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Shattered Memories

By ShatteredFallenAngel All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Mystery

The Dream

"Kiki! Come on, we'll be late!" the young girl squeaked as she ran through the meadow, flowers brushing past her boots. She had red hair blown astray by the wind rushing by and unusual shining ruby red eyes, she tried to run as fast as she could with a red dress that fell below her knees.

"Rosie, I told you time and time again, don't call me that! It makes me sound like a girl!" the older of the two exclaimed, trying to keep up with the energetic child. His black hair was even messier than normal, like the girl he also possessed red eyes, though his were darker, like blood.

'Rosie' turned her head towards him just to stick out her tongue and run towards the cabin. "Hurry! Daddy will kill me if we're not back soon!" The sky was dark, the sunset casted an orange glow across the skies. Shadows flashed around in the night, seeking their prey.

The girl giggled as she watched a flock of birds soar above her head, returning to their nest. The older sighed in exhaustion but smiled faintly at the child's fascination. "Right, yeah he probably would..." His smile was replaced with a frown and he looked at the scenery with sad eyes, stopping.

The child noticed this and skidded to a stop, walking back to him. "Kiki, what's wrong?" She then realised what she had said prior and looked at the flowers, noticeably some black roses and other black flowers. She gasped and stared at the boy with big watering eyes. "Kiki, I'm so sorry... I didn't realise..."

The raven shook his head and gave her a smile of forgiveness. "It's alright. Everyone makes mistakes. You didn't mean to." The girl looked down in guilt and sighed.

"I'm so silly sometimes..." 'Kiki' frowned at her expression and walked closer, then ruffled her mop of red hair.

"It's alright Ro-?" He looked down, confused at the tiny girl attached to his waist, then let out a heavy breath and hugged her back, pawing through her hair as she sobbed. "Rosie... Don't get upset..." When she stopped sobbing she stared at him with teary eyes and he gave her a small smile. "Come on, we better get back. You don't want 'daddy' to 'kill you', do you?" She shook her head then beamed widely at him and tapped him lightly before running off.

"Race ya home!" she giggled and the boy ran after her, laughing quietly. Then a shadow shot past and he quickly grabbed her, pulling her out of its path. "Wah? What is that?" she squeaked as she looked at the shadow in shock. It morphed and became a beast made of shadows, resembling a saber tooth tiger. "Kiki, is that-"

'Kiki' grimaced as he looked the beast up and down. "Yeah... It is..." Then it pounced and his eyes widened. "Rosa, watch out!"

The girl jolted awake in a cold sweat, her eyes snapped open in fear as she tried to catch her breath and stop the first tear escaping her. Her attempt failed though and she laid there, choked back sobs echoing through the room. Her head pounded as she gasped, each breath ripping up her throat. 'T...That dream again...' She then turned her head as she saw the door creak open.

"Rosa, are you okay?" The teenager smiled at her younger sister. Said sister slowly entered the room and approached her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Her sister frowned as she tilted her head, her (currently a bedhead) brown hair falling in her face. She brushed it back before responding.

"You don't look fine. Or sound fine. Bad dream?" Rosa could only nod silently, the vision flashed back to her and she tried to hide her face from Lily as she felt tears streaming down her face. "Was it that dream again?"

"Y...Yeah.... It... It was clearer though this time. It was horrible..." She could even make out how old she probably was when it happened now - She must had been about 7, or even 8, and that 'Kiki' a year or two older. Who she couldn't even remember... Such a simple dream caused her so much pain...

Though it wasn't a dream. It was a memory. A memory that came from the sector of her life shrouded in mystery.

Lily sat down on her bed next to her and rubbed her back slowly. 'This is why I love Lily, she may be young but she's very understanding...' Rosa thought to herself as she started to calm down, no longer shaking violently.

"It's alright. It won't happen again. ...Found out the kid's name yet?"

Rosa blinked at the sudden question. "What?" What a random thing to ask...

Lily sighed as she looked at the digital clock. It was right now 7 am. "The boy, with the red eyes. Red eyes aren't exactly common you know..." Lily unlike Rosa had shining blue eyes. And she had never met someone else with red eyes, never. Lily didn't know about Rosa's past, that those blood coloured eyes have haunted her night after night. The boy faded from her memory long ago, this 'Kiki' was just a shadow in her dreams now. Was the memory even ever real? Or was it just a dream?

"I...Not his real name... Dream me keeps calling him Kiki. And he complains and tells me not to call him that. So I don't really know... "When she first had the dream, she was unsure whether it was fantasy or life. It seemed so surreal. And just seeing that boy in her dream sent jolts through her body. He was familiar yet unfamiliar. An important puzzle piece. Dreams normally faded but this one never, it just returned, getting more vivid. She could recap the memory almost perfectly now and describe flawlessly the appearance of the preteen, hair as black as night and crimson irises that were dark but full of life and had a slightly feral glow to them. Pale skin that glowed faintly as the Earth transitioned from day to night, the coming moonlight streaking across with violet rays. A rare smile full of innocence but tainted with angst...

Lily thought for a moment. "Kiki.... Kieran?"


"Thinking of names with 'ki' in them. Maybe one of them's the boy's name and it'll trigger another memory. So Kieran?" Lily explained.

Rosa shook her head. The name didn't fit and she felt nothing, it wasn't familar.

"Kian? Kidd? Kirby?" All these got a no. "Kiefer?"

Rosa looked at her blankly. "Kiefer. What type of name is Kiefer?"

"Hey, don't diss the Germans. ...Kim?"

"Isn't that a girl's name?"

"So what, I had a classmate at school called Lucy. And that was a guy."


"Kira?" Rosa sighed as she played with her hair. This was going to take ages.

"No. Let's just forget this. There are too many names that start with Ki. And it doesn't necessarily mean his name actually starts with Ki. I'll be fine, just doing this may be a bit bad for my health, I may get about 30 visions returning to me at once..." she whispered as she drew back the curtains and let the morning light shine through, staring at the many trees and homes in the street. Was Kiki even real? Why did that dream haunt her so much? All the questions made her head pound.

Lily frowned and hugged her older sister before standing. "Okay, I'm going back to bed for a hour or two. You should too. You'll be fine. So please sleep, I'll see you later." She smiled warmly at her and started to leave.

"Okay, don't worry I will, thanks." Rosa gave her a false smile and she left.

However, she was unable to rest, memories of shadows and blood coloured eyes flashing through her mind, the boy's shout echoing. Her name, Rosa, not just an alias, but her name, the only thing she truly remembered.

After two hours, Rosa got up from her bed and started to find an outfit for the day. She was able to get half an hour's sleep and that was it. Memories of the past, of that boy, made her restless and distraught. The shadow creature standing high above them with its horrifying fangs. The feral locked inside the boy's orbs, urging to break free and protect. And the terror she heard in her own scream. The three reasons the dream never escaped her.

She changed into a long sleeved red t-shirt, the neckline revealed her collar bone and her pale neck but she didn't really mind, a dark violet skirt that stopped just below her knees and some black trainers with red roses printed on. She then found her bracelet, given to her by one of her best friends Mei, and wore it on her left arm. The bracelet was relatively simple, it was made from purple and pink thread and was woven by both Mei and her other best friend Kari.

She had lived in a different area when she was at her previous school, with Mei not too far away. Mei was Chinese and lived with her foster father, she used to attend the high school in that area and they met by chance- and surprisingly hit it off. Mei was two years older than her and was very outgoing and talkative. Mei was friends with Kari, who lived in another area, and had known her since they were 6. Mei invited Kari over to meet her and... Not before long they became friends, a trio. Kari was shy and withdrawn, especially when you compared her to Mei. But Mei and Rosa helped Kari with her shyness, and Kari helped them with whatever problems they had, she was always there for them.

She left her room and went downstairs. She entered the kitchen, where she saw Lily sat at the table eating her breakfast. When she noticed her, she smiled.

"Hwi, Rowa." She then swallowed her mouthful and smiled sheepishly. "I mean, hello Rosa. Got some more sleep?" Rosa just nodded in reply, she put some pancakes in the toaster and waited. "Rosa?"

"Yeah, Lily?"

"Do you want to go to the theme park with me? It'll get your mind off everything," Lily asked with shining pleading eyes. Part with childish hope and excitement, the other part concern.

Rosa stayed silent as she thought everything over. Stay indoors and be bored, apart from the occasional phone call off Mei, or go to the theme park with Lily and have fun and forget about the memories plaguing her. "Okay then, I'll go to the theme park with you," she said with a smile. Lily's blue eyes lit up and the younger girl hugged her sister tight.

"Thanks! It'll be fun! And you'll be less stressed when you start school." Lily grinned. Rosa returned the grin and ate as Lily ran off to change. Going out would help her. For some reason, she felt an urge to go there anyway. Like if she went, something will happen... And it would change her life forever.

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