !"

"Tsss, and how did Katie get out of it again? Could he use his “special features” once again or ..."

"There also were…three men in this store. And they wanted to ... beat me up."

Silence again and just listening in disbelief to what would “follow”.

Kathiel continued, opening his pretty blue eyes;

"Well, but first of all the female demon spawn had to get off me.

So these three guys grabbed those five women - one after the other, and fought with those about the "privilege" regarding who could "satisfy” my heavenly personality first. I took advantage of that and ran! So now you all know how I got out of there. All clear?"

"If it’s clear for you, pal, it’s clear for me!"

Kathiel doubted what Fritz-Walter just had drained, because;

"You should make peace with your brother. This constant bickering is gnawing meanwhile at your substance and is pissing me off!"

"Ugh angel, do not talk like that! ‘Pissing’, no, really ...kind of tone you have up there."

Nika again, who knew about outrage.

But then the one who was the target of the outrage;

"What is so bad about ‘pissing’ please, ugh? And also my name is not "angel" but Kathiel!"

"Yes, yes, it’s alright. Excuse me if I have been disrespectful towards you. Just thought that in heaven you would employ a finer communication technology."

"HA! Finer Comm…commmm ...."

"Hey Walter? If you cannot pronounce this word, if you are unable to express yourself properly, then let it be!"

Admiringly Kathiel stared at the "smart woman" by his side.

She had to be really educated, because the way she had just spoken, only truly "versed" souls express themselves.

"So, playtime is over!"

Seemed as if Walter now had heard enough jokes, stood up, walked towards Kathiel and came without unnecessary mile-devouring detours right to the point.

"It’s enough now, the curse has to end! You know why you're here, why we have called you. The matter is really urgent! But with this curse on your little cute butt (hui), you aren’t of much use for us – ERWIN?! "

Next door, the door flew open;


"Check your crafty leaflets regarding what can be done with Kathiel’s curse. There is not much time. And ...please stop sulking just because I didn’t eat THAT SHITTY VEGETABLE BURGERS!

Holy Smith & Wesson! Had the two been able to shoot each other with their eyes - they were both dead now!

Tre tra trullalla! Five hours later, Erwin was still wallowing in the fibulae, and with that brought the impatient beloved brother up the wall!

"I cannot … see the ‘picture’ anymore! Hey really, I’ll get crazy with the brat. He ...is sitting there in the middle of the room, around him his 175 clever little books, scrolls and scrolls, and constantly mumbles such gibberish stuff, no .. nah, this way we shall not get any further."

It was now midnight meanwhile, and Nika, Guenther and also Kathiel still lay "pleasingly” on the sofa on the porch.

In front of them and constantly raging up and down , Fritz-Walter, with an almost empty beer bottle in his hand.

"You are drunk!"

"I’m not!"

"You ARE!"

Nika didn’t like it when a guy permanently walked around with a beer bottle in his hand. And she showed it!

"This is already your seventh beer! For five hours, Erwin is trying to find a solution for Kathiel, and you only can be seen all day with a bottle on the neck. You old stupid quaffing sack!"

"Keep complaining, it just doesn’t itch me at all!"

Plop, and the quaffing sack sat again on the chair opposite the couch.

"May I come into the room?"

"No, you can’t, it has just be cleaned up!"

Walter probably had not listened well ...


"Yes, cleaned up, you pig! WE love order as a matter of fact!"

Oh, you great accomplishment of facts! Walter had suddenly lost his desire for beer quaffing. Meanwhile Nika “went on";

"Your brother is right! You are an old, everywhere and blithely crumbing aardvark! A bit more consideration regarding others, and especially for your family would not be that wrong. But no, what does the Mister do; cheers to an ugly unsympathetic big brother who has nothin' else in the jelly than eating, drinking and whoring!"

"I do not whore! For over ... almost a year I have not been to a brothel!"

"I don’t care! It’s enough for me, what I saw this morning!"

"So what did you see? You old crow without feathers, huh?"

"Well, the chick who so early left, as a farewell you grabbed her tits!"

"I didn’t!"

"You DID! Guenni also saw it!" The latter nodded approvingly.

"Say why do you have to observe, huh?"

"We don’t!"

"'You do!"

"And? Then they noticed it just "accidentally", incidentally, me, too, because then I just woke up!"

That was Kathiel, and he neither seemed thrilled with the early matutinal "erotic scene".

"...You have taken the woman's breasts and then you put your lascivious tongue down her throat, you pig!"

"Pig" again. Walter now stood up and "departed".

Because really “well”, he didn’t feel in THIS party no more.

"You indecent obscene libertine! But believe me, who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind!"

"You heard it! Kathiel the angel has spoken!"

The "rake" was in the door and about to "visit" the dear brother, then;

"The ‘angel’ Kathiel, yes?"

With a shabby grinning, Fritz-Walter Dinklsink quickly turned again to the three couch-machos.

"...Your ‘angel’ Kathiel is a fornicator!"

What? Did Nika now have problems with the "hearing aide?"

"He needs not to hide behind his halo, the crook. In almost every city he has a broad, you know?"

Nika suddenly looked at the one with the "halo" from left to right... which he didn’t like at all.

"Nika, he talks ... garbage. He is drunk and ..."

"Hey hey hey hey! We both have no relationship, right?" With these sobering words from the woman the angel again greatly relieved.

"No, we do not."

"Good. So you can have as many wives as you want, just (now listen!), THEN HERE AND NOW I FINALLY WANT MY KISS!"

Well, and meanwhile Walter quite gleefully accelerated into his Motel room - the kiss- horny Madame next door had "mounted" the suddenly cheese white angel and would not come back down again until she FINALLY got her well deserved (?) "french tongue sweetie”!


Next morning, it was a cloudy but warm day, Kathiel finally was “cured” from the curse!

Also he had survived the kiss of "Hapir" and now was preparing for the imminent and upcoming "meeting" with a certain "General von Broomleg".

Nika and Guenther knew what would happen here in the next few hours, because they had listened at the door!

Immediately after Kathiel’s curse resolution, the brothers and their winged companion held some kind of "war council" in the room of the two adversaries.

This "Broomleg" (well) was an old and evil cavalry General from the 17th century, had resurrected and had somehow managed to “woo away” the devil’s cavalry.

Blasted here for days within a circle of little more than 100 miles, a pleasant and peaceful town after another.

Behind the Motel and immediately after the "crisis coping session", took place hectic "earthworks" because this "broomstick" was on the way to this spot!

Why? Well, because Kathiel had "spiritually" challenged him for a repartee.

And that was exactly an hour ago, and since then Walter and Erwin were digging.

What they dugged there? A gravelike round circle with a diameter of about 20 yards, which had to be about one foot deep (according to Katie's instructions!).

As the sweaty drudgery finally came to an end and one had admired sufficiently the created "opus" , everyone left exhausted but happy, tapping shoulders, to get "a drink".

"Erwin, please, drink your ‘vitaldrink’ yourself! I get sick when I only see the green glop mix. "

"Walter, take that beer away!"

"No, I will not! The stuff you just threw in the blender and mingled electrically looks like cow vomit. Have me flip it down and I will kill you!"

So, that broth was "clarified" again.

"Shall I and Guenther go up to the roof and shoot from there?"

Nika, with her “life companion” Guenni, suddenly loafing around in the doorway.

"Shoot? With what?" Asked Walter irritated because his brother was still holding this glass with "cow vomit" towards him.

"Well, in the trunk we have two shotguns, a hunting rifle, an old Kalashnikov, two 45 semiautomatics and a broom for cleaning up! What else do you want?!!!"

Well, resistance was futile with HER. She and her 6 feet tall “lap dog” (the woman stood five feet tall!) chose to join the militant "team" against the big (brain-) shadow, and "unscrupulously" went to get a ladder and their guns.

When they just had left and once the little "annoying" brother had swallowed the cow vomit carelessly himself, the angel appeared in the vent opening and …wanted ... but what ...?

"Excuse me, but I ... I ... what did I want ... now? Oh yeah (Bingo!)! For the upcoming battle I still will need about 50 kilos of black grated kylifish pepper and a small bag of dried áskylish swamprat noses! Please, if you would please drive again to that witch shop, I would be really grateful."

"And why don’t you ‘fly’ thyself?" Uttered Walter, throwing a glance at Kathiel which was not nice at all.

"... Because I have my migraines again and I want to lie down a bit and prepare until the infernal cavalry gets here."

Touched with world-weariness expression his head, turned his back to the two brothers and disappeared.

Precisely into the next room, the room of Nika and Guenther! Was the "forced kiss" from yesterday "guilty for that"?

No matter. So then, two hours later, when the dark clouds had dissolved and the modest remainder of the evening sun shone through the large meadow behind the Motel facility,

the last one of the bright (?) protagonists and chief executive in the field, Kathiel the “brain pain sufferer”, stumbled on the “stage of sights”.

"Ohhh my head! This is ... really not getting...any better."

This was dramatic. An angel with a chronic "roof damage" as "chief in the ring!"

Well, that could indeed become a nice issue.

With a bad feeling below the abdominal wall, the Dinklsinks, whose “battle stand” was located behind an old rusty van near the house, once again checked their "ultimate launchers", two "Wuselman & Sons” machine guns with air-cooled, automatic and high-resolution M 3 , 7 Dolby Surround Sound system!

Meanwhile, Nika von Hammerhau and Guenther Beetbeer - so the last names (?), had piled up on the flat roof of the Motel their entire arsenal and looked, from their two folding chairs, with eager anticipation at the proud angel warrior who now (finally) moved toward the center of the battlefield, where the round "trap" for the "broom man" lurked for its victim.

But something was different with the two wannabe immigrants!

The guns and pistols of those were namely NOT loaded with "special ammunition" of frankincensed lapsaunic silver, but with perfectly ordinary bullets!

It would be their own fault if they lost their lives in the upcoming slaughter - the brothers and even the angel had warned them and had advised them to better stay in the house. But they wouldn’t, thus;

"Hey, Katie? This is now far enough!”

"Shut up Walter and let me do it!"

"Wow, kind of mood of that guy today…"


Suddenly the "woman on the roof " shrieked uncouth into the botany.

Uttered the offended one;

"You old screw, do you mean me?!”

"Yeah, I mean YOU, Fritz-Walter Dinklsink!"

"What do you want from me?"

"Just wanted to ask you how one possibly could be called Dinklsink, a terrible name!"

"Old goat! Your last name and the one of Guenther, also is no more than a suspicious joke, right?"

"Do you have to argue around here again with this woman?"

Now interrupted Erwin immediately, because;

".. OVER THERE, the enemy!!!"

Walter: "WHERE?!"

Erwin: "Well, THERE, you idiot!"

Walter: "Huh? Where ... NOW?!!! "

That one stared and stared but did not see the "enemy" due to sheer amblyopia (?)

But then;

"Yeah ... yeah, now I see them, too! Man, so many idiots on horses...How many do you estimate?"

Erwin: "200, maybe more. THERE! The Broomleg!"

On a kind of black "pony", an over long skinny guy with long greasy and almost gray hair, hobbled the ranks of his devilish horsemen.

"Well, look at them, they make me vomit!"

Nika just couldn’t shut her mouth.

"Hey, Guenni, look at these ugly guys on their ugly rattle scrawny donkeys ... Ha! THIS is the devil's cavalry? Tsss, they are all decrepit and in need of a nursing home. He he, and then these comic rusted swords and the crooked maces they have, I think I'll have a screaming fit! "

Well, the "screaming fit" was superfluous, because immediately after that ill comment the “wild ass horde”, just named “in need of a nursing home”, dashingly attacked.

"Kathiel, action! What do you think how they will proceed? All in front, or a tortuous flank attack? "

"I do not know, we'll see."

"Kind of a response!"

Fritz-Erwin hated the behavior of the heavenly. Also Fritz-Walter!

"Yes, that's EXACTLY the point brother! You can ask him what you want, profound and really helpful answers were given yesterday! He does not even answer the simplest of questions."

To the one with the question&answer problem;

"Well, if you not even are able to do that, for what are you still here then?"

Absolutely no more answer. The devilish old boy’s league approached.

Now the angel spread out his arms, closed his eyes and concentrated solely on the defeat and annihilation of the mounted gear pensioners.

The Dinklsink brothers already envisioned the first wave of attack, about 50 guys on malnourished bones steeds. However, Kathiel’s "divine powers" converted the starving

horsemen, together with their poor humdrum asses into black and dusty ash fall.

Nika von Hammerhau and Guenther Beet beer were impressed, and with enthusiasm jumped up from their stools. They even threw away their firearms and cheered “their” angel.

"KATIE GO ! ANOTHER GOAL! Go, Kathiel, go and burn the brains of the damned proletarians!"

Now they even "jumped" and clapped their hands like two little children at a silly child's birthday party!

Kathiel’s invisible "fire burst", however, had converted the second "flood attack" into microcosmic micro elements.

Now also Walter and Erwin appreciated the angel (again?) and remembering their previous criticism, now looked down, ashamed.

"You damned heavenly dog! I personally will beat down your turnip, you shriveled decal of a Firebird!"

Now THAT was the "General von Broomleg" ... and he badly offended Kathiel, too!

Of course he had heard it, just like the rest of his solemnly gathered "troop" on hold.

"Katie? Don’t let do this to you. Cut the bastard’s balls!"

Original sound Fritz-Walter.

"Yesss, and the heart and the intestines and the stomach! You must gouge out his eyes and cut off the ears and nose ..."

Nika von Hammerhau from "very far behind." Who of course knew for sure that Katie always carried his mystical angel knife.

"... And don’t forget the long stringy hairs!"

"Yes, flatten the psycho maniac! Go, Kathiel, you can do it!"

Guenther Free beer – at Nika’s right and hobbling like a rabbit in green oats.

They also got music up there on the roof! The best Heavy Metal and at full "open air volume". The band? "Hammerfall" - what else?!

And now dashed along the skinny General on his mini "warhorse" at full gallop, and swung a cudgel, yelling.

And his remaining "temporary workers" suddenly attacked Kathiel from all four wind directions.

Well, but there still were the Dinklsinks, and they now shot purposefully and victory- oriented in between.

One unwashed and unkempt horse farmer after another fell shot dead and due to gravity from his donkey, and immediately broke up right after the inevitable crash into swirling clouds of coal ashes.

The unwashed cavalry General had approached now, because Kathiel’s forces had to have a limit.

He stumbled, but caught himself again quickly and shortly before the “foul mood propagator” beat him with his cudgel on the head, Katie made the steed beneath him fall into dust.

General von Broomleg (what a name!) fell to the ground, his mace flew past him towards the sky and – Kathiel’s battery was almost empty!

He had real trouble to hold himself up, pulled out his knife and threw it directly at the heart of the swearing broom eater, who was just about to get on his feet!

Left of him, three riders had approached although now Nika and Guenther were shooting from full pipes on the attackers.

But little success was promised because THEIR ammunition was "normal" ammo, which annoyed Dinklsinks meanwhile!

"Man ...you should have given to those on the roof some of our .... bullets, asshole! I told you ... that we eventually might ... need them ...".

Original sound Fritz-Erwin.

For answers and further talk was no time, because of the former "glorious" diabolical cavalry, still about 30 riders were left.

And the representatives of firecrackers who Nika and Guenni man "tilted", 10 seconds later stood up and now hung at the poor and stressed angel’s clothes!

"You ridiculous buffoon, I'll cut you from upside down and spread your guts everywhere on the battlefield, you winged hunucic PIECE OF SHIT!"

The von Broomleg had simply pulled Kathiel’s knife out of the wound and attacked him now full broadside.

The "winged piece of shit" had just succeeded in “kicking off” the annoying bugs hatching on his legs and to "incinerate" the three "pony owners" who tried to bash him with their skinny sticks.

"My strength is failing, but I must ... keep fighting! Go ahead, Kathiel, fight! "

In his thoughts he heated up himself, so the final victory over the old broom maker was now suddenly imminent!

Meanwhile the General was trying to push him his own knife in the ribs, Kathiel grabbed the hand that held that knife and broke the stinky pig’s wrist.

Although he was screaming once in pain and dropped the knife, with the other healthy hand he grabbed Katie’s throat and tried to strangle him.

That one, however, was not impressed and grabbed the slimy opponent also by the throat.

"Go and die, you… filthy ... angel worm!"

Angel worm? Something like that Kathiel did not like to hear. He demanded more respect by this running up and disgruntled hollow head!

"Peg out! You ... dog ... of a God .... who fucks whores! "


Oh man, now Katie-boy was pissed.

"If here ... somebody pegs out ... it’s YOU!"

The "angel of vengeance" gathered his remaining strengths for one last effort.

He ordered his second hand to help and took the enemy actually and truthfully in a headlock!

Around him now the last of the soldiers of hoppling Broomleg – thanks to Dinklsinks – had fallen, so that only the Boss himself had to be disposed and "encapsulated".

The latter fiercely fought with great effort, but Kathiel would not let him loose until he had dragged him to the "circular ditch" and finally with all the strength and the words;

"...Have a nice trip to hell!", had thrown him into the middle of this unique "architectural uniqueness" and thus truly had sent him to hell!

Hardly was that one in there screaming bloody murder, Kathiel with the power of his mind ignited the kylific pepper in the ditch, then still threw the bag of ákylish dried swamp rat noses in the always higher and denser swirling fireworks which completely surrounded the broomshrek and - then tipped over!

The end.-

The only thing that was still delivering was Little Father in Heaven, and he sent his loyal angel warrior a deep and not nightmarish sleep of exhaustion!

- AMEN -


"This duel has demanded everything ... I ... I'm sorry that I am a burden for you, but please, you must understand, I am not doing it maliciously. It's just ...a temporary weakness ... so… tired ... "

It was the morning after the night of the battle.

Outside, the sun was shining and a robin rejoiced in nearby bushes outside the open window.

"Site visit" Motel room Nika and Guenther!

The angel lay there like dead in Nika’s bed (she slept in Guenni’s bed and the latter on the floor), hardly could hold the small eyes open and even still searched for apologies for his "uselessness";

"... I …do not want to…sleep ... but ... in my head everything is turning ... I hate that!"

"Hey Kathiel, it’s OK. You have really achieved a lot! If you had not been, we would never have been able to send this Broomleg back to his hellish single room.”

Walter the soulful, even sitting besides Katie-Boy on the edge of the bed.

Nika and Guenther and also Erwin sat meanwhile at the nearby dining table and munched raisin croissants.

"Haven’t you got some ritual in stock, to get him fit again faster?"

Nika von "hammer blow", direct and honest.

"… Not that I did not grant the angel his nap, but he himself gets upset about it! Can’t you do something?"

The two "Fritzes" crossed pensive gazes. Finally;

"I got it! I just will go and fetch my clever little book."

"Hey Erwin? Bring me a beer!"

"Beer in broad day? Are you crazy? If you want to drink then guzzle water, coffee or milk, from me you will get no beer in your hands, basta!"

Away and out of the house.

"Milk? Wahhh I don’t like milk."

"Idiot! We drink milk, too!"

"Nika, I don’t care .... I HATE MILK!"

Those with the oversized cup of milk in front of them, didn’t look at him anymore and also said nothin' respectively. Not even the Guenti man, who sat across from the woman and also had his cup full of fresh "Milli".

Immediately after this tiny morning dispute, Erwin came back with one of his massive brooches and revealed the possibility of a "fast recharge" of the angel!

Whereupon they were fooling around no more.

"Nika, Guenther - out!"


"No gawking in here."

This didn’t please Nika, what Walter in an exaggerated manner demanded from her.

But finally, she acquiesced, for the angel’s sake!

"See you later sweetie! Once you got your strength back (to the one in bed dawned nothing good), then we'll throw, the Guenni, me and you, a small victory party!"

Schmatz! Plain KISS on the "sugar mouth."

“Guenther get up! We’ll walk for an hour.”

He followed willfully and striding his commander "terror" out the door, right around the corner and "over the hedge".

"Victory party? Pah! And we may not join you?"

That turned Walter moody and unforgiving.

But everyone who knew Nika - and there were not many, could imagine that a "Countess von Hammerhau" never forgot to invite her closest and most trusted friends (?) and comrades (!) to a "club solemnity" with heavenly "guest appearance"!!!


About an hour later, the Guenti man and his “paramount mistress” hung around back out on the folded couch on that porch and stared leisurely holes into the stratosphere.

Then Walter appeared on the scene, and also squatted right after he was out the door, happily in the big plush chair which belonged to the camp of lazyness.

"The one with the bottle, again a beer in hand!"

Visibly displeased about that, Nika nudged Guenther, who sat right to her, in his side.

"The one with "the bottle? What the fuck?"

Sour like sauerkraut with sour milk and sour herring in sour dough coat, Walter looked questioningly and sourly at Nika.

She, confident and determined, immediately put the steaming fried cock on the table;

“It’s really true man! Already got a rarity seal, to see YOU sometimes without a bottle in hand!"

"Tell me, am I not allowed to just sit here in peace, having a beer, without offending me, huh?"

But the so directly addressed one said nothin ', just looked "somewhere else."

"My God! My little pedantic brother is always complaining when I take a beer, and now you, too!"

"Yes, exactly!" Now Nika took Walter for “real” again..

"To guzzle a beer from time to time is perfectly OK! Nobody does say nothin’ about it. But YOU smuck march around here almost 24 hours a day with a bottle around the neck. It's not normal, you know!"

"Puhh, 24 hours ... in this case ... I would be a DRUNKARD!"

“You ARE meanwhile without realizing it, you pregnant cerebellum. Just take care of your liver, ‘cause the way you drink soon it will be gone!”

"Oh, shut your mouth, you overdriven madwoman."

"Just watch what you say, otherwise I'll apply a double uppercut to you, you old man!”

Guenther, also taking the word, defending his dominant "crazy mate" immediately and without amnesty.

“What has happened with the angel? Batteries full again?"

With this simple but valuable question, the "wise woman" on the sofa relaxed the situation once again.

"Yes, it worked. He will just lie a few more minutes and then you get him back, your personal favorite angel of love."

"What's this silly allusion about?"

"Silly? … You have totally fallen in love with Katie – admit it!"

"So what? You sack face shouldn’t care about that!”

"Yeah, lick my ass!"

"That you would like, huh?"

"No, thanks! For that I better catch a more nestling woman than you, you herring without oil!”

"Stop it! I will knock you out…"

"C’mon Guenni, it’s OK. Leave him!"

He really wanted to get up in order to beat Walter up. But Nika - wise again - knew how to prevent that.

"What kind of ritual did you apply on him? Did you sing? Was there drumming ? Or rattling?”

"A rap!"

"Rap? Hip hop?!!! "

"No, no Hip hop, but a ... a prayer song!"


An "enlightenment" beamed on Nika’s face.

"Did you actually know that ... that Kathiel is ticklish?"

Now Walter grinned again.

Nika, more than just touched by the "miracle";

"Ticklish? WHERE?! "

Well, he revealed it to her! ALTHOUGH Kathiel had obliged him not to do it ...

"Oh little angel, here you are at last!"

No sooner was the "great secret" of the angel revealed, he came walking out of the room of the Dinklsink brothers.

"C’mon darling, throw yourself here next to me!"

And so he did, visibly unbiased and uninhibited (was the old hen close to her target?).

"And, battery full again?"

"Yes, thanks, I'm fine again. My strength is back."

"Super! You, I didn’t know you're ticklish!"

Fritz-Walter would have preferred to go to hell on the spot, because now it had come out! That he was a chatterbox and broke given promises, once he had a certain alcohol content in his blood afterwards.

"Nika, don’t do that!”

Now she knew where these certain "weakness points" of the heavenly bird were located, and naturally wanted "to examine" whether this really was the case.

"If you touch me again, I will touch you!"

Ohhhh then rather not! And how he looked, that Katie - truly frightening.

Well, and as he already was on three hundred and two and a half, he also could punish the guy over there with the beer bottle in his hand for his gossip.

He wanted to get away, but could not make it because the angel’s energy reserves were restored again (and he himself had even helped, too!).

"Kathiel, please, I ..."

Bam, the full triple-curved “beat the traitor” attack!

The one who had been gossiping unthinkingly, along with the chair in which he sat, and the now empty beer bottle, tipped backwards and immediately from zero to one and a half, on a “K.O.-line.”

Well, it seemed that this had made his day, because the angel turned once again to Nika and Guenni and;

"I must go!"

Nika, surprised;

"How do you know .... all at once?"

"They called me!"

"WHO has called you?"

"The archangel"

"Which one?"

"I will not tell."

"So, so. The Mister has his secrets, too. But I just have desire to fornicate with you, you bastard!"

"You are governed by lewd thoughts, you should stop that."

With what kind of quietness in his voice he spoke to Nika ... but that turned her only "wilder".

"Dumbass! I should stop it ... damn, I'm crazy for you and now want to go to bed with you!”

Guenther already looked expectantly, but;

"YOU stay out, got it? No peeping, you old sow!"

"I'm going now!"

"You go, really? Joker."

"I am not here for your amusement, got it?"

"OK, OK, I understood. But you're still funny, whether it complies with your "rules" or not!"


"Yes, goodbye, and .... come back soon!"

Nika said this to Katie as her gift for the "journey". Whether he perceived it is doubtful, because he disappeared so quickly, just as one second has milliseconds.


Several hours later, Nika’s cell phone rang, and it was the angel!

Together with Guenther she just watched the horror movie called "Kindergarden of horror."

Was about 7 p.m., and outside at the evening sky already showed up the first evening stars.

"What? I can’t hear you…WHERE are you?"

The two lay separately in bed and in front of them shimmered the box.

".. On a …Danish folk festival ?!" Immediate exchange of glances with Guenther.

"What in hell are you doing on a Danish folk festival? - WHAT? The .. ‘Michi’ has sent you there?"

The eye contact with her pal became more "nervous", because Nika seemed overtaxed.

"Ah ... ohh ‘the Michi’ is the… archangel ... who called you, yeah, NOW I understand ( well )!"

The initial tension of little Guenni man decreased.

"He gave you… a credit card? So you get from now on a regular salary? - Wow! A ‘handbook’ for emergencies he also gave you? Seems correct for me my oldie! And what is it about? - I would not understand it anyway? I'm not stupid! - Yes OK, I forgive you. Is the Michi also with you? - Already gone? Well, he's got more business to do than you , right? When'll you come back? - No, I do not urge you and also do not want to forn ... anymore…. NO, I shall not pronounce that word, I promise! – Yes, see you later, bye!"

An hour later, the one "with the bottle" staggered totally drunk into the room and demanded to know from the two emigrants from "Low Wurzbach" where the heavenly messenger had flewn to.

Then Nika, looking at him as if she would shoot him any moment.

"On the road again! On a "Danish folk festival" with Danish lager and well-aged Danish camp whores!"

Walter turned around and left without uttering a word.

Another hour later, now the TV featured “Rest home of horror", Kathiel flipped into the bed next to Nika and looked pretty much done (when didn’t he?).

"Tell me, you Hanseatic grapefruit, why do you have to scare me like that?”

Not a word. Wanted to kip, the angel.

"Heyyy, you robber, what did you do on that popular festival, huh?"

She tore at his clothes, puffing him hard in the side, and;

"Ow, my liver! Don’t do that, woman, or I will become violent!"

Meanwhile Guenther again was “quietly” amused;

"Violent? Pah! No doubt you were fornicating with the Danish camp whores!"

"No, I didn’t! Because sexual intercourse with humans is forbidden for angels...look!”

He held the manual he had received from his "supervisor" up in the air. Nika, swift as the wind, and without asking, immediately grabbed it and "tried" to read.

"Gibberish! Can you read this?"And threw it after 5 seconds at the "intellectual" by her side, right into his lap.

"Yes I can. I have to ... Stupid question."

"Son of a bitch! HOOKERS BOCK!"

"Nika, please, it's enough, I'm tired."

"Of what? Angels are only tired when they have overspent themselves somewhere and somehow. Did you? "


"Yes! You went whoring!"

Silence - Cut and scene changes.

An also "having become tired" shooting star whizzed at some distance from the Motel to the ground and over there at the Dinklsinks the "feelings" were boiling, because Walter had become so drunk that he now, full as ten howitzers, lay in the bathroom in front of the toilet and stood up no more.

"You old drunken pig! Go ... get out of here, I cannot pee!” Erwin urgently “had to” but “could not “.

"Th ... then pee ... but ... in the bathtub ...you troublemaker!" The one who had his "camp" in front of the "waste facility" could only mumble.

"Stand up! Go… and …stand up!"

He ripped and pulled at his brother who was filled to the brim, but the latter seemed to make it intentionally difficult.

"Oh, go to hell you old pisser, I will go out into the bushes!"

"Old .... pisser? It’s YOU who is constantly…peeing! This ... comes from the ... the funny .... vegetable juice you always guzzle, you ... you …IDIOT!"

Well, Walter had the "last word".

But it didn’t bother Fritz-Erwin, who already was in the bushes and "enjoyed" the beautiful starry night with "view" on two adjacent Motel neighbors who were "copulating" in the woods, that meant: "Bimbos love area No. 1"


Days later one was still there, and did not even really know why. Cucumber with cheese flavor. The weather was beautiful, flowers were blooming, an hour ago Dinklsinks had waxed TOGETHER their Mustang and we had "mating season"!

"Look, over there two blackbird cocks are fighting! They pluck each other ... Just as you scum up there! You are not able to go along without fighting, with your shitty jurisdictional disputes and turf wars."

"We are not scum!"

The winged one, AGAIN wallowing around together with Nika and Guenther on this "fresh air bed".

"You are scum! I've heard enough about your war of the angels, read about it and saw it on TV. And those from the TV should know (just them)!"

"Nika, it’s enough! I’ll go now, but will be right back!"

And gone he was.

"Right back ... tsss, within three hours maybe, you…you tramp."

Just twenty minutes had passed – and he was back, the tramp!

He suddenly stood again full of pomp and angel’s splendor in front of the bed, like having come out of nowhere, the cell phone in his hand and;

"Why does this idiot keep calling me ... all the time?"

Next door flies open…Fritz-Erwin.

"I heard it and I've got it, but this is not OK! You do not have to look for excuses, Kathiel."

That one did not know where to look.

"... That cannot be true how you're behaving here, it's really urgent and ..."

"Bloody stupid sylyzish desert buffalo ..." Was Katie now going to be "naughty"?

“For you always everything is urgent! I currently got my own hands full with work ... "

"Yeah, sure, we can see that!"

Nika von "Goggle eye", having great fun in the presence of her buddy.

For in the said "hands" Kathiel held a ..... lace-trimmed ladies bodice!

And Nika relentlessly continued to tease;

"You were in a whorehouse!"

Katie, short-tempered and at the same time feeling "exposed" (how would he come out of it again?);

"No, I wasn’t in a whore house, I ... just helped a woman in distress."

Fritz-Erwin, shaking his head;

"This cannot be true, this cannot …” 'Away', slammed the door and left the playing field.

Again the "stripped" angel;

"You … see that wrong! I really just want to help, that's all."

Nika, skeptically;

"Help? Yes, maybe yourself. Why did you have to undress that woman, huh?"

"Well, because she ...by the way, why do I have to justify myself here for everything I do supposedly wrong? That ...in my position there is no need for that. You irreverent rabble ...Erwin, don`t! This…hurts!"

The latter stood once again next Kathiel and pinched him heavily in his side.

"You as an angel fornicate in broad daylight and ... nope. You pig!"

He was really annoyed, the guy.

"Hey brother, let the angel fornicate and better come in here and look at the feeding you've cooked again! Ugh, what a mess again!"

Big brother's voice from the "world behind".

Erwin again left, bam, closed the hatch, the louse busted.

"Snot rag...called me a…pig!" Katie "desperately" was indignant, while still holding that bodice.

"Man, that must have been a serious “emergency" if you had to take off that thing from the broad."

Nika von "Insight", who for sure some day would win a prize for her special sardonic grin.

"Yes, extremely life-threatening ...I’ll just go inside and ...I'm thirsty!"

Kathiel felt like on a tray. Looked desperately (?) for a way out.

"Thirsty? But no beer, OK! The bottles in there are all we have ...go and booze milk or water!"

And when he had gone;

"I don’t believe in that “emergency”. He satisfied some old broad, tell me what you want. This angel is a quite crooked hypocritical dog."

"I'm not lying! I must not lie! According to our highest executives, in this case the archangel would put me for 5 years in a barrel of fáskálish double claw beetles!"

Nika and Guenther looked scared to the right, towards the window of the Dinklsinks, from which the flutterman now peeked.

"What are you doing there, you pickle?"

"I'm hungry!"

"I thought thirsty?"

"I already quenched my thirst.”

"You MUST not lie?"

"No, I may not."

"So, so .... HUNGER? Someone like you as a matter of fact doesn’t eat, or do you?"

"Nika, don’t ask. It's lunchtime and Erwin makes pancakes - I like pancakes!”

"Oh, really? Why didn’t you tell me, I would have made some for you,…you STUPID, BLOODY DOG!"

But the hungry one was again away from the window.

"Well, well...SAYS NOTHING TO ME! Just would have needed to open his mouth and ..."

"Maybe he just didn’t want to cause you trouble - Katie is just a nobleman!"

But to this pronounced “minor” speculation of Guenther "Beet liquor", our stressed "Nika, Baroness von Hammersmart" knew but only one answer;

"Yes, a nobleman with airs and graces!"


30 minutes "later", Fritz-Walter rushed out of the door, car keys in hand and sprinted over to the well groomed "highway-pony."

"What 's going on?"

Nika, just coming back with her Guenther from a little "anti-agression-walk", turning around the corner.

"I shall go and buy 80 quarts of milk, one hundred eggs and 100 pounds of flour ...the angel is hungry!"


"Yes, still! And if I wish to get repleted TODAY, I need to go shopping now!"

As soon as he sat in the truck, engine power up, reverse in gear, and screeching away into the blue.

"Hey Guenni, tell me, did YOU know that angels are SO greedy?”

That one, after a brief and questioning gaze to the sky;

"No man, I had no idea!"

"In the movies angels never eat anything (hmm). And...and certainly not pancakes! How many of these sweet dough loafs do you think will fit inside him?"


"Nah, Guenni, certainly more! 50 maybe...? C’mon, we let us squat in Dinklsinks galley and watch the hungry bird munching!"

Guenther liked the proposal.

Because to watch an incarnate God's servant on a "special mission" munching at "lunch", THAT kind of pleasure he had never had before!

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