Fear Her

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The Face Off

I brandished my scythe. This was kinda my first fight. I didn't have a fucking clue what to do.

The Death Cheater, as I've decided to refer to him, picked up a long branch.

I almost snickered. Like that's gonna do shit.

The fight began when the guy swung the branch at me. I blocked it with my scythe. The stick withered and died after touching my scythe.

A circle of fire and dust surrounded us as we sparred.

The Death Cheater noticed it. "Did you do that?!" he demanded.

"Yeah, I guess I did..." I stated.

"Damn...you weren't lying about being Death's kid..." the guy stammered.

We sparred for a full fifteen minutes until one of us had the upper hand. It was me. The Death Cheater got burn several times by the circle. It didn't do shit to me.

I swung my scythe down diagonally through the Death Cheater. His ruby blood spewed like a faucet of water as he fell. His soul tried to run away but I slashed it.

The circle disappeared. I rested the hilt of my weapon on my shoulder as I stared down at the slashed corpse before me.

There were guts, blood and bone fragments everywhere.

I smirked. "Death's clock always tolls whether you want to or not, motherfucker." I remarked before finally walking away.

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