The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 9: Morgan

Ian felt extremely uncomfortable stuck in the back of Brian’s van with two women that he didn’t know very well. Curse his brother and his shotgun calling.

“So… Joey, what exactly is spirit parasite?” Jordyn asked.

“It’s a type of spirit that feeds off horrible deeds. So, to find the parasite, you need to find the host.”


“Yes. The one committing the bad deeds.”

Roderick’s eyes suddenly grew wide, and he twisted around in his seat to talk to the people behind him.

“Ian-if that’s the case, then-I think we might be dealing with a serial killer.”

“What makes you think that?”

In a rush, Roderick brought out some of the files of missing persons or people who had died.

“Even though we have a lot of missing people or people who have died, we’ve only been seeing little girls as ghosts, which makes me think that they are the ones at the root of it all.” Roderick began, pulling out a few different files. “We don’t have all the files of them, but before the alleged ghost girls started to appear, there was already a pattern between the missing girls.”

Ian grabbed the files of the girls and scanned through it.

It looked like a girl had gone missing every few years, but the period in between them got shorter and shorter as time went on. The last girl to have disappeared was only a few months ago.

“But what makes you think it’s a serial killer?” he asked, handing the files over to Jordyn and Joey to look at.

“Because all the girls have similar looks and interests,” Roderick explained. “I’ve researched serial killers, and they seem to like patterns and trophies, and things like that. And the fact that they are all young girls? I would say that it is highly likely that the person we are looking for is a guy.”

“Wait-so how far back do the dates go for the girls themselves?” Brian asked, glancing in his rearview mirror.

“At least twenty years ago. So that puts us at people who are a little older. If it is a serial killer, then he would have to be old enough and strong enough to take on a victim. So, we’re probably looking for someone in their forties or older.” Jordyn reasoned,

“That sounds about right.” Ian nodded.

“But Joey-once we figure out who the killer is, what do we do about the parasite?” Roderick asked.

“We cast it out of this dimension.” she said simply. There was an awkward pause in the conversation as the rest of them realized that she was not going to elaborate on the matter just yet.

“Brian-do you have any good music?” Roderick asked, changing the subject and looking through a bunch of cd’s.

“Oooh put in my 80’s jam!” he exclaimed.

Within the next few seconds, they were blasting Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.

“I actually like this song.” Jordyn admitted, a smile coming on her face.

“I’m surprised you like anything.” Ian said with a smirk. Jordyn rolled her eyes. Brian and Roderick were singing along at the top of their lungs, and Joey simply sat there in a van of people she hardly knew and hummed along.

Twelve year old Morgan Park tapped her foot nervously, waiting for her mother to pick her up from school. Everyone else had already been picked up, so now she sat on a bench in a nearly empty parking lot. She looked down at her watch, feeling very on edge. The whole reason for not walking home was so she would be safer with everything going on. She turned around to see that her teacher was still in the front office, talking to the person at the desk.

Well at least she wasn’t completely alone then…

She suddenly whirled around, her heart racing, positive that she had heard something. She narrowed her eyes at some bushes that she was sure was hiding something. Unfortunately, she was so focused on where she thought she heard something, that she did not notice the fog until her surroundings were almost completely masked.

When she realized, she stood up in a panic, clutching her bookbag. Could she use her bookbag as a weapon? Quickly, she took off her bookbag and held it out in front of her defensively, waiting for something to suddenly pop out of nowhere.

She was met with silence.

Could she possibly make it back into the school?

She started to back up, her eyes darting back and forth, when suddenly, she heard footsteps.

Morgan turned this way and that, unsure of where they were coming from. Whoever it was had started to whistle. It was a tune that Morgan didn’t recognize, but it seemed like a classical song. It sounded eerie in the fog. Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind, clasping a hand on her mouth. She tried to scream, but whoever was dragging her away was too strong. She struggled, tears filling her eyes.

By the time the fog lifted, all that was left in the almost empty waiting lot was Morgan Park’s bookbag.

“When will I see these ghost girls?” Joey asked as they drove into Pinnacle Gulch.

“I saw them within a few minutes of being in town.” Brian said matter of factly. “But who knows?”

“And you said that no one else has seen the spirit from the video?”



“Hold on-what’s that?” Jordyn asked, leaning forward. Brian slammed on the brakes. A few feet ahead, there was a little girl standing in the middle of the street. She seemed to be distracted, looking at something.

Jordyn immediately jumped out of the car.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Brian said as the rest of them hopped out after Jordyn.

“Hey-are you alright?” Jordyn asked. The girl blinked and looked up.

“Where-where am I?” she asked, confused. “I-I was just-.”

“What’s your name?” Jordyn asked kindly.


“Are you lost? It’s dangerous to be out here alone-especially with everything going on.”

Brian, Roderick and Ian came a bit closer, but Joey suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“Something’s off.” she whispered, causing the men in front of her to stop. They turned to look at Joey, and then also stopped in their tracks. Brian gave a little screech, causing Jordyn and Morgan to look back.

A few feet behind their van, was a dark figure standing behind a lamp post.

“Oh that’s a dark spirit all right…”

“W-what is that?” the little girl asked fearfully, backing away.

“It’s ok-we’ll protect you.” Jordyn told her, holding out her hand. Morgan hesitantly reached out to take it.

But her hand just fazed through.

Jordyn stared wide eyed at the little girl as Morgan looked down at her hands in confusion. She looked back up, black goop dripping from one of her eyes like it was a tear.

“Oh…” she said softly. “I remember now…” She started to cry. “I want my Mom…” she whimpered. “I-I…”

The five of them jumped when she started to scream. It kind of looked like she was in pain. Jordyn backed up helplessly as they watched the dark figure rise up from the ground behind the little girl, a wide smile on its face.

“Tiiiiime to join usssss Morgannnnn Paaaark.” it hissed. The little girl started to choke, black goop gurgling out of her mouth, and her eyes rolling in the back of her head to be completely white. She rose about a foot in the air, her head tilted.

“Heeeelp…. Me….” she struggled, shaking. She then screamed again as the other eight ghost girls suddenly appeared, swirling around her.

“Is-is this some sort of initiation?” Roderick exclaimed to the others. “I don’t remember a Morgan Park on the list-.”

“There wasn’t.” Jordyn responded grimly.

The dark figure in the middle of the girls looked over at the group watching this, his white eyes blank and staring. He then pointed at them, causing the hairs on Ian’s neck to stand on end. The ghost girls continued to scream as they suddenly came for them, their faces elongated like that famous Edvard Munch painting. Ian began to think that it was all over…

And then suddenly, Joey was standing in front of them, holding up a spray bottle.

Right before the ghosts descended on them, she sprayed it heavily, causing them to shrink back.

“RUN FOR IT!” she yelled, running back to the van. The others did not have to be told twice, and hopped in after her. They barely had the doors closed, when Brian stomped on the gas and squealed away, the girls screaming after them.

“What the freak did you spray at them?” Ian asked in disbelief.

“Vinegar. Ghosts usually don’t like the smell.”

The others simply stared at her.

She shrugged. “It usually only works once or twice, then they get used to it. So we’re going to have to figure out something else.”

There was a slight pause as they all caught their breaths.

“I think we’ll keep you Joey.” Brian said.

The others started to laugh at this, mostly out of nerves, while Joey simply looked pleased.

As they drove off to catch a good night’s sleep back at the motel, somewhere, off in the town of Pinnacle Gulch, Morgan Park’s body lay in a basement, her eyes wide eyed and staring, her body cold and lifeless…

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