The Mystery of Jason Barrow

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"Here lies the head of Jason of Barrow" But who is Jason Barrow and why is he missing his head? Three graves and one big mystery.

Emily Hagenbaugh
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Have you ever heard of the case of the missing siblings? No? What about Jason Barrow? No, again, huh? Well, two girls went missing one afternoon and their elder sister went after them. The elder sibling hasn’t returned yet. Some say she too went missing, some say she’s home but went mad, some say she’s dead. What of her sisters and just who is this man, Jason Barrow? Well, according to this file, Jason Barrow is a ghost. No. Not that type of ghost. At least, as far as anyone knows, really. But no. When someone has no documents such as a birth certificate or social security, this person doesn’t technically exist. They are ghosts. Jason Barrow is one of them. The file here on the table has literally nothing on the man. It’s as if he popped out of thin air.

What’s strange though, is even though this Jason Barrow has no documents or anything, there're legends, stories, poems, all kinds of stuff about him. How can a man who doesn’t technically exist have legends and stories? Even stranger is that all of them mention this man, and somewhere in the end he loses his head. No one knows for sure if this man has lost his head or not, but it’s certainly spooky. Like this little poem:

In comes Jason Barrow

Riding in the Morrow

He fell and bled

He lost his head

Even this little poem sends a shiver down the spine. So this mystery man, if he exists, is possibly dead with no head. Hm. Curious. Very curious. There’s a rumor that there’s a headstone with his name on it by some abandoned road. Now while we check it out. We should get to the story. After all, I bet you’re all eager to unravel the mystery.

One thing before we get started. No one knows where the elder sibling is or if she’s even alive anymore, so talking to her is a no go. But do not fret! We will sort this out mystery and hopefully put all those affected at ease and put those who have passed to rest. Well, that’s the goal along with finding out the full story and shedding some light on this mystery.

Ready? Excellent! Keep close now. Wouldn’t want anyone to lose their heads now. I know,poor joke. But please, do keep close. Before we investigate the headstones, you need to know the story of what happened to the siblings. Brace yourselves. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

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