Summer Interrupted

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Nicole pounded the water splashing her brother. "Oh, Nate. It was probably just firecrackers."

"No. I swear it was gunfire."

Nate pulled his shorts on over his wet swimming trunks and ran toward the front yard. Kassie lived about a block from them. A tall man ran toward a red pick up truck carrying another person.

After the truck sped away, Nate ran to his house. As he gazed toward the ground, he gasped in horror. Blood drops started at the front door. What could have happened, he wondered.

Nate cautiously entered the house. Although he had watched many cop shows and read many mystery novels, he never dreamed his own house could turn into a crime scene. A quick glance into the living room revealed the blood soaked bodies of his parents. "No. This can't be happening!"

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