The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 27 - Little Brittany

The bright light of the big room shone into the dark cell as a rectangle of light outlining the doorway on the cement floor. Lt. Hawk’s shadow could clearly be seen within its frame. The small party of rescuers stood back away from the open door to allow the Lieutenant room to get a response from Little Brittany. Amanda Potts was hovering nearby with a concerned look on her face.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough light for anyone to see anything clearly. Lt. Hawk peered into the shadows and thought he could see a small, still, huddled shape against the wall. It could be a bundle of rags for all I know, he thought.

“Brittany?” he said in a low voice.

There was no response. He found the light switch on the outside of the cell. He turned it on. The light was a bare bulb hanging by a wire from the ceiling. It was dim and it still left shadows in the corners, but it did allow Lt. Hawk to see part of the room more clearly. The bundle of rags suddenly came to life.

“Please don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll be good. I promise. I promise.” Her voice was half pleading and half in terror. It made Lt. Hawk’s skin crawl. She was making futile efforts to scramble away from the light. It was almost as if she were trying to burrow through the wall. The effort exhausted her. The pleading stopped. She began whimpering and crying softly.

Lt. Hawk turned toward the others and said in a soft tone, “Tinker, you’d better get the blanket from the car and Radio for forensics, an ambulance, and backup out here.” Even though he was trying to control his emotions everyone there could hear how badly this experience had shaken him. Sgt. Tinker merely nodded his head and ran up the stairs to the car.

Lt. Hawk crouched down in the doorway. He spoke softly and kindly, encouraging her to come out, but she just crawled out of the light and into the shadows continuing to whimper and cry.

Tinker came back with the blanket and handed it to the Lieutenant. “They’re on their way, Hawk.”

“Thanks,” he said as he stood up. Instead of going into the cell, he stood there for a few moments trying to decide what to do. Finally, he turned to Nancy, “I think you’d better handle this, Nancy. She’s scared to death and a man is the last thing she needs approaching her at this point.”

Nancy nodded in agreement, “Certainly, Hawk.” As she took the blanket from the Lieutenant she gently squeezed his hand and looked into his eyes. She could see they were wet, but didn’t say anything to him. She unfolded the blanket and entered the small cell.

She spoke to the little girl softly and warmly in her best Grandmother’s voice. Brittany jumped a little when Nancy gently wrapped her in the blanket, but soon the welcome warmth of it calmed her down some. Nancy coaxed her into her arms and held her for a moment comforting her while rocking side to side. She kept repeating, “It’s all over now, my dear, everything will be okay. You’re safe now, Brittany, no one’s going to hurt you anymore.” She gently picked her up, and walked into the light.

Malissa had tears streaming down her face. She had never heard such a pitiful sound as that poor little girl whimpering in the dark. As Nancy brought Brittany into the lighted room, Malissa gasped and pointed at the little bundle in her mother’s arms, “Look!” She said in horror. There was blood soaking through the blanket.

“Find out where that ambulance is, Tinker!” Lt. Hawk ordered, “…and tell them to hurry!”

Sgt. Tinker ran up the stairs again. Robin approached the little girl. She stared at him, but didn’t seem afraid of him at all. It reminded Malissa of the incident with the dogs the other night.

Robin put his hand on Brittany’s head and spoke softly. Malissa could see that his aura was becoming a bright blue in color. Brittany closed her eyes and fell asleep.

He was concentrating on stopping the blood flow. He already knew that there was too much damage to heal her himself. She needed a surgeon and a transfusion as fast as possible.

Her breathing slowed and appeared to stop.

Lt. Hawk said quietly, “Is she…?”

“No, I just put her into a catatonic state to slow the blood flow. She’s still alive… for the moment.”

Tinker came down the stairs. “Forensics are on the way along with some black and whites, but the nearest ambulance is a forty-five minutes away.”

The Lieutenant looked at Robin who shook his head and said, “I don’t think she can last that long.”

“Then we’re going to have to take her ourselves,” Lt. Hawk said with conviction. “You stay here and guard this place till the others come, Tinker. I’m driving her to the hospital. I won’t let him have this one!”

Lt. Hawk bolted up the stairs to the car. Nancy followed slowly carrying Brittany. She sat in the front seat next to Lt. Hawk cradling the child in her arms while Malissa and Robin sat in the back. In spite of the traffic they made it to the hospital in fifteen minutes.

Brittany was placed on a gurney and taken immediately to the operating room. Robin and Malissa sat in the waiting area while Nancy went to the restroom to clean up. Lt. Hawk went into the emergency room to explain her coma to the doctor.

Amanda Potts was nowhere to be seen.

Robin looked around the waiting room. “Where’s Amanda Potts? She usually tags along wherever your mother goes.”

“It’s this place,” said Malissa. “It’s from her last days when she had polio. Even when I played with her as a child she had an aversion to hospitals.”

“But she’s a spirit that is a lot older than Amanda Potts was when she died from the polio. Why would she still be wary of hospitals?”

“We are all spirits. Yours inhabits that body named Robin Oracle and even though our souls are immortal, we are still the sum of our experiences.”


“The reason we fear anything is because we have had a bad experience with it, regardless of whether we had that experience in this life or some other.”

“So my fear of heights doesn’t necessarily mean I was dropped on my head as a baby but may be because I fell off a mountain in a previous life?” said Robin jokingly.

“How do you know that isn’t the reason?” Malissa replied knowingly.

Robin looked at her as if studying a lab specimen.

“Don’t give me that look, Robin Oracle – I know I was here before.”

Robin was about so say something clever when a doctor came out of the emergency area with Lt. Hawk who directed him to where the two were sitting.

“I am Dr. Parsee. You are Mr. Oracle?” he said cordially.

“Yes, my name is Robin Oracle and this is Malissa Velvet. How is Brittany? Can you save her?”

“We’re trying our best, but I need to know something. The Lieutenant here tells me that you induced a catatonic state?”

“Yes. It was the only way I could think of to prevent her from bleeding to death.”

“Come with me…” He led Robin through the ER doors. Malissa sat down again. Lt. Hawk joined her.

“It’s a good thing that ER Doctor is East Indian. Anyone else would have said I was crazy and Brittany’s chances would be nil.”

“Why did he want Robin?”

“Coming from India, he understands psychic healing. He also knows how Robin saved Brittany’s life. Now he hopes to use Robin’s gifts to help her get through the operation safely.”

“Does the hospital know what’s going on?”

“No. The only people around here who believe in this stuff are you, me, and the doctor.”

“And me,” Nancy said. She had just come back from the restroom and was standing in front of them. Her dress was covered in dark crimson and brown stains where the blood had soaked it.

“I got most of the blood off of my skin, but I’m afraid my dress has had it.”

“I can run you home so you can shower and change, if you like,” offered the Lieutenant.

“No, thank you, Hawk, I want to see this through. They needed Robin, did they?”

“Yes,” Malissa patted the chair next to her and Nancy sat down.

Lt. Hawk looked at Nancy’s dress and said, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home?”

“Yes, Hawk. That little girl needs our prayers and our psychic help.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Just do as we do,” Malissa encouraged.

“But I’m not a psychic. As a matter of fact I’m sort of thick, if you know what I mean.”

“It’s okay, Hawk. Just try for her sake,” Nancy said. “Besides praying for someone is the same thing. We just have a different ritual, that’s all.”

“I haven’t prayed in years, but I’ll try anything. What do I do?”

Nancy began, “First, we sit comfortably, but erect, with your feet flat on the floor. Concentrate on my voice and do as I say.

“We start with proper breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When we breathe in, we fill our lungs all the way up until we can no longer bring any air in. Hold it for a few seconds. Then we exhale all of it. This means push until there is no more air that can come out.”

Lt. Hawk took a deep breath and let it out.

“Excellent. Now this time when you breathe in we’ll try to do it rhythmically. Slowly count to six in your mind as you inhale. Hold it for three counts and then exhale on six counts. Ready? Breathe in, One… two… three… four… five… six. Now hold, One… two… three. Exhale, One… two… three… four… five… six. Good. Now we’ll repeat this a few times, holding for a three count after you exhale as well. After a few of these you should have a natural feel for the rhythm so you don’t have to concentrate on the counting anymore.”

After a few minutes Nancy continued, “Are you sure you haven’t done this before? You’re very good at this.”

“Thanks. This is very similar to rituals my ancestor’s used to heal tribal members.”

“Excellent, then the next part will be easy as well. As you breathe in think of breathing in the healing energy of the universe. The air isn’t just air any more. It is healing energy. As it enters your lungs, think of that energy as going to the solar plexus and gathering in a ball of healing energy. As you exhale, imagine that energy emanating from all parts of your body.

“Perfect, Hawk. You’re a natural. Now think of that healing energy as being directed to Brittany. Picture her in your mind and broadcast that healing energy to her. See it healing her, helping her. In – out – great. Now, I will join you. Just keep it up as long as you can.”

Nancy began breathing in rhythm with Lt. Hawk and Malissa. They sat in silence breathing and concentrating. Lt. Hawk lost track of time. He didn’t know if it would work or if he was just wasting his time, but he knew he had to do something. This was better than just waiting and worrying.

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