The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 24 - Finding Time

“Robin – are you okay?” Malissa asked as Lt. Hawk disappeared into the hallway.

“Yes. Why?”

“Did the spirits tell you all that about Jake?” asked Nancy.

“No. They told me some of it, but the rest just started flowing out all of a sudden. I think my happy emotions for your daughter somehow clarified that side of me that was so overwhelmed with sadness. It helped me push the negative emotions aside and allowed me to think more clearly.”

“I knew you were good for each other. I felt that the first time I saw you together,” Nancy was happy. “I never told you this Malissa, but your father and I used to dream share – just like you two. You are very lucky to have found each other.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, Nancy,” Robin began.

“Yes, dear…?”

“How come you can’t read anyone’s mind other than mine? Malissa does it too.” He turned to Malissa and asked, “Can you read anyone else’s thoughts too? – Or is it just mine?”

“It depends on the situation, but I don’t have to try to read yours. You just seem to radiate thoughts. Now that you mention it, it does seem strange, but I think it’s because your psychic powers are so great that you broadcast your thoughts clearly and strongly enough for other people with gifts to read. In other words: Your brain leaks.”

Robin looked at Nancy.

“Don’t ask me, Robin. She’s the expert in this field. I’m just a hack compared to her.”

“And, both of us combined don’t hold a candle to your abilities,” Malissa added.

Lt. Hawk came back into the living room.

“We did a quick check on the plate. It came up as a stolen. We’re going to check out the owner anyway, just in case. There’s a B.O.L out on the van, so, with any luck, we’ll find this ‘Jake’ before he strikes again.”

“What’s a B.O.L.?” asked Robin.

“It means ‘Be on the lookout’. It’s an alert for all officers to keep their eyes open for the van and report back if they find it,” Lt. Hawk explained.

“Will you be staying for dinner, Hawk?” Nancy asked.

“No – unfortunately, I have to question some suspects on the grave robbing charge.”

“How do you charge someone with grave robbing if they haven’t robbed it?”

“How do you know they didn’t take anything?”

“I am a psychic, you know. Besides, you told us earlier,” Robin grinned.

“Oh. So I did,” Lt. Hawk said. “Well, the charge is merely a formality to get the perpetrators to tell us something about the graveside. What we really want to know is if they saw something or took some evidence.”

“Good luck, Lieutenant,” Robin said, “But you’re going to miss out on Nancy’s famous meatloaf and chili dinner.”


Amanda Potts flew over to Nancy and said, “He said a bad word.”

Nancy ignored her, “Why don’t you come back later, Hawk. I’ll save you some.”

Lt. Hawk brightened, “I’ll do that – It won’t be until after ten though.”

“That’s okay, we’ll be up”

The Lieutenant got to his feet. “Thanks, I’d better get moving if I’m going to get back by ten O’clock.”

Nancy showed him to the door.

Robin reached over and took Malissa’s hand. He squeezed it gently. “Just checking…” He said smiling.

She chuckled and squeezed back. They sat holding hands in silence.

I wish there were words adequate enough to tell you how I feel about you, he thought. I wish you could feel what I’m feeling when you’re around me.

“I do, Robin.”

Robin was startled by her response. He had temporarily forgotten she could hear his thoughts.

“Not only do I hear you, darling, I can feel your emotions too. It’s refreshing to actually know that the man I love is genuinely honest.”

He realized in an instant that this was true because he could feel her emotions too. Sitting there holding her hand had established a link from his soul to hers. They sat quietly basking in each other’s auras.

The room began to warm up. Robin felt his aura blending into hers and hers into his. Slowly, they became one aura – one soul. They were a single bright entity. In one instant, he knew everything about her and she learned everything about him. They were one.

Nancy walked into the room with Amanda floating behind. They could see the bright blue aura surrounding them. The room was very warm, but pleasant. A great feeling of peace filled the house and emanated out in all directions.

Dancing in the air, and all around the room, were various bric-a-brac, books, and small objects. It was reminiscent of the psychic tornado of the other day, but in slow motion. It reminded Nancy of a beautiful dance.

“Pretty isn’t it?” Amanda said.

“Yes dear, very.”

Slowly the objects began to return to their rightful places. The room cooled down a bit and the one aura became two again – and yet, they each seemed to have part of the other intertwined in them.

When the last bit of bric-a-brac settled Malissa spoke. Her voice sounded dreamy and peaceful.

“Hello, mom, did your Lieutenant get away okay?”

“Yes, dear, he seems to have forgotten something though.”

“What’s that?” she asked as if half asleep.

“A gold watch… It was lying on the hall table by the phone.”

“That’s nice…” Malissa replied, too euphoric to understand the significance of what Nancy had just said.

“You two just go back to whatever you were doing – I’m going to fix dinner.” She put the gold watch face down on the piano. On the back was the inscription – For Mac. Love, Nancy Velvet

Malissa smiled and said, “Hmm” in a half chuckle, half satisfied tone.

Nancy watched as the bric-a-brac left their places to begin dancing around the room again. She went into the kitchen and started preparing things. It was a bit awkward though, because as soon as she began working, the kitchen joined in the ballet. Amanda was floating around and around dancing with the kitchen utensils. Every now and then she would laugh or giggle.

Nancy had to catch the condiments as they floated gently by in order to add them to the “fixings”. The saving grace was that the chili pot stayed on the burner. Only the small items joined in the surrealistic dance. Grabbing a knife from the air as it waltzed by with a serving spoon; she started chopping the celery, which, thankfully, had decided to sit it out.

Nancy began humming a tune. She was enjoying herslf.
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