The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 36 - The Demon's List

“I’m glad Sgt. Tinker isn’t here to see this,” Lt. Hawk sobbed.

Just as suddenly as it came, it was over.

“What the hell was that?” Lt. Hendersen demanded wiping away his tears with a large handkerchief.

“That was, for lack of a better explanation, a psychic tornado followed by a tidal wave of sadness,” Lt. Hawk explained. “It’s also top secret, so don’t go blabbing about it at the station,” he added blowing his nose.

“Secret?” Lt. Hendersen bellowed. “Secret…? Look at this place. It’s a shambles. How do you keep this mess a secret?”

He put his handkerchief up to his nose and blew loudly.

The door of the room opened and the guard from outside came in. He was trying to look composed, but his eyes were red from the tears. The halls outside were a jumble and full of confusion. “Did you see that?” he asked the group in the room. “The whole place was filled with flying objects. It has to be the biggest Poltergeist event ever. There were ghosts all over the place,” he said excitedly. “It was great!”

“Are you okay, Perez?” the Lieutenant asked.

“Why, yes, sir! I just stepped in to see if you were.”

“We’re fine. Just go back to your post.” Officer Perez turned to go. “And don’t say anything about Ghosts to anyone at this time. The official word is ‘No comment.’”

“Yes, sir,” He went through the door and let it close.

Lt. Hawk picked up the flaying knife from the floor where Robin had dropped it after his brainstorm and put it back into the evidence bag.

“Secret, Huh?” Lt. Hendersen scoffed. He finished wiping his nose and stuffed the handkerchief into his right hand coat pocket.

“We’ll damage control later. Right now, I need to know what Robin knows. How about it? Did you get anything or did we just tear up the place for nothing?”

“I’m sorry, Hawk. We weren’t prepared for that…we knew about Brittany and Jennifer, but there were…” He paused for a few seconds and then continued: “Others…so many others… He flayed their skin while they were still alive. Those screams, I…” Robin broke down and cried.

Malissa spoke up: “We weren’t prepared for the atrocities committed by that knife. I was so overwhelmed with the horror of it all that I couldn’t control it,” she broke down and cried as well.

Lt. Hawk apologized: “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have gone off like that. I wasn’t prepared for that little event out here either even though I witnessed the last one.”

“The last one…?” Lt. Hendersen asked in disbelief. “Do you mean these things are a common occurrence? Who are these people, Hawk?”

“This one seemed to be twice as intense as the last one, Robin,” Nancy ignored Lt. Hendersen. “I think your combined powers doubled the intensity.”

“Yes, and it took a lot of effort to regain control, but we finally did,” said Robin.

“Are you saying you knew this was going to happen?” demanded Lt. Hendersen.

“Yes,” said Lt. Hawk, “I mean no, not exactly. We knew it was a possibility, but we had to take the chance in order to catch the lunatic responsible for murdering little Jenny in such a horrific way.”

“But the room was filled with flying objects! One of us could have been killed!” exclaimed Lt. Hendersen.

“Calm down, Joe. Nobody got hurt,” said Lt. Hawk.

“What about me? That infernal water pitcher fell on my head. It could just as easily have been the chair. And that diabolical trashcan ate my best toupée! There should be a law against people who make things fly about like that!”

He stood looking wild eyed and crazed. They all looked at the wretched man while trying desperately not to burst out into laughter. They all felt sorry for him, but his reactions to the situation and his present state made him look less tragic and more comedic.

Lt. Hawk was at a loss as to what to say. He remembered Sgt. Tinker’s episode at Nancy’s and how he had reacted.

“Get a hold of yourself, Joe. You may be a pencil pusher now, but you’re still a trained cop.”

Lt. Hendersen stood dumfounded at that last statement. Malissa sniffed as she wiped her eyes. Before Lt. Hendersen had a chance to say anything she said, “Do you mean I missed a tornado?”

“Missed it? You caused it!” screeched Lt. Hendersen.

“Oh darn! I wanted to see what it was like.”

“You don’t want to know what it’s like, lady!” Lt. Hendersen said irritably.

Malissa looked at Lt. Hendersen, “Why is that man all wet, Hawk?”

“He had an accident with the water pitcher,” he replied.

“Accident…? That pitcher did that on purpose! Why, I ought to sue you all for…for…” Lt. Hendersen was at a loss for words.

“For flying bric-a-brac, Lt. Hendersen?” asked Nancy.

“Humph!” was all he could say.

Robin had recovered from his crying episode and he looked at Lt. Hendersen. “Hawk, you’ll need a pad and a pen,” he said in a serious tone.

Lt. Hendersen got a little nervous by the way Robin was looking at him so he moved away from the group to the back of the room. He glanced at the floor where the trashcan had fallen and noticed that his toupée was lying half way inside it. He cautiously picked it up in case the trash can should spring to life again and want more of him than just the toupée. It was going to need a serious going over before he could wear it again.

Lt. Hawk put the evidence bag on the bed, drew a pen and notebook from his jacket pocket, and prepared to take notes. “Fire away, Robin.”

“Sarah Kennedy – twelve years old… Disappeared last month from her home in Escondido…. She’s buried under Aaron Stone in Parkhill Cemetery, El Cajon. Jaimie Frost. Seven years old… Disappeared two months ago from her home in La Jolla…. She’s buried under Raymond Baker in Redstone Cemetery, Temecula. Michelle Mackey, nine years old… Disappeared two months ago from her home in Oceanside… She’s buried under Martha Noble, at Jackson Hill Cemetery….”

The list went on for another ten minutes. There were forty-two in all each dating back farther and farther into the past. The dates went back a full three years. As Robin spoke the names and the details of each one, Lt. Hawk wrote them down. By the end of the recitation, the Lieutenant’s eyes were full of tears. Even Lt. Hendersen was moved by what he was hearing.

“That’s the last, Hawk,” said Robin. His voice sounded weary.

“Is this on the level?” Lt. Hendersen asked Lt. Hawk in awe.

“Unfortunately, yes. He’s never wrong,” he replied.

They all observed a few minutes of silence for the children Jake had so brutally murdered.

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