The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 11: Lost and Found

Jordyn had decided to visit Dolly Barnes and Vera Hogarth.

Even though they all agreed that the killer could very likely be a guy, she wasn’t about to rule any women out on anything just yet.

She knew from experience that women could do some very nasty things.

Murderous things.

According to the current records, Dolly and Vera were currently living together. She remembered one of the previous detectives crossing Dolly off the list of suspects because she had seemed to disappear, but Jordyn’s suspicions were simply brought on even more strongly when the detective vanished and Dolly reappeared.

Whether or not it had something to do with the ghosts, she knew something fishy was going on.

Jordyn walked up and knocked on the door.

No answer.

Figuring she’d come back later, she turned to leave, until she heard something weird. She paused, and then changed direction to go to the side of the house.

Oh. Just a dog in the fenced in backyard.

But something caught her eye that prevented her from moving on.

There was blood on the ground.

Cautiously, she stepped forward, and realized that there was a trail leading to a shed in the backyard. Her hand hovered over the gun in her holster.

The dog, which was just a golden retriever, seemed friendly enough when she came closer, so she risked it and jumped the fence. The dog simply jumped up on her and wagged its tail, desperate for attention. Slowly, she crept along the dirt yard, following the drops of blood. The shed itself was unlocked, so she took liberty and opened the doors, a little apprehensive as to what she would find.

When the light from the setting sun, shone into the shed, Jordyn’s eyes grew wide.

In the middle of the floor was a dead dog surrounded by candles and other symbols. She cursed under her breath, bringing out her gun.


She had found some kind of cult.

Did this have anything to do with the ghost girls? She had no idea, but she knew enough to stay away from the dead dog in the middle of the floor. Weirdos like these were the ones who laid out booby traps to poison or mame any passers by. And whether or not it had something to do with the ghosts, this definitely had to be called in.

With her other hand, she brought out her phone to call Ian, who she knew was still probably doing research back at the motel.


“I need you to get the cops over here. I stumbled onto something at Dolly and Vera’s place-”

Suddenly, there was a metallic twang, and Jordyn hit the ground unconscious.

“Jordyn?” Ian’s voice asked on the dropped cell phone.

Jordyn didn’t answer.

Crap crap crap.

It reminded him of his brother all over again, who oddly enough, wasn’t answering his phone.

What a surprise.

Ian innately knew that Jordyn was in trouble, and even though he still kind of disliked her and her stubborn attitude, he felt obligated to do something, no matter how much it made him inwardly groan.

He didn’t have Joey’s number, and was actually unsure if she even had a phone, so there was probably no way of contacting her or-


Flipping Brian and his walkie talkies.

“Brian? Brian are you in range?” he asked, turning the dial on the walkie talkie that was left with him.

“Dude you’re actually using the walkie talkies!” Brian’s faint voice said gleefully. “But you have to say over at the end of what you say. Over.“

“We don’t have time for this!” Ian said with frustration. “Jordyn’s in trouble. She stumbled onto something at the place she went to.”

“Wait what?”

“Go to the sheriff and get help. I’m going over there to see what’s going on.”

“But-what about-.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I’ve gotten Roderick out of enough scrapes to know what I’m doing.”

Then he cut Brian off and ran out to his car, which still had little bits of black gunk on it.

Darn detective.

He sped off as fast as he would allow himself without breaking the law, and soon could see Jordyn’s car up ahead, parked in front of a house. He decided to park a few houses back so it wouldn’t be too obvious, and then he started to sneak up.

He would have looked through the window if he hadn’t heard voices coming from the backyard.

“Why do people have to be so nosy?”

“I know! After all, we live in a free country.”

Ian hunched out of sight, and peered through a hole in the wooden fence.

He could see two women, one with her blonde hair in rollers, standing there with her hands on her hips, and the other one with hair that was obviously dyed an auburn, her black roots showing hideously. The auburn lady was putting a shovel away in the shed, and Ian then realized that there was a trail of blood leading into to it.


He hoped that wasn’t Jordyn’s blood.

“The girl is in the basement right?”

“Yep. I guess we need to take care of her.”

“I can’t right now. Jeopardy is coming on in five minutes.”

“Fine Dolly. We’ll do it after.”

Ian flattened himself against the wall of the house as the two women came in through the back door.

Crap crap crap.

He looked around, trying to figure out what to do next, when he realized that there was what appeared to be a basement window. Cautiously trying to be quiet, he crawled into the little depression in the ground where the large window was and tried to look past the curtain in front of it.

Inside, he could barely see that Jordyn was there, on the ground with her hands duct taped behind her back. Carefully, he pushed a little on the window, seeing if it would open at all.

Nope. Locked.

He looked around, picked up a rock, and held his breath.


Not hard enough.



He was trying to not be too obvious with his breaking of the window. He silently hoped they had Jeopardy turned up real loud.

The next tap took out the whole window, which turned out to be louder than he expected. He winced as glass went everywhere. He crouched there tensely for a moment, listening.

All that was heard was the muffled sounds of the tv show.

Gingerly, he crawled into the basement and down to where Jordyn was.

“Jordyn!” he whispered, pulling at the duct tape on her wrists. She seemed to have a bad conk on the head, but other than that, she seemed alright. She groaned.

“What?” she said grumpily as Ian shushed her. She winced and put a hand to her head.

“Heeelp… meee…” a raspy voice called out to them.

The two of them froze.

“Heeelp… meee…”

Slowly, they turned to see that there was something in the shadows a few feet away. The basement seemed to drop in degrees and a little bit of mist came in. Jordyn and Ian would have immediately thought that it was the ghost girls again, but this time, it was a man’s voice.

A transparent hand came into view, dragging behind it only half of a man.

Literally half.

The guy was chopped in half.

“Heeeeelp… meee….” he gurgled, black goop dripping out of his nose and mouth, his eyes completely white. Ian had never seen this man before, with his slicked back hair and well trimmed beard. He stared at the ghost that was dragging itself towards them with its transparent hands, a puddle of black goop forming behind him as if it was a pool of blood. He turned to Jordyn to see that her face had gone very pale.

“That’s-that’s-Jared Lovelace.” she whispered. “He was the private investigator before you guys. He went missing a few weeks ago…”

“Heeeeelp….” the man gurgled. Ian blinked, and then realized that behind the man, wasn’t just a shadow.

It was a dark figure, much like they had seen before, but it seemed different somehow. It somehow had a different shape to it-more like… a woman?

Ian fumbled for the walkie talkie.

“Brian-Brian are you there? Are you there? Joey? Anybody?”

“Joey here.” a static voice answered back.

“Joey-I think we found… maybe a different spirit parasite? It’s not with the ghost girls. It’s with a guy.”

“Is there just one guy?”


“Then it might be a normal spirit parasite.”

“Nothing about this is normal!!” Ian whispered back harshly. “Just get over here and help us handle it! We’re stuck in a basement!”

“Oh and did I mention that the ladies upstairs are cultists?” Jordyn stated matter of fact.


“Vera did you hear something?”

Ian wanted to curse soooo bad, but he had always rather hated profanity. However, if there ever was a time to break his rule, it was now.

He and Jordyn sat there in silence for a moment.

“Heeeelp meeee…” the ghost guy lamented.


Why the heck did the ghost guy have to say something?!

“Get to the window!” Ian whispered to Jordyn, pointing. They could hear the footsteps of the women upstairs. Probably to see what the noise was.

“Hurry!” The two of them scrambled to get to the window, but were soon blocked off by the dark figure, which hung in the air and tilted its head at them. Jordyn and Ian whirled around at the sound of the door of the basement creaking open. Jordyn reached for her gun, only to find that it wasn’t there. She swore under her breath, causing Ian to give her a slight disapproving look.

There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

They were trapped.

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