Rhapsody of Death

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Chapter 17

I’m really lucky to have this guy helping me. Time is so short and like most young people he has creative ideas on how to get things done efficiently. I have to admire those kinds of skills even if I don’t particularly admire the person. However, in this case, it was a bonus to also appreciate Qu-Kai’s company as well.

His spirits were still burdened with unhappiness at the lack of his own skills and the fact that for the first time in as long as he could remember, he had to rely completely on another being for any chance at success. By contrast, Qu’s eyes glistened with excitement and his face bore a confident almost gleeful grin at the thought of what he was about to do.

The villa was in the mountains with numerous grave yards in the vicinity so there was no lack of ghosts lurking about in the dense forest surrounding Mo-Xiu’s house. Qu drifted over to a small group of them and began whispering to them but their words were indistinguishable to Mo-Qian. Occasionally they glanced over toward him and gave him what he interpreted as a sympathetic look.

Qu appeared to be very persuasive and soon returned with a broad smile on his face. “The spirits in ghost world are more chivalrous than the living. They always honor their commitments so you can consider the matter of your brother’s family haunting taken care of. I’m so good at persuasion. It’s a fucking pity I died so young!”

Mo-Qian was thinking how well Qu-Kai had assimilated his new existence as if he were born to be a ghost. He started to comment about this to Qu just to tease him but thought better of it and stopped. He immediately changed the subject to stifle the laughter building up inside, mildly disappointed to pass up a chance to enjoy a little humor. “How did you get them to do it? I am curious.”

“Every domain has its own rules; living world, ghost world and God’s world. But in the end, it all relates back to humanity because all other creatures are without reason and their existence pre-ordained. But for humans, all eventually become ghosts and live by the rules of the ghost world. That is what works in your favor. Unlike the living world, ghosts have a strong sense of commitment and compassion, but they are not obligated to extend it to those who don’t deserve it. I’m shocked that you have lived so much longer than me and still know so little about human nature!”

“You spent a lot of time giving me a good sermon but still haven’t told me how you convinced them to help me.”

“I just told them about all the despicable deeds your brother committed against you. Of course I did embellish my description a little in just the right places to incite them to action. So, they were more than happy to haunt your brother’s family even without getting remuneration just to perform a public spirited service and of course to get a little entertainment. They will ‘play’ in shifts taking turns at the fun so that your brother and his wife will not have any peace.”

A wave of gratitude welled up inside of Qian and he turned to Qu intending to tell him how grateful he was.

“No need to be grateful, I understand your feeling.” Qu put a hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him but the gesture was wasted as Qu’s almost arrogant presumptuousness quelled any desire to express his thanks.

Qu took him in tow and they drifted away from his brother’s villa, pausing under a street light along the road. “Where are we going now?” He felt fatigued and really wanted to rest.

“We’re going to try our luck.”

“At what?”

“Just be patient, you’ll see. It’s easier to show you than explain. Are you tired?”

“You already know I am. Why do you bother me with such bullshit questions?”

With a quick jerk, Qu pulled him along into the empty back seat of a passing car. He was surprised how easily and quickly they could pass through solid inanimate objects without any physical sensation.

“This is a ghost’s favorite ride. Not only is it spacious and comfortable, you can listen to the mushy intimate conversations between the lovers and teasingly mimic them without compunction. If you’re lucky, you might even get to watch a little sex show. Are you voyeuristic?”

Qian replied with a wry smile, “I’m not sure. I’ve never had the opportunity to watch real live porn!”

“The opportunities are plentiful in these times. There are so many people having affairs and indulging in activities that are not condoned by society. They like to drive into the mountains and find a secluded spot where they can ‘get it on’. But we ghosts know all the places that they go and know what they plan to do so we wait for them and give them a scare to make the guy’s penis shrivel up just as he is about to get some satisfaction. I guess it gives us a sense of justice served to foil their illicit pursuits.”

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