Summer Interrupted

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Nate approached his sister. "Nicole, you don't know when to ..."

Nicole placed her hands on her hips. "You know I'm only kidding."

"Yeah, but how do you know he's not the next Paul Bernardo?" Nate was referring to the man in St. Catharines, who was in prison for killing three teenage girls.

"You and your mystery novels and cop shows."

When Nate wasn't playing basketball or baseball, he often read mystery novels, or comic books, or watched cop shows.

Kassie said," Nate does have a point. We don't really know the guy."

Nicole adjusted her ponytail. "He's seeing the woman who lives behind us. I doubt he's a serial killer."

Nate and Nicole 's parents left their house. Their mother said, "Dad and I are headed to dinner. Sorry we couldn't spend more of your birthday with you, Nicole. You kids behave yourselves. "

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