The Angel of San Diego

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Chapter 42 - The End of the Story

“Sounds like a science fiction story to me,” Robin said. What happened up there, Malissa?

“It’s a mystery all right,” Malissa said. I’ll tell you later. I don’t think this is something Hawk should know about.


Lt. Hawk looked at Malissa for a couple of seconds as if trying to read her thoughts. “Yeah, a real miniseries,” he paused another two seconds and then said, “The pathologist can’t figure it out because she’s never seen or heard of this happening before.”

“What did happened to him then?” asked Malissa

“Personally, I would rather not know what happened to Jake and if I were you, I wouldn’t want to know either. I’m sure you two were unconscious when he jumped from the building so you couldn’t enlighten anyone?” He looked from Malissa to Robin and back again.

Robin looked at Malissa. “The one time I really don’t know anything and he thinks I do, go figure.”

Malissa tried to stifle a smile and sound convincingly ignorant of the subject. “I’m sorry, Hawk. Neither of us has any idea what happened. “

Lt. Hawk’s eyes met Malissa’s and he stared at her with his trained policeman’s eyes. He wasn’t sure what to make of all this. He transferred his gaze to Robin, but he just lay there with an innocent look on his face.

Finally Hawk said, “I was afraid of that. Well, to continue: We found the sanitarium up in Asilomar. It was a private house just as Jimmy said. Dr. Tanner was quite helpful. Jimmy lied when he said his family had been in America for three generations. His family moved here directly from Transylvania. They did get their adopted name from a magazine, so he told the truth about not being related to the real Cartier’s.

“The new Cartier’s brought their twelve-year-old son, Jason, with them. He spoke very little English, but what he did speak always had a thick Transylvanian accent. So, of course, the other kids made fun of him and called him the son of Dracula.

“One day, he found an old steamer chest in the garage. Being a curious boy, he managed to open the lock and see what was inside. To his horror, he found papers telling the truth about his family. Their true last name was Von Dracula. He really was a vampire – or so he thought. He could always take the other kids taunting him knowing he wasn’t a Von Dracula, but faced with the fact that he really was related to the madman, something inside of him snapped.

“His parents tried to explain the truth of his ancestor, but he was convinced that he had inherited the curse of the vampire. He was so obsessed by it that over a period of time he became two separate people: Jason, the perfect schoolboy; and Jake, the son of the infamous impaler.

“It wasn’t long before the neighborhood animals began disappearing. A few were eventually found horribly mutilated. The whole community was up in arms against the perpetrator of those acts, but no one knew it was Jason’s other personality. It wasn’t until his father came home early one day and found Jake flaying a neighbor’s cat alive in the basement, that anyone knew. To protect the family name his parents had him committed to a private asylum.”

Malissa spoke up: “How horrible. How did he manage to get released from that place? And where does Jimmy fit in?”

“That’s the interesting part. You see, according to Dr. Tanner, the cure for multiple personality disorder is usually accomplished by merging all the personalities into one person. In effect they put the broken pieces back together as a whole again. In this case they became Jimmy. The doctors pronounced him ‘cured’ and released him.”

Malissa was confused, “But merging Jason and Jake together doesn’t make sense. Why couldn’t they just eliminate Jake entirely?”

“It doesn’t work that way. According to the good Doctor, in many of these cases each of the personalities take the form of some trait that makes up the original person. We all have desires or terrible thoughts. What keeps us from acting on them is that in with the bad there is usually good – or some sense of reason or morality that stops us from doing evil. However, in this case, the good and the evil were separated into two distinct individuals.”

“Having all the good traits is relatively harmless, annoying at the worst, but because Jake had all the evil ones without the benefit of the good ones to temper him and stop him from making his evil thoughts realities, he ran amok.”

“I see,” said Malissa. “His personality was so divided that Jake had no sense of right and wrong and no conscience to stop him from acting out his wicked thoughts.”


Nancy spoke up, “But if Jimmy was his ‘cure’, what happened to bring out the other two personalities again after all this time?”

“That answer died with Jake. However, in his blood they found high levels of some natural herbs he had been taking, which are helpful when ingested in small doses, but at the levels they found in his body, could cause hallucinations. It’s possible that those herbs caused his disorder to come back, only with three distinct personalities this time.

“Until Jimmy discovered that Jake had come back again, he believed he was still cured. His visit to Robin’s office was genuine curiosity because he had a suspicion about Jake, but didn’t want to believe it. That’s why he sent me off to look into his own history. He needed to know whether he was still cured or if Jake had come back.”

“Unbelievable,” Nancy said. “One thing puzzles me though: If Jimmy was the cure then he had to have known where the sanitarium was located. After all it was he who left there supposedly cured.”

“You’d think so,” the Lieutenant explained, “but, according to Doctor Tanner, Jimmy wanted to forget everything about his past so badly that he created a mental block which prevented him from remembering the place. In fact, Dr. Tanner believes that he had even managed to erase the memory of his other two personalities until things started to happen again.”

“Maybe so, but he planted that bomb in my mother’s car…” Malissa began.

“Actually that was Jake,” Lt. Hawk said.

“Pardon me Hawk, but aren’t they the same guy?” Sgt. Tinker asked.

“You think you’re confused?” Lt. Hawk rubbed the back of his head. “Try writing this stuff out in a police report and handing it to a Captain, who already thinks you’re nuts because you use psychics to help you solve your cases.”

Melissa didn’t look satisfied with the answer. Her mouth twisted into a skeptical frown.

Hawk let out a large sigh. “Okay. The closest explanation we’ve come up with is that Jimmy didn’t want to go back to being what he was before, so he blocked out anything that made him aware of the other two personalities. Jake, on the other hand, knew full well what his Jimmy personality was up to and planted the bomb to stop Robin from revealing the truth.

“You see, Jake liked being able to hide behind the amiable personality and good reputation of Jimmy the undertaker. He couldn’t stomach Jason’s personality; he even had arguments with it because Jason knew Jake existed even though he didn’t know they inhabited the same body. That’s who he was arguing with in the crypt that day.”

Lieutenant Hawk waited a few seconds for this to sink in and added: “It’s all conjecture, of course, but I believe that to be the case.”

Malissa breathed out audibly, “You know, Hawk, if I hadn’t experienced this whole thing first hand, I think I would be inclined to agree with your Captain. It is ‘nutty’.”

Lt. Hawk looked at Robin, “Remember when you said that the Conroys knew Jake?”

“Yeah, I…”

“It’s because Jimmy had handled the funeral arrangements for Mrs. Conroy’s mother.”

“Wait a minute!” Malissa blurted, “Didn’t you say that the other kids made fun of Jason because of his thick accent?”


“Well we talked to him last night and he sounded like a guy from the USA not Transylvania.”

“Yeah… This is going to sound really crazy, but it’s been written up in many medical journals…”

Sgt. Tinker interrupted Lt. Hawk, “Like this case hasn’t been crazy till now?”

Lt. ignored him and continued, “Dr. Tanner told me that it happened when the two personalities separated. Don’t look at me like that. I know it sounds nuts, but he said that it happens quite frequently in these cases. Each personality has its own accent, its own way of speaking, as well as body language. They literally become someone else.”

“What about Jimmy’s parents? Where are they?” Nancy asked.

“Both dead by natural causes… The father died of cancer and his mother had a bad heart. The loss of her only son and her husband was too much for her in the end.”

“What a tragedy,” Nancy slowly shook her head.

“Yes, but better they went when they did, rather than have to know what terrible things their son inflicted on those children,” Lt. Hawk said.

“Well, thank God it’s all over,” Nancy breathed a sigh of relief. “I don’t think Robin would be able to survive another attack.”

“Neither do I,” Robin agreed.

Malissa stood up, leaned over, and kissed him. I love you, Robin Oracle, she thought.

I love you too, my Auburn Angel.

After they kissed, Robin finally noticed his surroundings were strange, “Wait a minute – where am I? What are those things?” He pointed across the room. The walls were decorated with Winnie the Pooh cutouts, ABC blocks, and there was a crib in the corner.

“They had to put you in the maternity ward,” Lt. Hawk explained.

Amanda Potts laughed. “What better place to be reborn?”

Thanks for sending me back Amanda Potts. I owe you.

“My pleasure, Robin…”

Are you sure you are Nancy’s Guardian Angel? – Or mine?

Before she could answer Lt. Hawk started talking again.

“The fire didn’t do much physical damage because it was made with the Operating room linens. It was mostly smoke damage. The entire OR and ICU are full of smoke fumes and soot. Add to that the fact that my men are still cleaning up the ICU crime scene. It was really gruesome up there.”

Memories of all the bodies of his nurses and CNA’s lying in pools of their own blood made Robin shudder. Malissa shook her head, and said sadly, “Those poor people.”

“No one should have to die like that,” Nancy agreed.

The hospital room door opened and a nurse said, “You have another visitor, Mr. Oracle.”

Who could that be? He thought.

He looked over at the doorway. A wheel chair came into the room with a young girl riding in it. Her Mother was pushing it. Her father came in behind them. Brittany looked a bit frightened, but when she saw Robin, her face broke into a huge smile and she said enthusiastically, “Robin! Look Mommy, it’s my Guardian Angel, Robin.”

Robin’s mouth fell open. Amanda Potts laughed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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