Rhapsody of Death

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Chapter 65

Kaori and Tan Lin agreed to give Qu-Fang exclusive rights to an interview. It unexpectedly turned out that the big news was Tan Lin’s relation to Qian. After Tan Lin had filed the paternity petition and it was approved, nobody was interested in anything that Bing-Xiang had to say. Now all of society was consumed with hearing any news story about Qian and his business. Tan Lin had achieved celebrity status in her own right but not because of her music.

Now back at Qian’s mansion, he and Qu-Kai were watching a TV celebrity talk show interview with Tan Lin. It was a stirring emotional moment not only for Qian but for the show host as well. She related how she had grown up with the abuse she and her mother had suffered form Bing-Xiang and then the miraculous good fortune to be discovered by a music producer.

But, the most poignant moment of all was her story of how she had been contacted by the spirit of her dead father and had a chance to tell him she loved him. At this point the host lost control of her composure and began to sob with tears streaming down her face. Qian was overcome with emotion and tears welled up in his eyes as well.

After the show concluded, they reflected for a while on all that had transpired since they met. The 49 days they spent together seemed like a lifetime and in reality it might as well have been for Qian. In that time he had recalled and shared every significant aspect of his past life with Qu-Kai. And Qu-Kai felt as though he had known him for his whole life. He had never been so closely attached to anyone in the real world when he was alive.

“What are you going to do about your brothers?”

“I’m not interested in their affairs any more. Mo-Xiu will retain the shares of Yin Yang corporation that he originally received when I founded the company; nothing more. I know his wife thinks that her son should get a share but, that’s not going to happen now that my daughter is inheriting my estate.”

“Speaking of your nephew, don’t you want to take revenge on him for causing your death?”

“He didn’t kill me intentionally, he only meant to put me to sleep so he could search my house. He didn’t know that I would react violently to that drug. Besides, I have no regrets. So what if I had lived another twenty years? I still wouldn’t have known that there were two people in the world that loved me or that I had a beautiful daughter. Those two things are worth more to me than all my business successes and all my fortune!”

“Don’t you have any sympathy for Mo-Fan? He is about to marry a woman that cheated on him and only chose your brother over the lawyer when she thought that he would inherit a lot of money from your estate.”

“That’s his problem. Everyone in life has to deal with their own issues. Besides, I tried to warn him in a dream but he was so blinded by Gu Xin-Xin’s pretense that he failed to get the message. My only concern now is for the woman I love and our daughter.”

Suddenly, Qian peered off into the distance behind Qu-Kai as if trying to focus on something that he didn’t understand. Qu-Kai turned around to see what he was staring at. Although he squinted his eyes as tight as they would go, he still couldn’t see anything.

“What are you looking …?”

Qian motioned with his hand to quiet him and cocked his head as if listening to something that was barely perceptible.

“I think I will be leaving soon. Can’t you see the light shining through the haze? ”

Qu-Kai shook his head.

“The voice in the light is telling me to follow it. I finally know how to leave this limbo. Come with me. We will leave together.”

His subconscious had gained a complete understanding of the purpose of the soul and the path to the completion of his transition to reincarnation. He had lingered in the limbo world; reluctant to move on after finally discovering his life’s loves. But now an irresistible force was pulling him away and he knew he had to leave.

Qu-Kai considered Qian’s invitation but he had avoided exploring the scene of his own death out of both fear and hatred. He now realized that he was not prepared to leave this world until he fully understood the circumstances of his own demise. He turned to Qian.

“I think that I will have to stay to deal with my own death. I hope you can complete your journey all the way and I hope we can meet again later wherever it is that ghosts go.”

Qian was saddened that he had to leave his close friend behind. He wanted to somehow express how grateful he was for rescuing him when he was near extinction but all he could manage was a heart-felt “Thank you”. He embraced Qu-Kai for a moment and then slowly started drifting toward the light.

Qian marveled at the sensation of moving through a tunnel where he could not see the walls but could sense the boundaries. As he passed through, he could see still images like snapshots from his life and as he began moving continually faster the images eventually blended into a continuous streaming animation. With tears in his eyes, he turned to look at Qu-Kai one last time and slowly waved goodbye.

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