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Amnesia: Anastasia Story

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Everything was an illusion Anastasia is a broken, poor girl who is looking to remember everything that happened that awful night of the accident. She has nothing to lose but all to find her long-lo

Mystery / Drama
Nya Chandler
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Chapter 1

Everything was an illusion

November 1,2017

Not everyone can have a Happy ending

The clouds and stormy winter in New York. Blizzard started to arose from the snow. I watch as Children started throwing snowballs at other children. I felt sad that all of these children had their families. I don’t even remember who my family was. All that I know is that my Mom and Dad died when I was 3 years old. The night after the car crash everything went blurry. I forgot about everything. The only thing I remember was my name, Anastasia. Who knew that after one-night things can change from one mistake. I still dream about the night I woke up in the hospital and not being able to know who I am. I regretted waking up from the coma I was in because after that they took me to foster care because there were no records of my name Anastasia. I at in foster care waiting to find somebody to care for me. But that didn’t happen. I was stuck there all alone being bullied feeling unwanted inside, and I cried myself to sleep because I felt miserable.

“Well I better start my rounds,” I said while grabbing my book sack to go. I left the house. I went walking to my car Shivering, I feel the cold breeze around me as it seeps through my flimsy old worn out coat. I got in my car and started driving. As I was driving I started to look around at my surroundings. There were sick people on the streets laying there because they have no home. I wish I could help them I really do but I can’t at least right now anyway. I remember that I used to live on the streets when I turned 16 years old because the foster care wasn’t working out for me. so, I just gave up and stopped trying to act like it was.

Then I started thinking about the accident. All I could remember is driving home that night it was pouring rain and the roads began to flood. I don’t exactly know why I was driving late at night in the rain. But then the weather got really bad and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital. That was the day everything fell into place. I parked my car in my local senior citizen center parking lot. I go there to visit some of the elders and I help around. I went inside. I walked up to the counter and waited in line so that I could get my badge so that I could help.

“Next in line!” A girl shouted I walked up and gave her my information.

“Okay, Anastasia so today job for you is to talk and help some of the elders.” She told me and I nodded.

“Oh, and do you know if Bella would be here today?” I asked the girl and she nodded.

“She will be here in a couple of hours because she is taking her child to the doctor.

“Okay thank you and have a great day.!” I said.

“Have a good day!!!“She shouted. I went to my office which they gave me because I come here every day. I sat in my chair and started to think about the dream I had last night. I dreamt about a boy. Not just anybody he looked a little like me. He had the same black wavy hair, the same pointy nose, the same eye color, and shape. I felt connected to him. This was the 5th time this week I thought about him. It was really weird because I don’t know if he is real or fake.


“Who’s at the door,” I shouted but in a polite manner.

“It’s your Best friend in the whole wide world.” She shouted back.

“Bella get in here,” I said and she walked in.

“What’s up pancake!” She said while winking at me.

“Why are you so excited in this cold snowy weather,” I asked while filing some papers.

“Because there is a job opening at some bigshot CEO and I got you and me an application.” She jumped in excitement.

“Hugh No.”


“Because I have a job at a supermarket down the street.”

“Please, that supermarket doesn’t even pay you a lot this pays $20.20 an hour.” She begged.

“Please Please Please!!!” She begged even louder.

“Fine I will sign the papers,” I shouted.

“Yesses, your interview is tomorrow at 9:00 A.M.” She left the room.

“God, what did I get myself into,” I said out loud. I took out some files out of my of my desk when I went to go help some elders.

As I was walking I was felling the warm air heating me up. It felt so good. I passed Bella when she was trying to help an elder. I went to the room where all of the elders come to when they don’t want to stay in their bedroom. I know that staying in one room would make me go crazy so I guess it’s good that they still have the willpower to move in their states. I went to see one of my favorite person here his name is Carlos he is 85 years old. He is my favorite because he helps me make a lot of good memories. He told me things that nobody knew about. He told me his own children doesn’t come to visit which was very sad but he told me I was like a daughter to him which made happy inside. That’s a part of my family in the making. I went towards him and I sat in the chair next to him.

“Hi, Carlos.” I waved.

“Anastasia!” He said my name in an excited tone which made me think I was happy on the inside but the truth is I’m not.

“I’ve missed you!” He got up and gave me a hug then he sat back in his chair.

“So, what’s the plan today?” He asked.

“Well, today we can’t really do anything because it’s too cold outside,” I said and he began to get sad. I felt bad for him because he can’t go outside without anybody out there and besides it’s too cold to go we would freeze to death.

“I promise when it starts to warm up we can plan some more activities.” I gave him a promising look.


“I will be back later because I need to check on some more people.” I waved he gave me a nodded then I walked to the chess table where some of the elders were at. I sat down with a women name Maya. She was an elder here she likes to help me a lot. She is always alone. She doesn’t have any family left. It’s really sad she has no siblings or children she just waiting to take her last breath.

“Hi, Maya.” I waved and she looked away.

“Hi, Ana how is your day going?” She asked in a low tone.

“My day is going okay so far.”

“How about yours?” I asked because she didn’t seem to happy.

“Minds is okay you know the usual.” She said while trying to smile.

“What did the doctor say?” I asked because last Friday she told me she was going to see the doctor because she had been having problems breathing.

“The doctor told me that I have one month before I perished and there nothing they can do about it.” She said then she got up and left. When she said that my heart dropped because her time is almost up.

After two hours with the elders, I went home and started getting ready for work. I work at a store called Star life which is a place where children get to buy their favorite snacks and toys. I picked up my book sack then I walked to my car while almost freezing to death. I got in the car once again and went to work. As soon as I I got their kids were already messing up the store. There were toys on the floor and there were opening some bags of food. Their parents are not even caring which is ironic. Because most of them are hear Every......Single......Day!!! Rich people are so dumb and useless sometimes.

I went around picking up the things that were on the floor,

" Anastasia in my office Now” My boss shouted. I quickly go up and went into his office I sat in the chair in front of his desk.

“Y-yes sir!” I stuttered.

“You know you are one of my best employees, right?” He said in a low voice when he got closer to me.


“You earned a promotion to co-manager!” He said then I jumped from my chair and started the dance.

“Thank you, sir-” I didn’t finish my sentence because he stopped me.

“But there is one small condition.” He said and I got confused. He walked towards me I walked back then my back was against the wall.

“You can have the job but you have to give me a kiss.” He said while licking his lips. On the inside, my mind went blank. It shut off completely. Did he just say kiss me?

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