Rhapsody of Death

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Chapter 16

After they had gone, Mo-Xiu was still angry and sat on the couch pouting with his arms folded across his chest. He finally got up and went over to the bar to get a drink of brandy to calm his mood. He grabbed the bottle of his favorite aged Courvoisier from the liquor cabinet and hastily filled a tumbler to near overflowing and then took a huge gulp.

How can Mo-Fan talk to me that way just because of that bitch? If it wasn’t for the inheritance, she wouldn’t even be with him. She’s been stringing him along for several years and now all of a sudden she’s pregnant and engaged to be married? Highly unlikely. He slammed the glass down on the table and vented his anger out loud. “They are not even married yet and that bitch is sabotaging our brotherly relationship! It’s my stupid brother’s fault for not seeing through her scheme.”

Qin-Yao was sitting on the other couch sipping coffee from her cherished British porcelain cup while silently listening to her husband’s ranting. She had plenty of her own emotions she would have liked to have unloaded but remained focused on the goal of expediting the distribution of the inheritance and extricating themselves from any involvement with Mo-Fan and Xin-Xin. This was of particular concern since the proposal to reinvestigate Mo-Qian’s estate would temporarily derail her attempts to quickly get her hands on the money.

“Don’t waste your energy being angry, we have a lot of things to rearrange. I don’t want that bitch involved in the company affairs. We should hire a lawyer from a reputable firm we can trust, to do the research. Besides, we have controlling interest in the company so we can go directly to the board for information or call Lao Yang for a company status update.”

“We can’t totally rely on Yang to give us reliable information. I think we should wait and talk to Shan-Wei and ask for his opinion.”

Qin-Yao took another sip of coffee and set the cup down on the marble table next to the imitation Ming vase filled with an arrangement of peacock plumes. She had always had an eerie feeling about those feathers. The ocelli always gave her the impression that pairs of eyes were spying on her. But even her paranoid personality could not have imagined that on this particular night, two of the spots on the feathers were actually occupied by the ghosts of Mo-Qian and Qu-Kai and she was indeed being spied on.

They had floated in through the window and come to rest in the feathers just in time to witness the entire altercation between the brothers and their women. “Holy shit! I didn’t know you were so rich that your estate can actually be divided!” Qu-Kai was half serious and half feigning surprise just to joke around with Mo-Qian.

“My older brother is so greedy to demand an equal share for his son to reduce Mo-Fan’s share. I never expected to die so young so I just kept accumulating more wealth to support my life when I retired. Now it is of no use to me and I have to watch my brothers haggle over it. It really pisses me off when I see now how pointless all my accomplishments were.”

“Wow! Mo-Fan’s fiancée is really mercenary and your sister-in-law is inconsiderate and tactless. They make a matched pair. Your brothers, poor bastards, don’t have much luck picking women. It would have been really exciting if your brothers had actually had a fight. What an interesting family.”

“Why do you have to involve yourself with my family affairs? I’m not in a mood to listen to your bullshit.”

“Don’t be so sensitive. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself. Your dead and all your money and property are of no use to you. You should try to get your brother to burn some more paper money for you. That would be more useful. By the way, did you get the money your brother burned so you can get on with your business?”

“You are already a ghost and still so obsessed with money? You are as bad as my sister-in-law.”

“It takes money to get things done. Your brothers are fighting over your inheritance and your older brother skipped your seven days rituals. It seems like there is little brotherly love in your family.”

“See that bitch sitting next to my brother?”

“Oh yeah! Look at the matched dragon-phoenix jade bracelet set she is wearing. It’s worth a lot of money.”

“You’re pretty good at seeing people’s personalities. You should be able to look into her past as well.”

“I’m not God. I can only scan her head and see what major characteristics she has. Outside of a predominant feeling of greed, everything else is kind of muddled. Of course that should be no surprise. That’s just human nature.”

“If you want know about my family, just scan my big brother’s soul. He can tell you anything you want to know.”

“You mean…..”

“My brother is weak and timid and lets his wife control everything. She was so proud of all the money she saved by cutting costs for my funeral.”

“So it was her idea to skip the seven days rituals? Why didn’t your brother object? I guess he must have been afraid of losing a fight; just like he couldn’t beat up your younger brother.” Qu-Kai laughed loudly for a few seconds and then continued. “I really feel sorry for you having such pathetic brothers!”

“I’d really like to punish that bitch but I don’t have any ghost powers yet.”

“You forget. That’s the reason I’m here with you buddy!”

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