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The Green Street Demon

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On the outside it looked like a lovely family home, on the inside it was full of secrets and terror.

Mystery / Horror
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The Green Street Demon

Whatever it was the family that moved into the house on Green Street already had their own demons to deal with. The house seemed like an ordinary family home. It was brick and mortar, a starter house for Clark and Kim. They also had a daughter, Mary. Clark and Kim had a lot of problems and their marriage was nearing its breaking point.

Clark was out all hours of the night and drinking while Kim worked and had to take Mary with her to work sometimes due to Clark's drinking habits. Their first year in the house Clark had moved out and settled in an apartment with a new girlfriend and Kim was casually dating but it seemed like when people would come to the house there would be strange things that happened. During Mary's sixth birthday, Kim had a small birthday party for her and invited a few of the neighborhood kids that Mary had become friend with and also a few of her new friends from school. Mary did not like school at first because it was a Catholic school and she was the only kid with divorced parents and a carefree, artsy mother. The other kids had moms and dads, brothers and sisters but Mary was thankful always for her mom and the friends she did have. According to her studies she was going to hell for everything she did.

During Mary's sixth Birthday, Kim had given her usual speech to all her friends, Mary's friends and her friend Karen who moved in with her four kids. Kim had two dogs and three cats, one was Squirt, a big dark grey cat that looked more like a mini lion than a cat. He was a personality and only liked a few people. During the party Kim had mentioned Squirt. "Hey, has anyone seen Squirty?" The word "No" had echoed throughout the house. A small search party began when everyone in the house realized he was missing. Someone has opened the door and left him out by accident. We all searched for him in hopes of finding him soon. A few days went by and the Animal League has called and said "Hey, we found your cat!" They had asked Kim to describe the cat and of course with no problem she did. "Hes a big, lovable grey cat, that looks like he has a goatee!" Kim told the lady over the phone. "Okay, well you can pick him up tomorrow." Kim was anxious and relieved that we would be getting Squirt back.

Days of worrying and stress had taken its toll. As we went to pick up Squirt and met with the lady at the Animal League who watched us walk in the door. She just looked in Kim's eyes and her heart sank, "I am sorry, we put him to sleep." "WHAT?" Kim was so mad and hurt and angry! That is my CAT! she screamed. The woman handed her Squirt, wrapped in a plastic bag and a blanket we had taken along with hopes that we would be bringing Squirt home. We went to pick Squirt up to bring him home and bury him. In the middle of winter our friend Tommy came to the house and dug a hole in the almost frozen ground and we placed Squirt in a blanket and the other cats and the dogs said goodbye in their own way and we all cried over him. It was heartbreaking. We took him outside and buried him. My moms friend Tommy who was a hard ass was even in tears. The same day we had stopped at a thrift shop and I found a plastic statue of St. Francis (Patron saint of the animals) I had asked my mom if we could get it to put on Squirts grave and she said yes so we placed it where he was buried and said a prayer.

We all came inside and went about our business. A few weeks had gone by. Kim started cooking and Kay was chatting with Kim and I was playing with my friends. Everything seemed normal. We were all in the kitchen, Kim had cooked enough for an army and Kay, and her kids were in the kitchen with Kim. Kim heard a noise. "Shhh. Mary, do you hear that?" "No mom I don't hear anything but talking and television. Then I heard it. "Meow, meow" faint meows coming from the back porch. Kay, a friend who was staying with us heard it then too. "Kim, that is a cat, but where is it coming from?" Kim began walking all around the downstairs and turned the television off. She walked into the kitchen, and finally opened the back door. There he was, perched on the back window of the back porch. It was a dark grey cat meowing and clawing to get in. Kim's eyes grew wide as she opened the back door and in came the cat, he instantly jumped on top of the cabinets just as Squirt also did. He was covered in dirt and hungry as hell. Squirty is that you! Kim began to scream with joy, it is Squirt, oh my God, it is Squirt. Kay opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle and simply said, oh my god, he came back from the dead? Kay and everyone there that night, were convinced. Did we bury him and could he have come back from the dead? We cleaned Squirt up and took him to the vet the next day but he seemed fine except for he was hungrier than usual.

So that became just one of the legends of the Green Street house. He was an odd cat, we all looked at him and the animals even responded with grief towards him but he was alive and well. Maybe cats really do have nine lives. The house was starting to feel more like a place to be that liked us or certain people. One night everyone had actually gone to bed at the same time and Kim had one of those large light covers that was above her bed. She took it down and placed it on the make shift sink in her room on the second floor due to the fact that the back room was made to be a kitchen but was never fully finished. It was sleep worthy. Kim had checked everything like she usually did and then turned her light off to go to sleep. She started to hear noises coming from downstairs. It was glass breaking over and over. Kim reached to turn the switch to her overhead light and it shattered. Kim tried to find her shoes in the dark. She made a beeline to the hallway and turned the hall light on and that shattered. She tried the bathroom light and that shattered, she was yelling for everyone to wake up and be careful due to all the broken light bulbs. Kim made her way downstairs and one light after the next just shattered and she got to the kitchen she was shocked. Several glasses, heavy glasses had flew out of the kitchen cabinets and across the room and shattered into a million pieces. Kim was startled as everyone was now awake and trying to avoid stepping on broken light bulbs and glass. Kim did not know what to do. We all did our best to clean everything up and replaced some of the light bulbs with what we had at the moment. We had to go to the store the next day and Kim had been having terrible night terrors. She was finding it hard to wake up. A large dark, black figure would hover over her trying to take her breathe away. She wound up calling a television show preacher for help.

The house almost seemed like it was alive and feeding off of whatever was in it. Kim's daughter Mary had an accident. Mary was outside with friend skating when she fell. Mary had horrible knee pain and could not get up, her friend ran into the house to get Kim and she came running with a friend. It turns out Mary had broken her hip. She suffered a vascular necrosis and wound up in a body cast for quite a while. It was difficult for everyone and most of all Kim because everyone told her that Mary would never walk again. Mary had become friends with a woman named Joanie and she moved in with us. Joanie was born again and had advised Kim of bringing a priest and a nun in to say prayers for Mary. Kim was nervous and anxious at the same time. What if they cannot help her? What if it is a joke? Kim had all these thoughts running through her mind. Finally one day the priest had come to the house. He knocked on the door firmly and announced himself. Hello, Mrs. Music, I am Father Heathe. Hi, Father, come on in. That is when it went wrong. Father Heathe took one step, just one into the house and he looked like he had seen a ghost or maybe ten! He turned and said, "No, no, no. I am sorry I cannot enter this house. There is an evil presence. I cannot come in.

Kim looked bewildered, "why? You were supposed to be able to help. Please!" She pleaded but the priest nearly stumbled down the stairs as he splashed holy water at the house on his way down the steps. Kim had thought? Why would someone do such a thing and then the phone calls started. A man who had dated a girl that lived with us before started calling for no reason playing devil worshiping tapes and left long messages on the answering machine and Joanie said we should have the house exorcised to rid it of demons but it never really did anything to us. On another night we had found a black cat and for some reason Kim knew who it belonged to before she even received the call from the woman who described her beautiful black cat was missing and she could not wait to pick it up. She came to the house and walked in and looked at Kim and Mary and said "Oh, two witches but Kim you are a powerful witch, you see a lot." The woman who had the cat had studied witchcraft and had an ease to her. The house welcomed her as it had always welcomed us. It was almost like the house could tell if you were good or bad?

Kim decided she needed to try to find out some information about the house. She had dropped Mary off at the neighbors and made her way to the local library. Kim walked in and could feel eyes on her right away. "Excuse me, could you please help me." A middle aged woman with her hair in a braid and loose bangs walked towards Kim, "sure what can I help you with?" "I live in a home on Green Street." The woman began to step back from Kim as if she saw something horrible. She backed further away into a small shelf of books, knocking them on the floor. "I am sorry, so sorry I cannot help you." "wait, please, please wait?" Kim threw her arms up in dismay and now she was irritated. She only had the sitter for two hours and she had already wasted a half an hour with this boggled woman.

"Excuse me ma'am, did I hear you say you live in the Green Street house?" Kim was startled for a second but barely jolted, "yes, I do with my daughter Mary, my friend Karen and her kids and my friend Joanie." The man looked a bit puzzled. "Well, you certainly have a house full or people." He was an older gentlemen although he was tan and wore no wedding ring. "So do you know about my house?" Kim stared at him for answers. "Know about it? I used to live next door." My wife passed on and the house became too big for me and I had no plans to remarry so I sold it." "Did anything happen when you lived next door?" Kim searched again and again for answers on his face or in his eyes. "Well, there were a few odd and strange things that would happen but not always." The man held out his hand, "My name is Jim." "Sorry, I am Kim, from the Green Street house." "I could use a cup of coffee, would you like a cup of coffee Kim?" "Ummm, yeah sure, thank you." Jim lead Kim downstairs to a small cafe in the library. A young man said hello to Jim and handed him his usual. "Oh, plus one today." The young man handed him another cup of coffee. "Cream or sugar?" "No thanks, I take it black." "Me too, cream and sugar take away the taste of the coffee." Jim perked up a tiny bit after a few sips of coffee. Kim was used to it and it did nothing for her but she drank it anyway.

"So you live in the house on Green Street?" "Yes, the middle row home, a great family starter, so we were told." "Well, like anyone a real estate agent may tell you anything to grab a sale." "The family that lived there before us didn't really get to talk to us and it seemed like a pleasant home." "Oh for a long time it was Kim." Jim began to fuss with his coffee cup nervously. "My wife Sarah and I lived next door when they moved in. They had three kids and the husband took off. The wife would come over sometimes and talk to my wife Sarah but never really said much except there was a dark presence that would hold her down." Kim was not getting the answers she wanted. "Jim, a couple of nights ago, Mary had to wake me up. I was clawing at my eyes to open them and when I did get them open, I saw a dark, smoky figure hovering above me." "Kim, they call them night terrors or shadow people." A lot of people never believed in any of this and Kim and her ex-husband divorced not because of the house but because of what her ex-husband had become.

Kim explained some of the stuff that went on. Jim's eyes grew wider and wider as Kim continued to talk and ramble on. "Oh, I am sorry I have to pick up my daughter Mary and I am doing all the talking and carrying on about this house." "Kim, has Mary seen the presence?" "No, she hears things in the house though." Jim pulled a card from his wallet. He was a minister. "I am sorry I didn't know." Kim felt horrible for rambling on to this man who lost his wife and he is a minister and alone. "Do you know how I lost my wife? Do you have a few minutes?" "Of course, of course. I do, please. I am so sorry Jim." One night the father had come home drunk and the young woman next door that lived in your house threw him out and my wife offered for her and the kids to come and stay with us and we would hide them but the woman I think her name was Jeanette? I don't really remember but she kept telling Sarah to please stay over with her, please stay and Sarah had a good heart." Kim did not like where this was going but she listened. "So in the middle of the night, I heard screams coming from next door. I got up and ran downstairs out my own front door and hopped over the railing and began to bang on the door and yelled for my wife."

"I heard footsteps. A lot of footsteps. One of the smaller children answered the door and pointed up the steps. I ran into the house and up the stairs and found my wife Sarah and Jeanette lifeless with the kids in the corner screaming and staring up at the ceiling. The youngest one made his way back up the stairs and looked at me and said "the darkness took my mommy and Sarah," "I tried to get it out of him, what he meant but the police had arrived and everyone was being questioned and not more than ten minutes and two real estate agents showed up." I tried to do my own investigating but they would not allow it. The police tried to say carbon monoxide." "There was a figure, a dark shadow figure." "Kim, you must not mention it, you must cleanse your home, it will try to consume you."

"I do not understand, you mean this dark figure killed your wife and the neighbor?" "yes, it consumed Sarah because Jeanette had given it so much energy she could not fight it anymore. Look, I have to get home but maybe we can speak more about this." "May I give you my number?" Kim hoped he would say yes, just in case and he did so she jotted her number down on a small piece of paper. "Thank you Jim." "I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I suggest you try and get some holy water from the local church and say prayers each night. I will talk to you soon." "Thanks, see you soon Jim." Kim stared at Jim as he walked away and up the stairs and then she slowly took steps to leave the café and head home to her possibly haunted or demonic infested house.

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