Fear Her

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Now you're probably wondering what the fuck you just read. Let me explain.

Lucinda Cloud is one of a select handful of half mortal, half immortal children. There are not many of her kind.

Sometimes immortals will meet and consort with mortals. The mother, usually a mortal would become pregnant with a halfling.

Now Lucinda, as you know, was Death's daughter. She was born with a bad attitude towards humanity, the ability to control people's deaths and could reap souls.

A child of Death learn what they are when they reach 18 years old. They soon become an honorary Death themselves. But children of Death are not very common. There's a reason for that. Everyone is scared shitless of Death.

It's just a good thing immortals can shift forms. Death often has to do that if he wanted a child. It's even rarer for the child to be a girl.

So Lucinda was a rare case. She's still ridding the world of unnecessary people.

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