Rhapsody of Death

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Chapter 10

Fu-Rong was chatting with her friend Dao-Jun (Dow-June) while trying on wedding gowns. Xin-Xin hadn’t arrived yet so she asked the salon staff to watch for her in case she came while she was in the fitting room. After a while, she tried calling Xin-Xin but there was no answer so she left a voice mail message. It was nearly 7:30 and still no response from Xin-Xin.

“Dao-Jun, I haven’t heard from Xin-Xin yet. I wonder what happened to her.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about her. I called some of my friends to try and find her. They will call me the minute they find out anything. I will help you make the final choice for your wedding gown.”

She picked out a fishtail design dress with a close fitting smooth taffeta bodice, flaring out into a bouffant lacey lower skirt just below the hips. She held it up to Fu-Rong to see if it would suit her. “I think this is a really good dress for you ... and so sexy. Do you want to try it on?”

Fu-Rong thought the sleeveless, strapless top decorated with shiny sequins and camellia lace would compliment her figure and decided to see how it looked on her.

Meanwhile, Xin-Xin was enjoying a candle light dinner prepared by Mo-Fan. After they had finished eating, they went to the patio to enjoy a glass of champagne and to celebrate their romantic reunion after their recent quarrel and break up. Just then she remembered her appointment with Fu-Rong and shouted “Oh, Damn!” and frantically rummaged through her bag to find her cell phone. She saw at least 20 missed messages from her friends trying to reach her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Fu-Rong is getting married and I promised to meet her tonight to help her pick out a wedding gown. But when I saw your message inviting me to have supper with you, I was so excited that I rushed out of work and completely forgot about it so I didn’t call her to cancel. I’m sure she is really angry with me now. I have to call her.”

“Hey, Fu-Rong is that you?”

“Xin-Xin, where are you? We tried to call you to see what happened to you. Is everything OK?”

“Ah ... something came up and I didn’t have a chance to tell you yet.”

“Well, it sounds like you are OK. We were all worried that something bad had happened.”

She glanced furtively at Mo-Fan for a moment. “I am at my boyfriends place now. He had been drinking with some friends and was arrested by the police for drunk driving. He called me from the police station to bail him out. I have just returned now and was so anxious that I forgot to call you. When are you leaving? I will come there to meet you now.”

Hearing this, Mo-Fan stared at her incredulously. How could she lie so naturally and make up such an elaborate excuse on the spot without even hesitating for a second.

“Oh, how distressful. He should be more careful! Fortunately Dao-Jun is here so there is no need to drive over. You take care of your boyfriend and next time call me to let me know you are OK. We were really worried.”

“I’m so sorry and I am glad that Dao-Jun is there to accompany you other wise I would be humiliatingly embarrassed.”

“The most important thing is that everything is alright. I’ll talk to you later. Bye bye.” After Fu‑Rong hung up, she let out a deep sigh of exasperation. She was deeply hurt and insulted by Xin-Xin not only forgetting their meeting but then obviously lying about the reason for not being there. She made a mental note to be leery of anything that she might hear her say in the future.

Xin-Xin heard from her friend Li-Sha (Lee-Shaw) that both Fu-Rong and Dao-Jun were still upset about her missing the appointment to help select a wedding gown. So, she phoned several of her friends and asked them to try and smooth things out. However, she did not call either of them herself. As for Fu-Rong, she really felt sorry but, hadn’t she explained everything to her over the phone? She said “okay” so why is she still upset. And why is Dao-Jun sulking? She didn’t even know I was coming so what right does she have to be so upset?

She did not want the situation to escalate out of control so she called Li-Sha to get some ideas on how to restore friendship with those two. They chatted for a while and then Li-Sha asked, “Haven’t you even called them yet?”

“They wouldn’t pick up my call. I don’t understand why they are still angry with me! Do they expect me to ignore my boyfriend’s trouble just to go down and calmly pick out a wedding gown?”

“They are just trying to get back at you because their feelings are hurt. Call them and make up. Besides, you missed the appointment and made them worry about you so you owe them an apology. You should invite them out for supper to make up for it.”

“Of course it is not a problem to treat them to supper but how can I invite them if they won’t answer their phone? How can I deal with that?”

“Well, we are all good friends. I will talk to them for you and tell them how embarrassed you are about not meeting them. Besides, Fu-Rong is getting married and it is more important to be happy about the wedding than to get upset over such a trifle.”

Xin-Xin’s lips curled in a self satisfied smirk thinking about how easily Li-Sha could be manipulated. “That would be sweet of you to do that for me! Do you know when Fu-Rong is getting married?”

“Oh, on the tenth of next month. She is planning on having the engagement dinner for the bride’s friends at noon and wedding supper for the groom’s friends and family in the evening. Don’t mix them up!”

“Do you know why she is rushing so much and having both celebration feasts on the same day?”

“Didn’t you know? She is pregnant! That’s why she planned a double celebration.”

“Really! ... I never suspected that.”

Smiling to herself she thought YES, why didn’t I think of that?

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