The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 40 - Dead Again

Robin was floating ten feet above himself looking down on the roof where Malissa held his body in her arms. He felt relieved that he was no longer in pain. In fact he hadn’t felt this good in years.

I remember doing this before, he thought. Somebody gave me CPR on the beach and I watched them just like I’m watching Malissa now, but I can’t for the life of me remember what happened after that. I thought when you died you remembered everything yet; here I am not remembering anything. This death thing sure has me confused. I mean, just as confused as when I was alive.

Maybe I’m not dead…No, that can’t be because my body is down there in Malissa’s lap and I seem to be floating up here watching the whole thing as though it were a movie. I don’t get it.

Some movement from the escape ladder caught his attention and interrupted his reverie. It was a policeman. He spotted Malissa and ran over to her.

“Are you all right Ma’am? Ma’am…?” Malissa didn’t react to his voice so he shone his flashlight into her eyes. She sat staring across the roof without moving. He grabbed his walkie-talkie and sent for the paramedics. He couldn’t find a pulse in Robin’s neck so he carefully moved him from Malissa’s lap, laid him on the roof, and began CPR on Robin’s body.

“You’re a little late pal,” Robin yelled at him. “Where were you when that joker was killing me? Now that you’re finally here you’re wasting time on a dead man instead of taking care of the live woman sitting next to you.”

Two paramedics joined the policeman and they began working with him. Robin was glad to see that one of the men was attending to Malissa’s wound. He floated down nearer to the group. Malissa had recovered from her trance and was watching the paramedics working with tears streaming down her face.

“Oh, Robin… Robin, please don’t leave me now. I won’t be able to live without you.”

A third Paramedic joined them carrying a defibrillator. He took the policeman’s place. The policeman went over to Malissa and said, “If anybody can fix this guy they can, Miss, so don’t you worry too much. It isn’t over yet.”

“That’s what you think, fella, but thanks for trying to make her feel better. I guess I was wrong about you, Officer. I apologize. Hello? I’m talking to you here. Hey! Up here! – I thought so. Can’t hear me, can you?”

The policeman continued without looking up, “What happened up here? Who was that man that flew off the roof there?”

Malissa’s muscles all tightened at once. She looked into the Officer’s eyes and asked anxiously, “Is that man dead?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I am afraid he is.”

Her body immediately relaxed and she said in a relieved tone of voice, “Good! He… He tried to kill us both.” She covered her eyes with her left hand and wept. The paramedic was finished patching her wound and joined the other two working on Robin.

“Who was he? Why was he trying to kill you?”

Malissa took her hand from her face and looked over at Robin. “Lt. Hawk knows all about it. Call him. I can’t think now.”

“Lt. Elias T. Hawk from Homicide…?”


“What happened up here? I’ve never seen anything like that before. He flew off the roof like he had been shot from a cannon.”

“I… I don’t know. I can’t remember anything right now. Just call Lt. Hawk. I’m not feeling very well…”

“That’s all right. You just sit here and I’ll call the Lieutenant for you.”

He radioed for Lt. Hawk and was told that he was on his way.

“He’s coming Ma’am, now let’s get you off this roof. The building is on fire and it isn’t safe for you to be here.”

“I’m not leaving without my Robin,” she insisted.

“The Paramedics are doing everything they can for him. They’ll bring him down, but you need to go down now.” He attempted to raise her up, but she refused.

“Not without my Robin! You’ll have to drag me if you want me to leave without him.”

He turned to the three men working to save Robin. “How soon are you going to be ready to transport your patient, guys?”

They had Robin on a backboard. One was using an airbag and the other had opened Robin’s gown to give him a stimulant shot directly to the heart. A third man had the defibrillator charging up.


The other two men moved back from the body while the third placed the paddles on Robin’s chest. His body muscles contracted in a spasm raising his chest off the backboard, but the heart monitor still red flat line. The other two went back to their CPR while the third man began the charging cycle again.

“Hello! Mr. Policeman… I’m talking to you…”

What’s the use? Not many people can see ghosts… much less hear them. Wait a minute! I bet Malissa could see me and talk to me if I tried…No. That wouldn’t be a good idea now. It would only make her feel worse and she’s been through enough tonight.

He floated away from the rooftop again to watch the scene below.

What now? Do I just hover around and haunt the hospital or what? Being dead isn’t any easier than being alive…. harder maybe. There’s no one here to tell me what I’m supposed to do next. Where’s my relative that’s supposed to come and take me to the next place? Funny, I thought there was supposed to be a light or something. There is supposed to be a light. Everybody says so.

“Where’s my light?” He demanded.

Robin looked up into the night sky but the only lights he could see were the moon, stars, and the glow of the city. He looked around toward the horizon and saw a bright speck coming toward him. It seemed to grow very quickly.

There it is. Or is it? It sure is small. I could have sworn it was supposed to be a huge, bright, engulfing light. Not a speck on the horizon.

The speck finally took shape in the form of a little girl wearing a blue gingham dress. She had two pigtails and …

“Well hello, Amanda Potts. Have you come to take me to Heaven?”

“No, silly, it’s not your time yet. Can’t you hear Malissa calling you?”

He said, “No. I…”

“Shh! Listen!”

He looked down at the roof. The firemen were still performing CPR on his body. He heard something…

“Robin, I know you can hear me,” Malissa said. She approached Robin and put her hand on his shoulder. “You can’t die on me now. I won’t allow it. You have to come back to me. I’ll run off with Freddie… I swear I will. I love you Robin Oracle!”

“Excuse us Ma’am we need you to get back.”

The Policeman pulled her gently back and she heard the Paramedic yell, “Clear!” for the fourth time.

Robin remembered how much he loved his auburn angel and wanted to kiss her one more time. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he needed her. With all his will he wished… The tableau below vanished and he was engulfed in darkness. The last thing he heard was Amanda Potts saying, “Well done.”

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