Between the Lines

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Chapter 19

“What if we have a serial killer in town?” Lily said.

“We don’t have a serial killer. You’ve got to stop reading all those awful books. You’re turning into a lunatic.” Claire directed a look of irritation at her sister, who was undaunted by the rebuke. There had been something more like excitement than horror in her tone.

Keeley picked up the large latte Claire set in front of her, and took a grateful sip. It was after three but she probably wouldn’t be able to sleep that night anyway, so she decided she might as well not worry about having caffeine that late in the day. “The police didn’t say much, other than the work has to stop until they’re finished investigating. They strung that yellow police tape all over the yard, and it has to stay up until they’re convinced there aren’t any more bones. It’s kind of freaky, though. I’m starting to wonder if maybe that woman really did see a ghost. I’ve never seen or experienced anything supernatural though.”

“You’re protected by the fairy stone,” Kira reminded her.

“Are the police sure it was murder?” Claire asked, and then answered her own question. “Well obviously, it has to be murder. One skeleton might be explained away, but two? That is gruesome.” She shuddered.

“They’re definitely treating it as suspicious. A homicide detective is investigating.” She pulled a card out of her bag. “Detective Nathan McDonald. Do you know him?”

“I don’t think so,” Claire answered. “The name doesn’t ring a bell.”

“You’d remember him. He’s gorgeous.” Kira had met him the day before, when he’d stopped by Keeley’s to tell her that so far, two sets of human remains had been found, and they were searching to make sure there were no others. He told her they would let her know as soon as it was permissible to resume the work she wanted to complete, but Keeley had lost her enthusiasm for the project. At some point she would have to continue, but for right now, she didn't even want to think about starting the work. It would be nice when they took the police tape down, though. It attracted attention in the neighborhood, and there had been quite a number of curious people who Keeley had found looking into her yard with ghoulish interest.

Kira’s comment immediately piqued the sisters interest, and they demanded details and a description of the gorgeous detective. Keeley was relieved, because while not exactly changing the subject, at least this conversation had moved a little way away from the murders. Like Claire said, it pretty well had to be murder. Keeley could not think of any scenario where two bodies had ended up buried in a backyard that did not involve foul play, even though she had tried really hard to come up with one. It was not very pleasant to think that her beloved new home had been the scene of two murders. Please don’t let them find any more skeletons, she prayed silently. Two is more than enough.

“Why don’t you stay at my place tonight, or I could stay with you if you want,” Kira offered as they were getting ready to leave the pub.

“Thanks for offering, but I’ll be alright. I’ve spent quite a few nights there already, and nothing’s happened, so there’s no reason to think anything will change. Whatever happened, it was years ago. I don’t think I have anything to worry about now. Besides, I have Max to protect me.”

Kira laughed. “Yes, but who’s going to protect you from Max?” she asked, and Keeley agreed that she did have a point, although he hadn’t attacked her toes for a few days now, so hopefully, that had just been a phase he was going through, the cat version of the terrible twos perhaps.

Keeley didn’t mention that Daniel had also offered to spend the night if she was nervous about being alone. She wasn’t in the mood for the teasing and speculation that would certainly follow.

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