Eleanor's Demise

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When the whole world knows your face, how easy is it to hide? When the whole world knows your face, how easy is it to hide? When Eleanor Carnegie, wife of the notorious Adam Carnegie, faked her death after a roller coaster of events, her world fell apart. New name, new state, and to think she could also get away with murder? Eleanor Carnegie is a wild one with a burning passion to hide away the world that believed she was dead. But can she get away from it for long? One encounter with anyone who watched the news could destroy her whole plan. Book 3 in Bliss series. 1. Pure Bliss 2. Business Contract 3. Eleanor's Demise This book is part of a series and I highly recommend reading Business Contract prior to this one. Contains spoilers.

Mystery / Romance
Veronica Soliman
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Eleanor's Demise: Foreword

Eleanor’s Demise

Veronica Soliman


Please be sure to read “Business Contract” before reading this book. It can be found on Amazon.com under the name veronicacanread (wattpad) or Veronica Soliman (Amazon). This is book 3 in the Bliss Series. Ongoing currently, I like to update on Wattpad.com more so feel free to check out my account.

It will not make much sense unless you read the 2nd book in the series.

Order of books in Bliss series and where to find them:

Pure Bliss (Full version on Wattpad and Inkitt)

Business Contract (Full version only available at amazon.com) you can read the first 5 chapters on Wattpad or on Inkitt.

Eleanor’s Demise (Currently being written, Wattpad and Inkitt.com)

This contains MANY spoilers, but if you don’t plan on reading Business Contract then go ahead!

Please vote if you like the chapter, and comment. Constructive criticism is appreciated! Thank you and I hope you like Book 3 in the Bliss Series.

Forgive me if there is ’I, me, my, myself” written I had originally started this story in 1st person but changed it to 3rd so we can get Adams’s perspective.

Let’s just dive right in!


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