Fear Her

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Mission Three: Starbucks

The next day was Saturday. So Mother and Paula were still sleeping. I was up and dressed by 9am. Not caring whether or not I would wake them, I was out the door by 9:45.

I waited for my friends in the park. The cloak given to me for my birthday had changed slightly so it was a hooded jacket. I had the hood up.

It wasn't long until my friends showed up.

"Deadly cool jacket, Luc. You look like death!" Chris remarked.

'You have no idea how right you are, Chris.' I thought.

"It fits you, Luc." Nate added.

"Can I borrow it sometime?" Ivy asked.

"We'll see." I stated.

"So Starbucks?" Gabe suggested.

"Yeah, I want my fucking coffee." Chris remarked.

As we sipped our strong black coffee, we looked at all the hipster dicks that crowded the coffee shop.

"Motherfuckers..." Nate and Chris muttered.

Of course, ever since Dad first visited me, I could see wisps of hourglasses above everyone's heads. Three employees and nine hipsters had low hourglasses. They were very near to an open electric wire.

I rose an eyebrow. Once I did that, the employees and the hipsters got electrocuted.

"Look at that, coffee and a show..." Ivy remarked.

"Fuck those hipsters.." Nate stated.

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