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Lies Remain

By yuhanis aris All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Mystery

Lies Remain

A man in his mid-thirties ran here and there in his own house, looking for something shiny and sharp. He is neither drunk nor possessed but something inside him makes her feel burning. When his eyes turn dark, he looks like a demon himself. He’s in his rage. That means he is dangerous. Even though he hears his beloved children crying out of fears but he ignores them. Even though he loves his kids and never wanted to expose them with danger but when he is furious, nothing could stop him. His mind is not working. He looks lost. He doesn’t look him at all.

Mumbling harsh words, he walks quickly to the kitchen. His heavy boots thump loudly on the wooden floor. It sounds like he is hammering something. When he reaches the kitchen he straight away approaches a pile of various types and sizes of knives that belongs to her wife for cooking. Without seconds thoughts, he grabs the longest and shiniest one.  As he picks it up, an evil smirk tucks on his lips while observing the knife and thinking it would the best weapon to use to kill someone mercilessly.

While he is running back to where he came from, his wife is trying her best to hide their three children to a safety spot where no one could find them. She keeps thinking the location but the best she can think is the closet in the bedroom she shares with the man. But with the loud cries his wife knew, anybody could spot the children immediately especially two of the three children are only a few months old. They don’t know anything. As much as his wife wanted to calm the two babies down but she couldn’t. She had to protect them by hiding them away and sacrifices herself.

The man holds the knife tightly in his right hand while quarrelling with his wife. They both are shouting at each other that whoever walks passes their house could hear them arguing but they wouldn’t feel strange because residents around the man and the wife’s house know they have been a broken family for a few months now. The wife is screaming at the top of her lungs, telling her husband to shut up but the man wouldn't want to listen to his wife.

The two babies cry loudly when they hear their mother’s screams, their father’s angry voice, thuds and bangs in the living area that is only a few steps away from the bedroom. Meanwhile the older kid - the babies’ elder sister - only closes her ears with both of her palms, trying to mute down the voices and the cries happening in the house. Like her two siblings, she is also crying… silently. Once in a while she tries her best to cool the babies down although she knows she’ll never succeed.

Another full half an hour the house is filled with cries of pains and screams of agony of the wife, shattering glasses, an unnatural hoarse voice of the man and infinite cries of frightened babies in the closet. When the noise in the living room is finally over, the cries still continue and the man’s hands and clothes are covered with a deep crimson liquid. Blood. That belongs to his wife.

Elise Russel continues her life studying in university. First time ever she's being away with her father. Despite that, she always seems so tough. Although never once in the minute she forgets her father, but she never cries like a little girl while missing her old man. She lives every second of her life in university and never bothered about her feelings until a boy comes into her life.

The boy, who happens to be her classmate, looks just like her - baby pink skin, black hair, dark brown eyes. Even though the boy is slightly taller than her but they really look alike. They even share the same surname. Their educators often think they are, somewhat, twins or related to each other. With an awkward laugh, both of them deny it though they know nothing.

Edward Russel. That's his name. He is playful, joker, can even be careless if someone doesn't remind him but he is a smart boy. Often gets the best student in high school although he plays a lot. He has an elder sister who also looks like him.

"I think we are meant to meet," says Edward one time after their class ended. "And I don't know for what but I have a feeling that it's going to be interesting and shocking. Isn't that going to be fun?" the boy continues.

Elise, on the other hand, doesn't like to be looked as Edward's twin. She finds it creepy that she has a twin when all her life she knows that she is the only child in the family and believes that her mother left her and her father when she was only a few months old. And she lives with it now until when other people talk about Moms Elise, without any reasons, will feel angry.

"Ignore me now but I'm telling you that I am right!" Edward shouts from a distance when Elise walks away and leaves him. Watching his friend, he smirks to himself.

Investigation of a murder has been made for the past ten years. Report of a missing woman one night is still on the active zone although it has been a decade the woman has gone missing. Police and detectives try their best to help two children to find their mother back and promise to kill the person who killed their mother. One time, the police is on the verge to close the case but the children convince them not to stating that one day, they don't want to miss it because, one day, they will find the murderer.

Over the decade, the two children - a girl and a boy - live with a foster family. The children live happily. Their foster parents take a good care of them - give them enough food, a shelter to live, clothes to wear and good education as they grow. Although the elder one has a horror memory and she knows that the murderer was their own father but she never speak it up. Instead, she keeps it quiet and lives her life without nightmares, how incredible.

Strong hearts and strong minds, now, both of the children are young adult. Both of them are living their lives now but not a day the girl forgets the man whose hands covered in blood, takes a baby in front of her eyes. And the baby is her sister, twin of her younger brother.
"Don't you think it's creepy seeing someone who looks exactly just like you?" Elise asks her friend. They are sitting on the park bench under a shady tree, enjoying the afternoon breeze while watching other students do their activities.
"Do you want the honest answer?" Edward questions, not looking at Elise."Of course! Who wants to know lies!" Elise says, annoyed. The fact that Edward loves to tell lies piss her off.Edward chuckles, amused seeing Elise annoyed. "Fine," he says, "truthfully, I do hate to see someone who looks just like me especially you."Elise glares at Edward."I'm just so glad that at least you're not ugly because at least if people see me walking with you, I am not ashamed to have a pretty 'sibling'," he says and chuckles when he turns to his side and finds Elise looks at him as if she wants to murder him.Elise doesn't find that offending. She knows she is pretty as well so she doesn't take what Edward said seriously. As Elise sighs, she gets an idea and says, "Tell me about your parents."Edward looks surprised. "Excuse me?""You heard me," Elise says. This time, it's her turn to be amused with Edward's funny shocking expression. "I mean, we both even have the same surname." She shrugs."I know right. How amazing..." Edward sighs as well. "Well, this is the first time I tell someone about my family so consider yourself lucky because I'm the type of person who doesn't open up easily," he says. Then, Edward tells everything about his life, starting with the word, "According to my sister."
The more Elise spends her time with Edward the more she feels the connection - the connection that she never truly understands. The closer Elise becomes with Edward, she now has the ability to see what Edward is thinking. The more Elise looks at Edward the more what her lecturers say make sense to her and she finds it creepier now. If this is what her father means to "real world." But how can she have a twin she's the only child in the family?After weeks without seeing her father, Elise finally thinks to go back home. Besides she wants to know about her family. Besides she wants to clear up her mind from all the possibilities that she has been thinking lately.Elise drives her car back to her father's house somewhere out of town, where nobody wants to come. Even by the first look, people would think the house is eerie especially when the house is in the middle of the woods where it is often a haunted house shown in most of the films. The surrounding is always quiet. Once she parks the car in front of the house in the open area, Elise walks ahead to the front door, unlocks the door and comes in."Dad, I am home!" she says loudly, walking deeper into the house, searching for her father. "Dad?""In the kitchen!" an old man's voice echoes from a distance.Elise walks quickly to get her father. By the time she's in the kitchen, she hugs her father tightly. A tear almost falls on her cheek but she wipe it away quickly before she gets caught for crying in front of the father. After the hug, Elise finds out that her father is actually cooking."What are you preparing?" she asks, happily."Nothing much," the father says. "Just your favourite chicken black pepper." The man looks at her daughter with full of love.Elise smiles widely. "Thank you," she says."Anything for my sweetheart," he replies. "Now, how about you go get some rest while I prepare dinner.""Sounds good."Elise walks back to her car. Picking up her bags and make sure the car is securely lock before she heads back to the house. After that, she throws her stuffs on her bed and walks out of her room when she remembers something.As she walks down the stairs, creaking sounds of woods is heard. As creepy as it sounds, but the woods under her feet has always been like that ever since she was a child. Elise walks into a living room. And as she walks pass the room, something catches her eyes. A drawer that reaches her chest. A drawer that she has been warned to never touch it.But this time, Elise is going to touch it. She is old enough to do anything that she wants to do. And if she has been lied her whole life, she is old enough to know the real story.She glances her back, spotting her father who is still in the kitchen, cooking. Slightly relieved, with a thumping heart, Elise slowly opens the drawer although she is not prepared to see what is in it. As she pulls the wood, she winces with the faint noise, afraid her father will catch her sneaking into his belongings.The drawer is wide enough that Elise can read the first thing that she sees. A newspaper article. About a murder.Elise gets the goosebumps as she read the headline. She doesn't know why but she feels like there's something, there's a link between the article and Edward's family story. She doesn't about herself yet she knows that is has something to do with her father.Elise enters her hand in the drawer to grab the article but half way through she immediately stops."Elise?" the black-haired girl jumps on her feet, shocked with the voice even though he's called softly.Elise almost screams, but when she can register that the voice belongs to her father she only puts her hand on her chest, taking deep breaths, calming herself down. Her knees are weak, her heart beats unusually fast, she turns pale and she almost cries out of frighten. Slowly, she turns around."Elise, are you okay?" her father asks worriedly. He approaches her daughter with a kitchen towel in his hand."I'm- I'm fine," Elise answers shakily."You sure you're okay, sweetheart?" her father runs his big hands on Elise's face. "You look pale. You want to eat? Dinner's ready.""Nope, I am okay. I am fine," she convinces her father, still shaking."What were you doing?" her father asks. He tries hard to speak softly although he is beginning to feel angry at Elise for opening the drawer."Nothing." Elise shakes her head, smiling nervously at her father. She feels scared now, seeing her father's eyes turn dark.Elise's father sighs. "Look, whatever you saw in there is nothing, okay? It's just some old news about my friend and an investigation he leads.""Okay," Elise answers faintly."Don't believe anything it's said, do you understand?" he looks at Elise deep in her eyes. Elise notices the stare is unlikely different. He looks like a monster."Yeah.""Good," the man smiles and kisses Elise's top head. "Now, go eat and get some rest."Elise obeys. She goes to the kitchen without turning back to her father. Like being controlled, Elise grabs a plate, and scoops her dinner and begins eating alone quietly. Though she is still frighten, though she looks blank and lost but her mind is still thinking about the newspapers and what her father just told her.Murder...Children...Most importantly, what did he mean with ' don't believe anything it's said'?Elise is mind is puzzled.
The man looks at her daughter who is walking towards the kitchen angrily and disgustingly. After eighteen years, after being warned for ages not to get close or touch it, now she has the gut to open the drawer?The man turns to the drawer with full of hatred. He may have done something that he truly satisfied, but over the years he never failed living his life in fear of the police and detectives. Although no one ever caught him in the woods but he always be extra careful. He always saves extra money in case the police finds his track and its his time to leave the country. Elise may not like it, but even if Elise doesn't know anything he won't tell her the truth.The man pushes the drawer harshly.
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