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What would you do if you find your missing classmate's diary in a box on your porch? Grace Miller is a high school student. One day, she finds a diary sitting inside a box at her porch. Because of her strong curiosity, she reads the diary and find the name of the owner, Miranda Cole, her classmate who has went missing for weeks and haven't been found. She reads the diary and find out about something that she never thought of. And those things have something to do with her best friends, mostly her boy friends. And what Miranda has wrote in her diary shock her and make her paranoid about her best friends. And what she wrote make Grace has the need to find out where she is..

Mystery / Drama
Alma Azura Celia
4.3 9 reviews
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Chapter 1

I walk into my bedroom, that look as messy as it always is. A sigh of relief come past my lips as I drop myself onto the my comfortable bed. A smile forms on my face at the thought of the mid semester exam week that finally has come to an end. And that mean I'm finally free. Free as a bird from those late night studying. I'm actually not really studying though.

Knock knock.

My eyebrow furrows as confusion fills my head quickly as I question myself who might be knocking the front door because mom isn't usually come home this early because she's a nurse. And let alone dad, he always comes late at night because he's the sheriff of the town. He has to be at the police station in case something goes wrong around the town. And my parents also have the keys for the house.

So, who might be knocking at the door? Is it one of my friends, maybe? Or is that just the neighbor going to tell or ask me about something? But I'm not really sure if my neighbor would come here, because if they would, they would call us first and ask if one of us at home.

I let the long thought passes and bounce off of my bed, suddenly miss the feeling of my cozy and warm bed. I jog down the wooden stairs, still not having any clue about who might be standing in front of the door.

I put my hand on the door handle and pull the door open. I look out the door to find no one there other than the vacant neighborhood. I look around my house, searching for anyone that might be the door knocker. But no one is in my sight. No one is really there near my house except silence.

Maybe it's just Zane and Parker, the kids from next door. They're always doing nothing but putting silly pranks on the neighbors. I shake my head, scoffing to myself. Silly little boys, I thought.

I take a step back and push the door to close it when my eyes falls to the doormat in front of my feet. A cardboard box sits there still and seems pretty new from how it looks. I stare down at it with thoughts running in my head as I notice there's no signs of the sender or any labels on it.

A package? Whose package could this be?

My eyebrows knit together, trying to find about mom or dad saying anything about ordering something online, a package or something else, from the back of my head. But nothing really comes into my mind. And if they really do expect a package coming soon, they must be telling me about that since days ago. My body freezes as one frightening thought suddenly pops inside my head.

What if this a bomb?

I kneel down slowly and carefully to reach for the cardboard box, afraid that one little abrupt movement from me could trigger the bomb that could be inside of the box to explode.

Why did the thought cross my mind? It's probably because this is the house of the town sheriff and who knows there's someone out there trying to get to my dad and kill him or destroy any evidence that's kept in this house. But they must already know that he won't be back home until midnight if they want to kill him.

When I'm already down on my knees, I lean my head closer to the box with curiosity and also fright. I keep looking at the box as I carefully and closely inspecting it. The box has opened a little since the first time I noticed it there.

I gather my courage, taking in a deep, calming breath, and blow it out slowly. I hold my hand out carefully, bracing myself as my heart hammering inside my rib cage. I lift the top of the box and look inside the box carefully.

The breath I've been holding for god knows how long finally comes out from me as I loosen my was stiff body. Knowing it's not really a bomb is very relieving for me. But what confuses me the most is that it's just a... book? I mean it's not just an ordinary book, but it's a... diary. From the way it look with the turquoise-colored book covered with cute Tumblr stickers all over the cover, I know it should be a girl's diary.

I grab the diary out of the small box and flip over the cover, looking at the name written in cursive and with drawings of plants and little cute animated animals around it on the first page.

Miranda Cole.

The foreign name sounds a little bit familiar to me at the same time, and makes me even more confused than I was at the first time I saw the diary in the box.

Who the hell is Miranda Cole? And why is her diary here? I need to give this back to her for sure. It’s not mine and I can't keep it with me. But how can I give this back when I don’t even know the person who owns this diary is?

I guess I’m going to just keep this with me for now. I’ll try to find the owner of this diary tomorrow. She's probably goes to the same school as mine because I have this feeling like I've heard her name before. Or I probably know the person before.

I put the diary back into the box and pick it up off of the doormat. I rise from my knees, letting out a sigh as I stare at the box in my hands, still thinking about what does the diary even doing here.

I close the front door and walk upstairs to go back to my room, questions still running inside my mind and starting to get my head dizzy. The questions keep popping in my head, but there's no answers I could think of for those questions.

I shut my bedroom door, too hard until it slams close. I flinch for a second because of how loud it is. After a second, I walk up to my bed and sit on it. I put the box on the nightstand, staring at it with wonder.

I shake the questions out of my head and climb deeper into my bed. I lay on my side, my back facing the box, and pull my phone out from my jean pocket. I stare at my phone, keep scrolling down on the group chat, trying to keep up with the conversation, only to found myself keep thinking back about the diary.

The questions come back into my head, make me a little anxious and curious at the same time. I keep wanting to know what's written inside the diary but afraid something would probably happen to me if I read the diary.

Should I read it? I ask myself. I shake my head quickly, trying to get rid of the thoughts of reading the diary.

No, no I can’t. It’s a private thing. I shouldn’t read it.

I sigh again for the umpteenth time and stare at my phone screen again, a slight frown on my face. I read at the text that just sent by Alex, trying to get my mind of the diary.

Alex: ‘Hey, do you know why laptop called laptop? Because we put it on top of our lap.’

I scoff at his shitty joke that everyone would definitely already know about and quickly type a reply.

Me: ‘Sure thing, dumbass.’

I keep chatting and chatting with my friends, not feeling the time passing by so fast, but always catch myself get distracted again by the box beside me.

Reading a little won’t hurt, right? Besides, I wouldn’t tell anything inside it to anyone. And, her address probably inside the diary. And if I find her address, I can give this back as soon as possible.

I reach for the diary and pick it up. I sit on my bed and put the diary on my lap. I flip the sheets of paper full of drawings, admiring the drawings in it for a few seconds. I stop flipping the papers when I see words written in a neat handwriting. I look at it for a second, asking myself once again if I should read it or not.

I shift on my seat, feeling a little uneasy as I decide to whether read it or not, even feeling a little scared by just holding this diary in my hands. But the curiosity take over my mind more than the feeling of uneasiness, and I begin to read it.

17 January, 2016.

Today is the best day ever! My crush since 4th grade asked me to be his girlfriend. I can’t believe it! How can someone good-looking and smart like him want me to be his girlfriend? That is nothing than just an average girl? There’s a lot of girl better than me, like Grace Miller. Because she’s the one who always get along with him.

Wait, she knows me? But how could I didn’t know her? Does she have the same class as me? If she does, then maybe I can give this back to her when we meet each other in class.

And who is this boy is she talking about? Someone who is close to me? A boy? But who? I have a lot of boy friends at school. Well, most of my close friends are boys. I let the previous question passes and get my attention back to the diary.

How could he chose me? But I’m so grateful he is. Because I can finally be together with him! He asked me out and I said yes. He said that he will take me somewhere I would like.

When I got home, I quickly go to my room and searched for clothes for my first date. And finally I found the right dress. A baby blue plain dress and a white flats.

On the date, I’m a ball of joys. He kept smiling and saying all the good things about me. He said that I’m his crush too. We kept talking and talking, getting to know each other. Until it was almost 9. He drove me back home and we bid our goodbyes. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow!

Who is this boy she's talking about, once again? She said that I’m the one who's always with him. But who? If it isn’t Tyler, it could be Calvin, Dylan, Collin, Alex, Ashton, or Xavier. Because those are the ones who always hang out with me.

Knock knock.

Who is that?

I jump off of my bed and run down the stairs, questions appear inside of my head. Maybe they're probably the person who puts the diary and mistakenly drop it here. Maybe it's Miranda's friend.

I open the door quick and a wide smile shows on my face when my eyes meet Dylan's. He's standing there in front of me with the stupid dorky smile on his face, as always.

“Hey, Dylan.”

“Hey, Grace. Can I come in?” He asks, staring at me in wonder and look into the house for a few seconds. I nod my head, smiling at him.

“Sure.” I take a step to the side, giving him a way to walk into the house. He stares into the house for a little while and then shaking his head.

"Actually, forget about it. I won't be long." He says, changing his mind as he waves his hand off.

"Okay, whatever you say." I shrug. "So, what are you doing here this late?” I ask, still confused by his appearance that is so sudden. He comes here without noticing me first when he usually tells me if he would come by.

“I just want to give this back.” He look down at his leather jacket and pull something out of it, which is my favorite blue pen with a purrmaid charm hang on it. I wonder how can he doesn’t steal this one after all the pens that gone because he borrowed those from me?

“Why are you even giving this back? You usually just take it and never give it back.” I say, frowning as I remember all the good pens he's taken from me.

“It's just too... girly." He says, grimacing at my pen. "You know, blue-colored, and that little-cat-with-tail-like-a-mermaid charm? I can't. It would only make me look silly when I use it." He chuckles. "Well, if you want to, maybe I can buy you new pen as much as the pen I steal from you.” He smirks.

“No thank you. I can buy it by myself.” I say, trying to look annoyed, but end up laughing a little with him. We stop laughing and he smiles at me.

“Okay. Bye, I have to go.” He keeps the smile on his face and turns his body around, starting to walk to his motorbike. I look at him in confusion, tilting my head to the side.

“That’s it? You come here just to give me the pen and leave?” I stare at him questioningly. He turns around again, already halfway to his motorbike, and look at me with obviousness.

“Uh, yeah.”

“You’re so weird." I stare at him, shaking my head slightly. "Why don’t you just give this back in the morning? Or maybe on Monday at the school? It's not like I really need it for now.”

“I was going back home and passed your house. So, I thought it was better to give you this now than forget about it like I did with many other pens.” He shrugs.

“Okay then. See you on Monday. Or maybe tomorrow.” I wave at him and he waves back, smiling.

“See you.” He turns around again and walk to his motorbike. After putting his helmet on, the engine of his motorbike roars to life and he drives away.

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