Fear Her

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Final: Who's Next?

I sat on the roof of my building that night, watching the chaos on the streets. My scythe lay across my crossed legs. I wiped a bit of blood that had splattered on my face and licked my fingertip. I smirked at the disaster unfolding below me.

A reporter was on the scene, reporting the death of the Death Cheater. She was calling it Death's Lucky Streak and that it wasn't going to stop until people remembered that Death never liked to be cheated.

In that sense, I proved that I had a right to be a Death. I enjoyed reaping souls. I hated being cheated. I worshiped chaos and destruction. I really was Death's Little Girl.

"So you dealt with your first cheater, huh?" My father's voice asked.

I glanced at Death as he stood next to me. "Hi, dad." I stated, still finding it weird to call Death that.

"There's always one cheater somewhere...but we always win, Lucinda." Death remarked, raising a beer bottle to his hood.

I decided not to question that. As Death, my dad could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

Two minutes later, Death left for work reasons.

I stayed to watch the chaos. "So...who's next?" I asked myself.

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