Fear Her

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The One Cheat

Death doesn't like to be cheated. I've always liked that quote. I've found it to mean that once you die, that's it. You don't get a second chance. Your only chance is to strike a deal that you can keep, one that satisfies Death.

I learned it in Literature with Ms. Grim. She was Gothic looking with short black hair, deathly pale skin and a twisted smirk whenever she pranks the posers. She was my favourite teacher. She worshipped chaos and destruction too.

I practically was allowed to say what I wanted. Just because Ms. Grim never gave a shit. In fact, she'd say it is good when anyone, especially a girl can express what's really on their mind.

That night, I snuck out again. I needed to do stuff like this more to get used to actually being something meant to choose life and death. I am neither good nor bad. That's what it meant to be a Death.

Tonight...wasn't going to be easy. One particular guy tried to hang himself at the park. I stood by, waiting for the guy to die. He never did. It turned out he liked to cheat Death. He was one of those people dad had warned me of.

"Oi! You don't cheat death, pal!" I shouted.

The guy turned to me. "Well, I can and I will. Plus you're not Death, death is a dude." he remarked.

"There's more than one Death in the world, idiot. I'm his daughter! You've messed with the Deaths for the last time!" I retorted.

"Bring it on." the guy said with a smirk.

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