Between the Lines

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Chapter 16

Whether or not her motivation for coming to the grand opening yoga class has been to check out her perceived rival, Ashley continued to come to yoga, as did many of the other women. A couple of times after class, Keeley found Ashley in the private part of the house, talking to Daniel. Not wanting to examine her motives too closely, Keeley asked Daniel to put a lock on the door between the studio and the personal living space of her house. The woman seemed to have a boundary issue.

Keeley had been pleased to see that all five of the women who had been at the yoga class in the gym had made the transition to her studio, and all of them made a point of telling her how much they appreciated the ambiance of the new space. Emily suggested that Keeley think about adding meditation classes as a complement to the yoga. It was a great idea, and Keeley promised to look into finding a suitable meditation teacher. Traci from the pub came regularly, and her sister Carol came when she had the time. Several of the Chamber of Commerce members had shown up as promised. A few people paid the drop in fee each time, but most took advantage of the substantial discount offered by purchasing either a ten class punchcard or the monthly unlimited class rate. The classes were by no means at capacity, but each week there seemed to be one or two new faces. Keeley was starting to breathe a little easier. She was also starting to feel slightly more comfortable teaching, although Nikki was still teaching the majority of the classes. Together they had come up with a schedule that offered a variety of classes at different times of the day, and they were prepared to add more if enrollment picked up.

“That’s a gorgeous pendant, Traci,” Keeley said as she punched the young woman’s pass just before class.

“Thanks.” Traci fingered the uniquely designed knot of gold with what looked to be a fairly large diamond embedded in it that glinted as it caught the light. “My boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday last week. I love it.”

Lily leaned over to examine the unique design. “It is beautiful. I’m surprised Denny would spring for something that nice.”

Traci glared at her, and angrily stalked away to set up her yoga mat. “When are you going to start engaging your brain before you put your mouth in gear?” Claire asked her sister, exasperation evident in her tone.

Lily flushed. “I know, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry, but have you ever known Denny to spend money on anyone he’s dating? I’m pretty sure he never bought Ashley anything that nice, and they were married!”

“True, but you still shouldn’t have said that. Traci might not be the brightest bulb, but you hurt her feelings. You should have known better."

Keeley was hoping Traci’s annoyance wouldn’t stop her from coming to yoga, and she was relieved that Claire had said something to Lily.

Lily went over to apologize to Traci, and Claire shook her head at Keeley. “I love my sister, but she is the most tactless person I know. “

“I didn’t realize that Traci’s boyfriend was married to Ashley before. They both come to the same class, and I haven’t noticed any sign of animosity between them.”

“No, there isn't any. Ashley’s happy to be rid of him. Everybody was floored when she married him shortly after they graduated, although slightly less so when it quickly became obvious she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage, though, and left Denny shortly afterwards. I wouldn't be surprised if she has forgotten they were ever married. Although I guess she can’t totally forget he’s alive, since he works for her father. But Ashley's pretty self centered, and I doubt she even notices anything that doesn't directly affect her.”

“That’s Dennis Olson, right? I met him briefly, when I interviewed for a job at the dealership. He was at the pub the other night, too.”

“Yeah, he spends a lot of time there now that he’s dating Traci. It’s one of the reasons the service is so slow when she’s working.”

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