Fear Her

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Go Crazy!

I woke up that next day feeling refreshed. For once I wasn't going to say 'Fuck today'. Maybe it was the fact I reaped my first group of souls. I now get to bring the very thing my friends and I worship. Death.

The discovery of the dead gangs and the car driver was on the news. The reporter would not shut up about it. I guess, everyone's a sucker for thrillers.

I snuck out that night, scroll and scythe in hand. My cloak concealed my face and figure. Mother and Paula didn't catch me. Because they were doing the do.

First thing I did, I broke into the news studio where some journalists were finishing off a report. They were on the list. So I used my skills to start an electrical fire and trap them in the room together. They all died beautifully.

Next thing to do, I slipped into an all-night bar. There were many lechers there that deserved to die, anyway. I didn't even need to do anything. They all drunk themselves to death. Ok, I did slightly poison the beer.

I also terrorised some hipsters into hiding in an abandoned mutton factory. I re-activated the equipment, sending the hipsters to their deaths. I used their blood to write on the wall; 'The Clocks Tolls Thrice'

I smirked and snuck back home.

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