Between the Lines

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Chapter 14

Keeley fell more in love with her beautiful home each day. It felt to her almost like a living entity, and she found herself talking out loud to the house, telling it how much she loved it’s high ceilings, and the fireplace in the parlor with the built in bookshelves on either side. They’ll be coming with strait jackets any day, she laughed to herself, but as each day passed, and between her and Daniel the changes and repairs she had envisioned came into being, she was more and more convinced that her impulsive purchase had been divinely inspired. There were still some nights where she lay awake, wondering what she would do if the yoga studio didn’t prove successful, but they were becoming less frequent as time passed. She had come to the conclusion that she could always find a job working for someone else if the worse case scenario happened. Then she would remind herself to stay positive, and turn her attention to how grateful she felt to have the house that she had always wanted, and invariably, she would then fall asleep with a contented smile on her face.

She was equally pleased with her new town. Her friendships with Claire and Lily were growing, and she had widened her circle of, if not exactly friends, then at least friendly acquaintances in the town. Nearly all the neighboring merchants would stop to chat if she met them on the street, in the coffee house, the bakery or the pub. At the Chamber Meetings, there were now lots of familiar faces with whom she exchanged greetings and small talk. Many people asked her about the progress she and Daniel were making on the house, and a few even stopped in to have a look for themselves. Everyone was friendly and encouraging, and she felt very much at home in Ashton, even after such a short time. Kira assured her that this was yet another sign from the universe that she done the right thing in moving there.

The renovations were progressing nicely. Since Daniel so far had been accomplishing the unexpected, but very pleasing miracle of keeping to the original budget and timeline, Keeley decided to go ahead with the construction of the garage and the paving of the back parking area. Luckily, Daniel would be available to do the construction of the garage, and he knew someone she could hire to get the ground ready for the foundation and pavement of the parking area. He called to make the arrangements for her, and his friend agreed to start work in a few weeks. Everything just kept getting better and better, Keeley was happy to note.

The only cloud on her horizon was that Keeley missed Kira. They spoke or texted daily, and Kira usually came out on her days off, but she missed the close contact they had been used to ever since meeting in high school, and especially being able to share what was happening in their lives face to face.

Keeley went into the city a few times, but the date she had chosen for the opening of her yoga studio was fast approaching, and she was kept busy getting the final touches ready. She wanted it to be as perfect as she could possibly make it. She also spent some of her free time with Daniel. Sometimes she would cook dinner for them after their days work was completed. At other times they would get takeout and eat at the house, and occasionally they would go to the pub, or to a restaurant. When she wasn’t with Daniel, she often spent the evening with Claire and Lily. Now that her kitchen was in working order, she had been unable to justify continuing to eat lunch every day at Claire’s coffee house, which was probably just as well for her waistline. Claire’s food was delicious, and Keeley blamed it and Joe’s offerings as the reason for her having regained some of the weight she had lost. She still usually stopped in at Claire’s each day for a cup of coffee and a chat. One or both of the sisters often popped by the house to check on the progress being made, and the women got together at the pub at least once a week. She was not without company, but no one could take the place of her longtime best friend. She would also have liked to have her sister, Erin, and her brother, Aiden, come out for a visit, but was not really surprised that they did not make the effort. Family dynamics could be a minefield, Keeley knew.

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