Fear Her

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Mission One: Math

The next day, as I got ready for school, I felt an urge to take Dad's gifts with me. They were pulsating with a peculiar aura, as if they had a heartbeat, telling me to do so. After all, I had no idea what made the scythe and cloak often worn by Death, aka my father, in the first place. No folklore ever mentioned where Death from or when he appeared into existence. I wondered, how would the world react if they knew Death had a daughter?

As I put the scythe and scroll in my black shoulder bag, they turned into a notebook and a Swiss Army knife. When I put the cloak on, it took the guise of a black leather jacket.

"Deadly cool..." I stated, genuinely impressed by the interchangeability of my late birthday gifts. Picking up my bag, I left the flat.

Today was Math with Ms Jones. No one likes her. She's a bipolar, three-times divorced cat lady. Every year, she always manages to put on weight. Time has never been kind to her since my freshman year.
Underneath my math book, the notebook was pulsating again. While no one was looking, I sneakily opened the page where the pulse was strongest.Ms Johnson's name was written in red.I glanced up to where Ms Johnson was shamelessly stuffing her face with potato chips.'All that gluttonous eating can be deadly, you know...let's fix that' My head chided.Under my glare, Ms Johnson started choking violently. She hurriedly got up from her chair. She then ran around frantically, blood pouring from her mouth. After a minute of this, she turned pale and dropped down dead.The others, save for me, practically jumped in shock and astonishment.Mike, a blonde, scrawny pothead blinked. "Wait...does that mean no class?" he asked no one in particular.I subtly admired my handiwork. So that's the ability of Death...I like it. I mentally bragged.
That incident was all my friends or anyone else could talk about. Us goths were kind of celebrating though."So, she pretty much choked on potato chips?" Nate asked, inhaling his smoke."Pretty much, yeah." I replied."Gnarly..." Chris gasped."From the looks of it, her time had come anyway." Gabe remarked."You sound like Death!" Ivy laughed."Eating her pain away was going to fuck her up one way or another.." Gabe added.I decided they weren't ready yet. I had one thing to do. Get used to my new skills.
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