Snow White Murder

By Joe Hinostro All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


Where the tragedies of the real life turned into entertainment, private eye Ellis will sleuth behind the scenes to bring Alex’s mom, Tiffany, and family justice.

They still love her

Chapter 1

It’s a Wednesday night, and people all over are starting to tune in for one of their favorite shows. The people come from all walks of life: some are young, some are old, some are rich, and others are not so rich; but they all enjoy the show just the same.

Through the snow filled air, a young woman stands next to a lightly snow covered car. She has her phone in her hand and her arm outstretched high in the sky. She is frustrated: Damn it, get a signal!

Suddenly two faint lights appear in the snowy distance. Her eyelids rise as hope seems to be on its way. The light gets stronger as the source gets nearer. A vehicle stops and the passenger side window rolls down.

“Do you need a lift?” Innocent words that move past the rolled down window and to her.

She bends down and looks through the window. What she sees relieves her; and the tone in her voice shows her relief, “Ah—thank goodness it’s you.” She smiles as the words leave her mouth.

From a face that no one knows, “What are you doing here?” The two eyes study her.

He sees large snowflakes land on blonde hair, and his thoughts go wild: I need my hands on that! He pays attention to the large clouds that puff out from her pink lips turning purple, and he craves: So beautiful. I need that! His instincts hone in on that familiar feminine figure, concealed under layers of clothes and a jacket: It’s a shame. Your body should NEVER be hidden.

She smiles and gladly answers his question, “I just needed to get away--for a little bit.”

A treacherous heart gets excited from the sight of her flush cheeks: Calm down boy. She’ll be yours soon enough. And he can’t help but notice the snow threatening to cover her car. The sound of her sweet voice, still reeling in his mind, boils his blood; but he keeps cool like he’s just there passing through. “I’m coming back from town. Getting some supplies before the storm gets too bad.” His casual tone puts her at ease, and he can see that.

He gets out of the vehicle and hurries to her. He takes his coat off and puts it around Alex.

Her cheeks perk up by this simple gesture. She lets out a sigh as her body begins feeling the pain of warming up. “It’s so cold.” Rubbing her, glove-covered, hands together.

He nods as if he completely understands. He takes her hand, and he speaks to her, his voice: reassuring to her ears, “Come on, let’s get you warm.”

He leads her to his truck and opens the door for her. She gets in, he gets in; and they drive off. The red glow of his tail lights disappear into the white wall of snow.

A day later, an older woman that resembles Alex sits in the kitchen--waiting for good news. She waits and waits; and finally, she hears the sound of the front door opening. She quickly gets up and rushes to the front of the house. “Was she there?!”

A man around her age walks up to her and hugs her and doesn’t let go. “She wasn’t at the cabin.”

“Then we need to go to the police!”

“Okay.” The man tries to comfort his wife, “But nothing has happened to her. We’ll find her. She’ll show up. You’ll see.”

They drive down to the police department. The fill out the report and things begin to unfold the way they have to.

Detective Gerno puts the key in the door and opens it. The two men walk in and immediately begin observing the environment. Detective Lopez goes to the bedroom.

There is a small desk in the corner, next to the bed. A few text books have been left neatly situated in a row on the escritoire. A closed laptop is on the bed.

“Hey, David. We need to call the IT guys.”

David walks into the room and sees the laptop. “Yeah. I think that is a good idea. There is a calendar on the refrigerator filled with appointments and date.”

The statement by Detective David Gerno get Detective Lopez connecting the implied lines; Benny answers his partner’s suspicion, “Let’s wait until the IT guy does his job before we jump to any conclusions.”

David pulls out his phone and makes a call. “We need IT to come down and check out a computer.”

At the time they didn’t know—no one knew it would end up like this; twenty years later, with a hand reaching into a bag of popcorn as some voice narrates, “And that was the last time Alex was ever seen.” And the eyes from all different walks of life--stay tuned.

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