The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 35 - The Magic Touch

Nancy and Malissa went home at eight O’clock that evening to shower and get some rest. Malissa returned at one am to keep watch. She nodded off in a chair next to his bed. Nancy returned the next day while Robin was having breakfast. “How are you doing?” she asked.

“At least my right hand is okay, I can eat.”

“The doctor just left, mom. He says Robin is out of the woods…”

“And into the river… without a paddle,” Robin joked.

“Actually he said that Robin is healing much faster than normal. It’s an accelerated regeneration that he’s never seen before. I told him he should to talk to Dr. Noah.”

“Speaking of him, why isn’t he here?” Nancy asked.

“He’s not a chest man. He only works on heads. He already checked out my golf spikes and said there was no damage,” Robin pointed to his head.

“And speaking of golf, the two Drs. Noah are in L.A. doing a father and son golfing tournament,” Malissa added.

“Good grief. That man plays more golf than Tiger Woods. It’s a wonder he has time for any patients.”

They laughed.

“So, when does Robin get to go home?” Nancy asked.

“Well,” Robin replied, “barring the good doctor dissecting me as a personal lab rat…”

“Oh, Robin,” Malissa exclaimed.

“Okay – He said about four to six weeks tops, if I continue to improve at the present rate.”

“Wonderful. When is our Hawk expected?”

“He called and said he’d try to be here by nine. They called Mr. Carter back in for some follow up,” Malissa said.

“So, you have about thirty minutes before anyone comes by,” Nancy said. “I’ll work on my knitting and keep a lookout while you two talk.”

Nancy moved a chair over in front of the door so it couldn’t be opened without her having to move out of the way. Malissa was holding Robin’s hand. She closed her eyes. Robin did the same. The room warmed up. Fortunately, the heart monitor transmitter had been disconnected by the Nurse and taken away because Robin’s heart rate suddenly dropped way below normal.

Nancy glanced over at the bed and saw the bright blue glow surrounding them both becoming one. In just a few moments, things started slowly dancing around the room.

I’m so glad they found each other, she thought.

Luckily, no one came in during the time Malissa and Robin were “talking”. Robin slept till nine-thirty am, when Lt. Hawk finally arrived with another man in tow. He was a stout little man with a pug nose, horn rimmed glasses, small eyes, and a bad toupée.

Malissa helped Robin raise his back to a comfortable sitting position while Lt. Hawk spoke.

“Good morning, everybody, sorry I’m late, but it took a lot of explaining to get this out of the evidence room.” He held up a clear evidence bag with a flaying knife in it. “I finally convinced them they had more than enough evidence and that this was more important. So they sent our chief of evidence Lt. Joe Hendersen here along with me to watch out for it.”

“It’s important to keep the chain of evidence, Hawk and this is highly irregular. It only takes one break in the evidence chain to lose a case,” Lt. Hendersen intoned.

“Yes, I know. Now shut up and sit down where you can watch quietly. Malissa…? You’ll need to hold his other hand so Robin can have his good hand free.”

“Okay.” Malissa went around to the other side of the bed and took Robin’s left hand. Am I hurting you? She thought.

No, my darling…

Lt. Hawk put on latex gloves and took the flaying knife out of the plastic bag.

“Ready, Robin?” he asked.

“Yes, we’re ready.”

“Wait just a minute…” Lt. Hendersen cried, “You can’t let him touch that without gloves on!”

“If he has to wear gloves, this whole thing was a useless waste of time, Joe. Just keep quiet, observe, and let me do my job.”

“You bear the responsibility then, Hawk,” Lt. Hendersen said seriously.

Lt. Hawk handed Robin the knife. The room heated up rapidly. Hawk turned to Nancy. “Is he…?”

“I’m afraid so, Hawk - Brace yourselves,” Nancy warned in a loud voice.

Objects began to fly around the room. Lt. Hendersen gasped as his toupée flew from his head and joined the whirling objects. “Hey! What’s going on here?” he protested.

“Relax,” Lt. Hawk ordered. ”We’ve seen this before. It won’t hurt you.” He looked at Nancy and asked, “Will it?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “We’ll know in a minute, Hawk.”

“But it’s stolen my hair!”

Instead of the gentle dance from their dream sharing, this was a full on tornado of small objects. They flew around the room at great speed. It was all they could do to avoid being hit by something. Fortunately, because it was a hospital room, there were very few things whirling about.

The bedpan narrowly missed Lt. Hawk’s head.

Good thing that was empty he thought as Lt. Hendersen‘s toupée flew by his nose. It seemed to be trying to escape the trashcan chasing behind it opening and closing its lid like the mouth of some mad hungry monster.

“What the hell is going on?” Lt. Hendersen demanded as he ducked a flying chair.

“Get down close to the floor,” Nancy commanded.

Lt. Hendersen didn’t need to be told twice. He got down on all fours. He looked up at the circling objects and repeated his demand, “What the hell is going on?” The water pitcher seemed to sense his anger and poured its contents on Lt. Hendersen as it flew by. It looked like it was in a hurry to catch up to the water cup. Lt. Hendersen sputtered and cursed at the icy dousing.

The trashcan finally caught up with the toupée and swallowed it in one gulp, much to the horror of Lt. Hendersen who witnessed the violent act against his personal property.

“Assassin!” he yelled, shaking his fist at it.

Nancy said, “Oh dear!” The tone of her voice made Lt. Hendersen forget his toupée and turn to look at her.

“What do you mean, ‘Oh, dear?’” asked Lt. Hendersen nervously.

Nancy could see the huge aura building up to a bright orange.

Lt. Hawk looked at Nancy, “He isn’t going to; not the…”

Before Lt. Hawk could finish his sentence the tornado stopped. Everything that was airborne finally discovered the first law of gravity and came crashing down. Fortunately no one was under the chair when it crashed to the floor by the door. Lt. Hendersen’s nemesis (the plastic pitcher) managed to hit him on the head as it made its way to the earth.

“Dammit! I should sue you all for…” he began.

Nancy interrupted him in a loud voice, “Brace yourselves, here come the tears.”

“Here come the what?” Lt. Hendersen asked.

The wave of emotion was twice as big as the last one. She could see it emanating in giant waves of sorrow. It moved in all directions away from Robin and Malissa. It went through the walls and expanded over an area of five miles. The weakest part of the wave at five miles caused people to feel sad for no apparent reason, but those who were unfortunate enough to be in the first three mile radius were overrun with uncontrollable weeping.

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