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A story about a town, a small town. From a distance Mill Hills was your ordinary town; safe, quiet and trusted but once you step closer and see what this small town is all about. Alena June a young adult who had just lost her father in a car accident, as two italian twin brothers come into town. With Alena still mourning her dead father, Gabor June. She finds some secrets that he's been hiding from her, for the past twenty-two years. Will Alena accept that his death was an accident or will she recruit her best friend Megan Spring to dig for answers and questions. Every step closer they got to finding out the truth, his secrets were revealing and it was harder and harder to keep investigating with all the dangerous events that kept happening.   Will Alena and Megan find Justice for Gabor June or will they get killed in process.

Mystery / Romance
Andrea Horvath
Age Rating:

Chapter One

A story about a town, a small town. From a distance Mill

Hills was your ordinary town; safe, quiet and trusted but once you step closer and see what this small town is all about, you wouldn’t want to stick around for the truth. Mill Hills was your typical small town, once upon a time. Until one summer night, Alena June was at the town’s annual bonfire and had a bit too much to drink. Alena called up her father Gabor June. He quickly jumped into the family’s jet black honda car to pick up her daughter from a night full of memories. Alena patiently waits; ten minutes pass, half an hour pass, an hour pass and still no show. Alena gets worried and she calls up her father and it suddenly goes straight to voicemail. Alena is even more worried so she decides to run home, not sober, where she’s out of breath. A week later. Gabor June’s body was found in the woods with the June family having the most heartbreaking and grief summer, ever.

September 10th, It was a beautiful warm day out in Mill Hills, Canada. A unique small town; where everybody knew each other and sometimes that was a problem. Especially for a certain platinum blonde haired young female. Alena’s life just flipped upside down and unfortunately the entire town has their eyes on the June family; watching them if they’ll crack under pressure, after the major accident. But they brushed it off and moved forward. All they had left was each other and trying to move on was the only thing keeping them sane.

Alena sat at her bay window looking through the glass; gazing at her beautiful view of the sunset shining through and reflecting off of her phone, which was sitting right beside her. Alena kept watching the sunset about to write in her journal that, her father gave to her when she was just five years old. Alena took a breath and exhaled deeply before writing another entry.

Dear Diary,

Today has to be different but unfortunately it wasn’t. But here I am late at night expressing my deep mourning. I try to put a brave face on and act like this summer didn’t happen . That’s what my father would’ve wanted, I try but I’m filled with grief and guilt. This life will be different, it has to be or I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the year; alive.

After writing her deep thought that has been nagging at her; she slowly closed the vintage brown leather diary and tucked it away in her night stand. Alena walks down to the kitchen to get a nice ice cold glass of water before she heads to bed. When she saw her beautiful widowed single mother.

“How are you doing?” she said

“Like you have to ask?” Alena said

“Maybe, Go out with some friends and see Megan. You haven’t seen each other in months.” Elizabeth said pouring a cup of tea.

“I haven’t seen or talked to Megan since the accident and for good reason.” Alena said

“Why not? You’re young and beautiful you should enjoy life, again.” Elizabeth said

“I can’t, okay. Everybody doesn’t know how to act around us anymore. Everybody moved on but not me.” Alena said

“I know.” she said agreeing.

“You should go out and prove to this town we’re not still mourning and try to have fun. ” Elizabeth said

“And where would I go?” Alena said sipping on her ice cold water.

“There is the Mill Hills annual bonfire, tonight. You should go. You always loved that party, every year.” she said and Alena sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go.” Alena said tucking a piece of her soft long beautiful hair behind her ear.

Alena grabs her black leather jacket and heads out the door. Alena arrives at the gathering where she saw her entire college class and then Megan caught Alena’s eye. She walked straight up to Megan.

“Hey, Meg. What’s up?” Alena said approaching her with her hands in her pockets.

“Oh my god, Alena. It’s been like forever.” Megan said throwing her arms around Alena in a hug.

“I know. It’s been a couple struggling months.” Alena said ending the hug.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come by or ………. “ Megan said trailing off.

“It’s okay, Megan. I understand; you didn’t know how to act around me, since the whole accident. But screw that; I want my bestfriend back and start living again.” Alena said cutting Megan off.

“That’s my Alena June, I love and remember.” Megan said and Alena smiles back to Megan.

“Have you seen the new mystery guy?” Megan said

“What mystery guy? .. Did I miss something?” Alena said

“The new guy.” Megan said

“We have a new student? Since when. We never get new students our town is too small to do so.” Alena said

“I know right but; here he comes.” Megan said and Alena turns around to face the handsome dark brown haired with hazel eyes that makes you want to melt.

“Oh wow. Hmm …..” Alena said trailing off.

“I know right; he’s such a looker.” Megan said gazing over to him.

“Yea but no …. Megan I think I know him.” Alena whispered.

“Really? Where?” Megan said

“I don’t know. Maybe the night of … Nope, I’m going crazy.“

Alena said and Megan shyly smiled. Then the new guy comes walking over to them.

“Hello Megan.” He said entering the scene.

“Hi, hmm …” Megan said stumbling on her words.

“Steven Sabatino” He said

“Right!” Megan said with a smile.

“Isn’t that italian. You’re from Italy?” Alena said stepping in.

“Something like that. I’m actually born and raised here but after my family went to war, we spreaded out to Italy and all over Europe.” Steven said explaining his family’s history.

“Cool.” Alena said with a nod.

“Who is this smart and beautiful friend of yours, Megan.” Steven said

“Steven; meet my best friend since forever. Alena June.” Megan said putting her arms around Alena. While Alena smiles back at Megan.

“June. Are you any chance related to Gabor June?” He said

“Yea. He was my father” Alena said with watery eyes.

“I didn’t mean to upset you.” Steven said

“You didn’t.” Alena said leaving the scene.

“What did I say?” Steven said facing Megan.

“Gabor June, her father died this past summer.” Megan said

“Oh gosh.” Steven said and Megan nods.

Alena grabbed a drink and then she leaned over the bridge’s railing and stared up to the beautiful starry night where she thought back to the night Gabor died. When some startles Alena.

“Want some company?” Steven said joining her when Alena’s heart stopped.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Steven said

“Well; once my heart starts beating again. I’ll be fine.” Alena said and Steven flashed her a smile.

“Sorry if I’ve upsetted you earlier.” Steven said apologizing

“You didn’t know.” Alena said playing with her sterling silver charm bracelet that her father gave to her before he passed.

“If you don’t mind me asking but how did he die?” Steven said and they both started walking side by side down the bridge.

“This past summer. My father was in a car accident when I was waiting for him to pick me up from a party similar to this; but he never showed. A week later, his body surfaced; that’s my sad story. “ Alena said with hanging her head and picking at her red cup that was now empty. Steven stopped in his tracks and Alena raises her head up to face Steven.

“You won’t be sad forever, Alena. I promise.” He said

“I know but if it wasn’t for me; he wouldn’t even been in the car let alone in the accident.” Alena said in tears. Steven grabbed Alena’s face with both hands.

“Hey. This isn’t your fault, okay. You need to stop blaming yourself.” Steven said and Megan had a big smile on her face and gazed over to Steven and Alena, when Megan’s heart sunk. Alena nods and Steven whips her tears away with his right thumb.

“Thanks” Alena said with a shyly smile.

Steven leaned in bringing Alena lips closer, right when they were going to lock lips. Alena looked up at him and breathed heavily.

“...I can’t do this. Not now. I’m sorry.”Alena said stepping away.

“How come?” Steven questioned.

“For one; there’s eyes on us and second Megan is number one over any guy.” Alena said

“Friends first; I totally love that.” Steven said

“Megan and I always had each other backs and it’s not going to stop now.” Alena said

“You two seem like great best friends.” Steven said

“She’s more like a sister by now!” Alena said with a smirk.

“I can see that literally, since she can’t take her eyes off of us.” Steven said turning over to see Megan looking over to them.

“Well she’s going to kill me for saying this but; she has a schoolgirl crush on you” Alena said

“Seriously?!” Steven said in shock and she nodded.

“But you didn’t hear that from me.” Alena said

“Lips are sealed.” Steven said gesturing a zipper mouth.

“Go talk to her. I’ll be fine.” Alena said and Steven shyly smiled and left the scene to see Megan.

“You seem to hit it off, good for you two.” Megan said storming off.

“Did I do something?” Steven said

“No specifically.” Megan said spinning around to face Steven.

“Look I like you.” Steven said

“I like you too.” Megan said leaning to kiss Steven but he pulled away.

“But as a friend.” Steven said

“I thought we had a spark or something.” Megan said

“I’m sorry.” Steven said

“I guess I was wrong.” Megan said dramatically leaving the scene.

Alena threw away her drink and started walking into the woods before she even realized she was in the woods in the first place. Alena scanned through the woods with her flashlight, when she heard some rustling noises. Alena suddenly faced the direction the noise was coming from shadowing with the flashlight.

“Anybody there?” Alena yelled and there was no response. Alena quickly turned back around when suddenly a tall black raven haired and blue eyed muscular male stood right in front of her.

“Oh god.” Alena said in surprise.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said

“It’s okay.” Alena said

“Ella Spring?” He questioned

“No. I’m Alena June.” she said

“I’m sorry you just look like, ……. I’m Aaron.” He said

“It happens.” Alena said with a shrug.

“What is a lovely young beautiful woman as yourself doing here in the woods?” He said

“It’s Mill Hills nothing bad happens here, well not anymore.” Alena said

“What does that suppose to mean?” He said

“A long story for another night.” Alena said

“You can tell me if you want. I’m a great listener.” Aaron said with a smart ass smirk. Before Alena knew it she was telling Aaron her father’s death, once again.

“And you don’t want to move on.” Aaron said

“I don’t know how to move on.” Alena said playing with her charm bracelet.

“That’s not true.” Aaron said

“What? Mystery stranger in the woods, who has all the answers.” Alena said and Aaron shows off his smile.

“I’ve been around for quite awhile and I learned a couple things or two, along the way.” Aaron said

“So Aaron; What is it that I want?” Alena said

“You want a life filled with passion, adventure and some danger. One day; you’ll fall madly in love with your soulmate and before you know it. You would of moved on without realizing it” Aaron said walking closer and closer to Alena.

“Maybe that is what I want but right now ….. All I know is I need to find someway not to cry myself asleep, every night.” Alena said and Aaron nodded.

Aaron flickered his hand in the air and made Alena distracted for a moment or two.

“I want you to find everything you want in life but right now. I want you to forget that you ever met me. I don’t want anybody to know I’m in town, not quite yet. See you around Alena June.” Aaron said and he snapped his fingers, suddenly he was gone.

“What just happened? What am I doing here?” Alena said with no memory of what just happened. She gazed around the woods and saw nobody around.

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