Fear Her

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Mission Two: Gym

After lunch was double gym with Coach Meister. An ex-marine with a no mercy attitude, Meister likes to see students suffer as he forces them to do drills and extreme training like he used to do. No one likes him either, he's a sadistic fuck.

Again, while Coach wasn't looking, I checked the notebook in my bag. Sure enough, his name was there in red.

I looked up as Coach was arguing with Ivy. He had caught her juggling with some knives she stole from his area in the staffroom. Go, Ives.

'My, my, all that anger and stress...Wrath is a fire that should never be played with. Surely, Coach must be a masochist.' I observed as I started to work my skills.

In a trace, Coach Meister started to juggle the knives himself. He threw them up above his head. The knives then rained down and embedded deep into his body. Coach Meister was dead before he fell back in a pool of his own blood.

"Beautiful..." I muttered in a tone that no one heard.

"Now that was fucking kooky..." Ivy remarked.

"No gym, either?" Mike asked aloud.

'Being Death's daughter rocks!' I cheered in my head.

Of course, because Coach Meister was dead, school ended early. I chilled in the park with Ivy and Chris, since Nate and Gabe had skipped gym and gone home.

"So Death's clock tolled twice..." I remarked.

"You should've seen it, Chris! One minute, the fucker was yelling murder, next thing you know he fucking kills himself!" Ivy told Chris.

Chris took a drag of her cigarette, the reason she wasn't in Gym either. "No one fucks with Goth chicks." she simply commented.

"Yeah but it was fucking beautiful..." Ivy sighed, remembering the bliss of a hated teacher dying before our eyes.

"Well, fuck Meister, he's a sadistic fucker who deserved such an ironic death..." I added.

"Preach it, Luc!" Ivy cheered.

"Irony is the best comedy, girls." Chris agreed.

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