Rhapsody of Death

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Chapter 18

Their “host” ride stopped at a secluded, quaint mountain restaurant. Smart choice Qu thought. Free relaxing ride and a chance for a free meal besides. The building had been carefully re-constructed with the traditional red brick walls and green clay tiled roof. The entrance was framed by scrolls wishing good luck and fortune to the family of the owner and all who passed within. Above the door, a massive lintel displayed an inscription that read “Authentic Traditional Kitchen”.

They moved closer and peered through the window to admire the antique décor. Inside were ancient wooden screens forming private dining compartments. The tables were heavy and wooden with carved benches to match. The walls were decorated with ’50s movie posters and the light bulbs were dim and bare to create an atmosphere similar to candle light dining. Old Taiwanese traditional songs playing in the background provided the perfect catalyst to blend all the visual elements into a harmonious ambience reminiscent of past times.

Qian noticed that Qu was lingering hesitantly like he was hiding from something. “What are you doing? Why aren’t we going in to eat?”

“Be Quiet. Didn’t you notice the two guardians at the door? We can’t go past them by ourselves.”

Without understanding why, Qian immediately knew that Qu was waiting for the right person to attach themselves to so they could pass the guardians unnoticed. They waited for a while, watching people come and go until Qu spotted a young man in a black POLO shirt. “There’s our man. See how low his soul energy frequency is? It will be easy to attach to him and get in safely.”

When Qian saw the menu he couldn’t hold back his joy. “Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good meal.” He let out a poignant sigh recalling his days of extravagance in the living world.

“You can’t be this lucky every day and speaking of luck you should consider yourself damn lucky that you got hooked up with me!”

“When I was living I wouldn’t even consider this restaurant. Even if I treated you every day I could still take you to a five star restaurant.” Qian let out a sigh perhaps louder than the last.

“OK, I know you used to have a lot of money but now you are a ghost and have nothing. It’s not every day that you can have a feast like this so be thankful and don’t waste the chance.”

Their host was baffled by his voracious appetite but wasn’t aware that his soul had permitted the two ghosts to dine free on the condition that they detach themselves and leave when they had finished their meal.

“Do you attach to living people very often?”

“Why do you ask, is that a problem?”

I’m just curious as to why you aren’t afraid of the pain you get from touching the living.”

“Haven’t you heard of haunting?”

“Of course, but after I became a ghost, I learned to avoid contact with the living. It burns like fire when you pass through them.”

“That’s why we should only approach them from behind in order to avoid the living soul’s energy field centered near the heart that protects the living from invasion by the supernatural. It will burn the invading spirit and make the person dizzy and sick so they know they need help.”

“We didn’t try to steal his body. We only attached to follow him into the restaurant. His spirit knows that ghosts can easily watch him so he was very nervous about it. I just kept telling him that we would eat one meal and leave so, he finally agreed. Sometimes you have to compromise to get what you want. Anyway, we don’t have a lot of time to waste so let’s quit the ghost lessons and get down to business!”

“You know where to find my souls?”

“Not exactly but we’re in luck! Ghost Huo-Mu (Hwa-Moo) from your brother’s neighborhood gave me directions on how to find the Supreme ghost of this district. He will have knowledge of what we need to do next.”

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