The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 28 - Earth Angel

“Lt. Hawk?”

The Lieutenant started to be aware of his surroundings again. He had been concentrating so hard on the task at hand that he was totally oblivious to everything around him. Now this voice was calling him back to consciousness.

He opened his eyes. Robin was standing in front of him. Malissa stood up, gave him a hug, and kissed him, “Is she going to be all right, Robin?”

“Robin? Robin!” Lt. Hawk said, “Aren’t you supposed to be…”

“Relax Lieutenant, they’re done. She’s resting – not out of the woods yet, but her chances are a lot better now. They stopped the bleeding, fixed all they could and gave her a lot of blood. Now it’s up to her body to heal itself.”

“Thank God,” Lt. Hawk sighed in relief. “How long were we meditating?”

“Four hours by my watch,” Nancy said.

“Unbelievable. It seemed a lot less than that. I hope it helped her some.”

“You helped a lot, Hawk. Not just the healing meditation, but in all of this,” Malissa said.

“It’s my job…” he began.

“Pish-posh,” Nancy interrupted. “You don’t fool anyone with your faked indifference… especially us. You care and it shows.”

“We are psychics, you know,” Malissa teased.

“Yes, but you’re not mind readers as Nancy has told me on many occasions,” Lt. Hawk retorted.

“Don’t believe everything you hear, Lieutenant,” said Robin. “Under the right circumstances…” he trailed off mischievously.

“Well, you just stay out of my head. If you know what’s good for you,” he quipped back.

“Yes, sir!” Robin saluted with two fingers like a Cub Scout.

They all laughed. It felt good to laugh after such an emotionally wrenching day. They enjoyed their small respite for a few silent moments.

“When will we know?” Lt. Hawk asked.

“No telling,” Robin began, “but if she makes it through the night all right her chances are a hundred times better.”

“I’ve got to get back to the crime scene,” Lt. Hawk said. “It may lead us to this Jake fiend. I should have gone straight back, but…”

Nancy interrupted him: “We’ll be here when you get back, Hawk.”

“Bring us a pizza,” Robin said.

“I’ll see what I can do. See you all later.”

The three of them sat in the waiting room all night. Lt. Hawk returned at four am with Sgt. Tinker at his side.

“Any news…?”

“No, Hawk, we’re still waiting,” Nancy told him, “How about your crime scene?”

“So far it’s a bust. There are no fingerprints of any use and the surgical instruments have all been sterilized, so there are no DNA traces – at least so far. One of our lab guys is trying to find out where the instruments came from. Unfortunately, that’s a very long process because there are no identifying marks on them as to their origin.”

“That’s rotten luck,” Malissa said.

“Not luck. He removed all the serial numbers and identifying marks with some kind of grinder. It’s only preliminary so far, but we’re hoping to find some stray hair or blood samples so we can link this guy to little Jennifer Conroy too. My forensic team is taking their time going over every inch of that place. It isn’t too promising though – that place seems to have been scrubbed down with bleach.

“Sorry, Robin, I clean forgot the pizza.”

“That’s okay Hawk. We’re more sleepy than hungry anyway.”

Six thirty am found them all dozing when Dr. Parsee came into the room.

“Excuse me,” he coughed politely.

They all sat up and looked at him. Malissa rubbed the sleep from her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair to comb some of the tangles out of it. Robin couldn’t stifle a yawn and Nancy had a kink in her back from sleeping in a chair that was barely comfortable enough to sit in let alone try to sleep in.

“I thought you would like to know that she made it through the night. We’ve induced a coma so her body can heal faster. You saved her life…especially you, Robin. Your powers are remarkable. For now, I think you should all go home and get some sleep. There’s nothing more you can do here. She’ll be in coma for about a week.”

They all stood up and thanked the doctor.

“Don’t discount your fine surgical skills, Doc. We just got her here, you did the rest,” Robin said.

A man and woman came into the room.

“Which one of you is Robin Oracle?” the man demanded.

Robin was a little reluctant to answer at first.

“Who wants to know?” Lt. Hawk answered in his official sheriff’s voice.

Before the man could answer Robin spoke up, “It’s okay Hawk, I am sir. Can I help you?”

The woman came forward. “You’ve already done more than enough, Mr. Oracle. I’m Brittany’s mother, Brenda and this is her father, Bob. You saved our baby. I prayed to God that he would send us an Angel to bring my baby back and he sent you.”

“I’m no Angel, I’m afraid,” Robin was taken aback. “I’m just glad I could help in my small way.”

“Don’t be so modest,” her husband said. “If my wife says you’re an Angel…You are an Angel.”

Brenda walked up to Robin, gave him a hug, and kissed his cheek. “Not all Angels wear white robes, play harps, or have wings, Mr. Oracle. Thank you for saving our Brittany,” she had tears of relief in her eyes.

Brenda’s husband proffered his hand. Robin hesitated, but sensed it would be an insult to refuse him, so he reached out and shook it.

Robin knew from the handshake that the man standing before him was Robert Stanton: An honest, hardworking man. The ordeal had taken a lot out of him, but he forced himself to be strong for his wife, Brenda’s sake. He was an honorable man. A hundred other pieces of Mr. Stanton’s life came and went through Robin’s mind until he was able to free his hand from Bob’s grasp.

“Thank you, Mr. Oracle,” he heard Bob say. “Whether you like it or not, you are an Angel to us. Now, who are your friends?”

“This is my fiancée, Malissa Velvet, her mother, Nancy, Lt. Hawk of the San Diego Sheriff’s Homicide division you already know, and his partner Sgt. Tinker of course. I couldn’t have done anything without their help,” he said modestly.

The couple went from person to person thanking them and shaking their hands. Brenda gave the Lieutenant a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which embarrassed him a little, leaving his cheeks flushed.

After the Stantons had gone, Nancy said jokingly, “Angel… They certainly don’t know you very well, do they?”

“Well, I’d say he’s an Angel,” Lt. Hawk said firmly.

The others looked at him in surprise. Nancy gave him a puzzled look.

“He’s got God given powers that he uses to help people in trouble,” Lt. Hawk explained, “He found that girl in time to save her life. Dr. Parsee said that if Robin hadn’t put her into that catatonic state she would have bled to death before we ever got here. He also spent four hours in the operating room keeping her alive during a delicate operation.

“If it weren’t for Robin and his gifts, we’d be looking for two bodies now without any result. We all know that most of my homicide work still adds up to pure luck even with our modern forensics. So, yes, I’d say he was an Angel and I thank God for sending him to us.”

No one knew what to say, so they all just stood there looking at the Lieutenant. There was a long pause.

Lt. Hawk looked from face to face expecting someone to say something but no one did. They just stared at him in shock so Hawk finally decided to break the silence. “What?” he demanded.

Nancy blinked, opened her mouth to speak and shut it again. She looked at Robin for help, but he wasn’t paying attention to her. He couldn’t believe that the gruff Lieutenant could have said what he had said. Robin was totally taken by surprise.

“Well?” he demanded again.

Nancy finally found the words: “It’s just that in all the years I’ve known you, Hawk, I have never heard you say anything like that about anyone before.”

“I have,” Sgt. Tinker offered.

All eyes went to the Sergeant who started feeling nervous because so many people were scrutinizing him.

“Really?” asked Nancy.

“Yes. I’ve heard him do it on a number of occasions.”

“About whom…?” Malissa asked.

“Your mother,” he replied.

Lt. Hawk blushed. All eyes went to Nancy to see her reaction.

“I had no idea. I’m just a psychic. I’m…”

The whole group finished her sentence: “…not a mind reader.”

They all laughed again.

Lt. Hawk spoke up: “Hey! Wait a minute!” He turned to Robin “Did I just hear you tell the Stantons that Malissa is your Fiancée?”

Now everyone was looking at Robin.

“When did that happen?” Lt. Hawk asked.

“This morning while we were napping,” Malissa said.

Sgt. Tinker’s eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed in disbelief.

“Do you mean to tell us that he proposed to you while you were both asleep?” Sgt. Tinker asked sarcastically.

“Yes,” said Robin matter-of-factly.

Sgt. Tinker turned to Nancy for help, “They’re putting us on, right?”

“No. They dream share,” Nancy said nonchalantly.

“Like you and your late husband used to do?” Lt. Hawk asked.

“Yes, only they are much better at it than we ever were.”

“They what…?” Sgt. Tinker asked.

“They both share the same dream,” his partner said flatly.

“Yes,” Nancy added, “and after he proposed to her in their dream this morning, they entered my dream to tell me the good news.”

“They did what?” Sgt. Tinker said in disbelief. He was now convinced they were all mad.

“We would have included you and Hawk, but we didn’t want to scare you”, Malissa said.

“Besides, you did tell me to stay out of your head, Lieutenant,” Robin teased.

“Thank God for that,” Lt. Hawk was relieved.

“Okay, enough. Enough, people,” Sgt. Tinker said. “I can take a joke as good as anybody else. Now, when did you really propose?”

Nobody said a word. They just looked at Sgt. Tinker as if he should have known better than to accuse them of lying. It was then that he remembered the flying bric-a-brac. A wave of terror began to wash over him. He pushed it away, but he was still shaking.

“I think… I think I need to sit down,” he said slowly.

“There’s nothing to be frightened of, Tinker,” Nancy soothed. “We’re all on your side. We fight the bad guys together.”

“Yes,” Lt. Hawk explained, “and Robin isn’t dangerous – at least not to us.”

“As for the flying bric-a-brac: that’s over now that I have Malissa.” said Robin.

Nancy chuckled.

Lt. Hawk glanced at her, but she said nothing and avoided his eyes.

“I’m just not sure I can handle all of this,” Sgt. Tinker said.

“I don’t blame you for feeling skittish, partner. It took me a while to get used to Nancy.”

“Did she ever make you have to dodge flying bric-a-brac?”

“No, but then, Robin is special,” Lt. Hawk said.

“Yeah, he’s an Angel.” Sgt. Tinker paused for a few seconds. No one said anything. They just looked at him expectantly.

“Okay, I’ll go along with it for now,” he said, “but the second I see things start to fly around the room again, I’m quitting. You can find yourself another partner. No offense, but this all gives me the creeps.”

“I wonder how he’d feel about Amanda Potts?” Malissa whispered in Nancy’s ear.

“Shh,” chided Nancy.

Malissa smiled.

“Let’s go home. Sleeping on the furniture here was very uncomfortable,” Nancy said as she headed for the door.

The trip home was made in silence. They were all too tired to speak. Lt. Hawk pulled up in front of Nancy’s house. Amanda Potts flew up to greet them. Lt. Hawk walked around his car to where the others were standing: “We’ll be going now. I’ll keep you all posted on Brittany’s condition.”

“Well, I’m for bed and some real sleep.” Nancy yawned, “Thanks, Hawk for believing in us.”

“Only a fool wouldn’t believe,” he said seriously.

The Lieutenant turned toward Robin and offered him his hand, “Thanks, Robin.”

Robin hesitated a split second, but decided to take his hand. He learned more about Lt. Hawk in that 10 seconds than anyone could have learned knowing him a lifetime. Most importantly he realized that this detective was an honest, honorable man. He never said anything he didn’t mean.

Lt. Hawk was born Elias T. Hawk. His father was an Iroquois Indian. His mother was pure Irish. Lt. Hawk rarely shook hands with anyone. He held true to Indian tradition that the handshake is sacred and reserved only for tribal members and very special friends.

Lt. Hawk got into his car and drove away. Nancy said, “Well, I’ll be.”

“Indeed,” Robin agreed.

“What an amazing experience that was,” Malissa said.

Robin looked at her questioningly. She nodded her head down toward Robin’s left hand. He hadn’t realized that he had been holding hers the entire time.

Yes, love, I experienced the whole thing with you. Our Lt. Hawk is extraordinary. We’re lucky he calls us ‘friend.’

“Yes, we are,” Nancy said.

Robin and Malissa looked at her.

“All right… So, I am a mind reader. Just don’t tell Hawk.”

They laughed. As Nancy began to climb the stairs to the porch, “Let’s get to bed before we pass out on the sidewalk.”

“I second the motion,” Robin agreed.

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