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"Everyday is entertaining" Entertaining is not the word to describe the tragedy that occurred. The life of a slightly less ordinary woman changes with the murder of a student and the destruction of her school carried out by a single gang. Determined to get revenge on the people who did this and took so many lives. She joins up with a detective investigating the murder at the school to find the gangs members, and take down them down once and for all.

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

Amelia arose out of bed ready for another day of school. Amelia went to Sun Valley’s School of Peformance Arts. At that school, everyday was entertaining and filled with all different type of people. She quickly brushed her teeth, put on her watch, and got changed. Amelia prepared her breakfast and ate before waiting at her bus stop. Her bus soon arrived and Amelia got on.

After a few minutes, Amelia finally arrived at campus, where she waited for Marissa. After a few minutes of Marissa not arriving, Amelia looked down at her watch. She heard an abundance of noise as soon as she looked down. Quickly, she looked up to see Marissa and her sister, Kayla, walking to campus, surrounded by a crowd of people. As soon as they stepped foot on campus, some of the crowd was shooed away by the faculty members at the school. What was left of the crowd was asked to leave Marissa alone. The crowd dispersed and Amelia remained with 3 other girls including Marissa and Kayla.

“So are you guys sure you don’t want bodyguards? I mean they’re expensive, but I’ll give you want little I have from my part-time job to help pay.” The girl with a bun said.

“No, it’s fine Sierra, I promise it’s fine. I mean, we’ve gotten used to the crowds, right Kayla?” Marissa asked. Kayla responded with a simple nod.

The four girls walked into the school building and finished their conversation before splitting their groups to the two hallways. Kayla and Marissa went left while Amelia and Sierra headed right.

“Hey, isn’t Marissa’s and Kayla’s birthday next month?” Amelia asked.

“Yes, I believe it is,” Sierra replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Maybe we could get them bodyguards!” Amelia exclaimed.

“Marissa said she doesn’t want any,” Sierra spoke.

“Maybe it’s because-” Amelia stopped her sentence.“Maybe...” No matter how hard she thought she couldn’t think of a reason that couldn’t contradict her gift.

“See, you can’t even think of a good reason to get them, and besides if it’s a gift solely based off of our money, there’s no way we can afford them,” Sierra said. They stopped when Sierra arrived at her locker. “If you think of a reason, tell me during Chemistry” Amelia nodded and left to go to her locker.

Let’s see, why don’t they want bodyguard and what would be a good reason to get them one.

Amelia collected all the materials she would need for all her morning classes and waited in the school library before her first class would start.

Amelia always arrived early to stay with Marissa and the others, since they thought no one else would wake up early to surround them. While the number of people that surrounded her and her sister decreased, a large amount still remained.

It makes sense why so many people follow her. Amelia thought. After all, it wasn’t every day that people would see two pop stars, unless they went to the same university as that person. Wait, did some people even go to the school? She questioned. Well, it still does make sense people why those people would follow her, they have even less of a chance of seeing her.

While Amelia thought, the first bell rung. At first, Amelia was too lost in thought to notice, but when she saw others leave, she knew. Amelia got up out of her seat and left the library with her stuff. She had four minutes to get to Design class, a class she shared with Kayla.

Amelia hurried over to Kayla’s locker to check if she was still there. One minute had passed and before she even got to Kayla’s locker, she walked by. Amelia turned around and tapped her shoulder. Kayla turned around mustered a small smile to her. Kayla had a much smaller crowd following her than in the morning, only ten or eleven people surrounded her. Amelia and Kayla attempted to chat, but though smaller than usual, the crowd’s voice was louder than both of theirs.

Amelia arrived to class just in time. The bell rung signifying anyone who was not in their class was late. Though some didn’t care, they were adults after all, no one would call their parents and they couldn’t be kicked out for being late to class once or twice a week, and the teachers wouldn’t blame them for being late as well since they would have been late for the same reason.

Tsk. Amelia thought. The school need stricter policies for being late. They know there are famous people here, all they’re doing is creating a hard time for them and other people who actually want to learn.

The crowd stuck around for a bit longer before the teacher, Ms. Delina, yelled for them to get other. As soon as the group left, Ms. Delina cleared her throat and began to speak.

“Okay, let us now begin our lesson,”

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