Clocks Without Hands

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Chapter 13

“We’re not really talking about these visions again, are we?” Detective Roberts spoke impatiently. “This is not a joke, Tyler. You killed a man.” I was becoming angry.

“That man committed countless murders. I rescued Hope, and saved other girls from becoming his victims.” Both detectives frowned at me from across the table.

“How did you know where to find him again?” Detective Howell asked, speaking as if he had already deemed my answer unbelievable. The police had swooped in minutes after Jacob placed the call. We were brought immediately to headquarters, and Hope was carted off to the nearest hospital. My actions had only cast further suspicion on Jacob and I.

“I told you,” I growled. “I knew that he was the killer, so I followed him out to his house. Jacob met me there after I broke in and used his phone. You should see the things I found in there.”

“We aren’t doubting that Mr. Gray, or rather Mr. Green, is the killer. What we have an issue with is your connection to him.” I sighed. “Look,” started Detective Howell. “We’re going to give you a couple minutes to think about how you want to approach this.” The two of them pushed back their chairs and stood. Detective Robert’s wallet fell out of his pocket and landed open on the ground. There was an old picture of a small girl in one of the flaps. My vision went dark, and I saw the clock without hands. Then a figure stepped into the light. It was a woman with red hair and pale skin. I frowned hard. Who was this woman? The room started to appear around me once again.

“Wait!” I stood, pointing to the wallet. “I just had a vision. That little girl was murdered by a woman with red hair and pale skin.” Detective Robert’s eyes watered.

“How did you know that?” The two stared at me. I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably.

“I told you I have visions.” Detective Howell laughed, but Detective Roberts appeared deep in thought, then he left the room quickly. Detective Howell stared at me, equally as confused. The door banged back open, and Detective Roberts strode in with a handful of pictures. He thrust them onto the table.

“Tell me who murdered these people.” I gulped, praying that my visions wouldn’t fail me now. My vision got dark, and relief flooded over me. I described each killer perfectly, as well as mentioned the mysterious clock. I opened my eyes after the final picture to find the two of them gaping at me incredulously. Detective Roberts picked up his wallet.

“That girl was my little sister. Her murder was what got me interested in police work.” I didn’t respond. “There’s no way you could have known all of those people’s killers. Maybe you really do have a gift after all.” I felt a small smile form at the edge of my lips.

A little while later, I was free to go. The detectives had apologized profusely as I walked into the lobby. My parents sat at the other end of the room, dark circles layered underneath their eyes. They came forward and wrapped me in a warm embrace. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

“They proved your visions are real?” my mom asked. I could only nod. “Oh, honey. I’m so sorry we didn’t believe you.” Our reunion lasted several long minutes, and their love was overwhelming. Over my mom’s shoulder, I spotted Jacob standing my the door. My dad followed my gaze, then winked at me.

“Honey, I think your mom and I will wait in the car.” He gave me a mischievous smile, and I laughed sheepishly. The two of them walked out, hand in hand. Jacob walked towards me, but something caught the corner of my eye. I turned to the side to see a small door with a window wedged between the wood. Behind the glass sat a large whiteboard. Arrows pointed to different paragraphs and pictures. Hope’s face stuck out to me. My vision immediately went dark. There was something different about this vision. The clock was held by Mr. Green, but the hole in the middle was missing. In it’s place were the black hands of the clock. The small hand ticked off every second. I stared hard at these hands, even as the focus of the vision shifted to Mr. Green’s face. The hands remained ingrained in my mind even as the police station came back into focus. Jacob’s hands were grasping my shoulders.

“You okay?” I just pointed to Hope’s picture, my finger shaking. Jacob locked his eyes with mine. The moment stood still as he leaned forward. My eyes closed, and then his lips grazed mine. I felt a surge of warmth run through my veins. His cologne hung over the air, and all of the noise from the station was silent. In that moment, the two of us were on our own island. He pulled away and looked me straight in the eye. “Tyler. You did an amazing thing. Hope is alive because of you, and all his other possible victims too. You changed their fate.”

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