The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 12: Lovelace Redemption

Roderick had snuck back around the hills where he couldn’t be seen.

He had to get into that house.

He didn’t know why, but he just had to. There was something there, he could feel it.

It’s the-eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight-.

A little annoyed that he was being interrupted in his investigation, he answered the phone reluctantly. It was Brian.

“Hey-I’m about to-.”

“Change of plans dude-Jordyn’s in trouble and your brother already ran over there.”

“Wait what?”

“I’ve already called the cops and I’m coming to pick you up.”

“Wait-what’s going on?”

“I don’t know man! I’m coming up now!”

Roderick looked up to see Brian’s van charging down the road, and he hopped in the passenger side without another thought.

“Where did you come from?” the blonde in rollers asked in disbelief as Ian stood there frozen.

“Forget the guy Dolly-what’s behind them?!”

The two ladies stood there gawking for a moment.

“Uh-while you two figure that out, we’ll just be going then!” Ian squeaked, backing up towards the window since the dark figure had moved.

“Now wait just a minute-.” the one he guessed was Vera stated, holding out Jordyn’s gun. “Did I say you could go anywhere? Hands where I can see them!”

Jordyn and Ian reluctantly put their hands up.

“Why did you kill Detective Lovelace?” Jordyn demanded, much to Ian’s dismay.

“You know, they’re the ones pointing the gun at us, I hardly think we’re in a position to be asking the questions.” he whispered. Jordyn just ignored him.

The two women stood there in surprise.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Dolly said obstinately, fidgeting and putting her hands on her hips.

“Heeelp… meee…” a voice behind the women said. They turned around and screamed.


“It’s nothing Dolly-it’s nothing-pay-pay no mind to-.”

Jordyn had taken this as her chance.

As soon as the ladies had turned around, she shot forward and dove for the gun in the woman’s hand.

Unfortunately, the woman actually had a good grip on it, and soon they were locked in a battle for the weapon. Ian ran forward to try to help as the gun went off too close to Jordyn’s face.


The gun went off a couple more times as Ian tried to pry the woman away from Jordyn, only to have the other one jump on his back and squeeze her arms around his throat. Ian staggered backwards, slamming her against the wall to get her off of him. Somehow, she seemed to get a nail file, and he got it just in time before she stabbed it into his shoulder.


Ian was soon so preoccupied with his struggle with the woman trying to kill him, that he did not hear the footsteps from upstairs. It only dawned on him that someone else was there when two cops rushed down the stairs, probably brought down from the sounds of shots firing.

“Put the gun down!” a man with a graying blonde mustache exclaimed. Ian caught a glimpse of the man’s deputy badge and name tag that read Ledford. Behind him was a scrawny red headed guy who was so baby faced he could have been a teenager. However, he was also wearing a police uniform, so Ian assumed he was good to go. All commotion stopped as the woman let go of the gun in surprise, allowing Jordyn to take back her weapon and point it at the woman as well. The woman trying to strangle Ian finally let go as well.

“Now what is the commotion here?” the deputy asked, looking over the scene.

“These two murdered the last private investigator that was here.” Jordyn told them without taking her eyes off of Dolly and Vera.

“You have no proof!” Dolly squealed shrilly.

“You have a ghost in your basement.” Ian said flatly, pointing. “I’m pretty sure we’d be able to find the body with some searching.”

“A ghost?!” the Deputy exclaimed, finally noticing the halved man in the corner. “Well dang gum. Well in that case, Jeffery and I will go ahead and take these two ladies and let you lot handle this.”


“Have fun!” Jonah said in a hurry as they grabbed the ladies and headed up the stairs.

“I don’t know what to do with a ghost!” Ian exclaimed, looking at the dead man, who was still trying to drag himself across the floor.

“Don’t look at me!” Jordyn protested, backing away. “Just because I’ve been here longer, it doesn’t mean I know what to do either.”

“I do.”

The two of them suddenly looked up to see that Joey was on the top of the stairs. She surveyed the scene as she came down to join them.

“Oh yes. This is definitely a normal spirit parasite.”

Ian rolled his eyes when she said normal.

“Ok yeah whatever, but can you take care of it?” Jordyn asked.

“Oh yes. But you shouldn’t be concerned. Spirit parasites can’t really do anything to you. They only harm the ghost they are attached to. With exception to the main one in town. I really don’t know why that one is so strong…”

“Ok but what do we do?” Ian exasperated, wanting to get this over with.

Without a word, Joey simply walked up to the dead man on the ground and crouched down to his level.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“His name is Jared Lovelace.” Jordyn answered for the ghost. Joey nodded.

“Jared, I’m here to help you.” she said in a soft soothing voice. “But you have to do as I tell you-understand?”

The ghost stared at her, the black goop dripping from his eyes like tears.

“Now first, I want you to think of your happiest memory. Anything will do really. Can you do that?”

The ghost closed his eyes.

“Good. Now take ahold of my hand. Don’t stop thinking of that memory now.”

Jordyn and Ian then watched with amazement, as the man’s hand did not just faze through Joey’s, but that she was also able to pull him up from off the ground. As she did this, legs appeared on the ghost, and the black goop dripped away. The man blinked, looking down at his transparent hands in amazement.


The all turned to see the spirit parasite angrily hissing in the shadows.

“You’re not free yet Jared.” Joey explained. “Keep holding onto that happy memory. You have to be the one to get rid of this thing, but I will also be here to help you.”

“What do I do?” he asked, his voice normal.

“You’re going to push it back into the dimension it belongs. Now, imagine the feelings you get from significant, strong, powerful memories. Positive ones. You have to sift through those and channel them towards the spirit to weaken it. It will try to counteract it with some negative memories, but you need to fight back. As it weakens, it will start to lose it’s grip on this world and a portal will form. Then it’s up to you to push it through. I’ll do it with you. Ready? Memories intact? Go!”

Jordyn and Ian watched as Jared and Joey closed their eyes and held up their hands towards the parasite, who shrieked like nobody’s business. A blast of wind started to push them back, but Joey and Jared held their places. Ian noticed a tear fall down Joey’s cheek.

Behind the spirit parasite, something started to form. A warped circle of light swirled into existence, purple lightning spilling out of it.

Then, together, Joey and the ghost brought up their hands and shoved the spirit parasite, who let out a little scream as it was sucked through. The portal disappeared as soon as it had appeared. After a moment, Jared Lovelace turned to Joey.

“Thank you.” he told her, and then he too wisped away.

Ian and Jordyn stood there gawking.

“That’s it?” Jordyn asked in disbelief. Joey nodded.

“Usually that’s all you need to do with a spirit parasite, but I have a feeling that we won’t be able to use the same method with our ghost girls.”

“How do you know all this stuff?” Ian asked. Joey didn’t answer him. She simply raised her eyebrows knowingly and started up the stairs. Jordyn and Ian exchanged glances, and finally decided to follow her.

When they finally got out of the basement and out of the woman’s home that smelled strongly of incense, they noticed a familiar van screeching up to the house.

“We’re here! We’re here!” Brian exclaimed, jumping out of the driver’s side, Roderick in close pursuit.

“What’s going on-what happened-what-.”

The two of them stopped as they noticed that Jordyn, Ian, and Joey were just staring at them.

“Did we miss something?” Roderick asked.

“Not really.” Joey said dreamily. Ian scoffed.

“I guess not. Unless you count the part where Jordyn and I were attacked by some crazy ladies in a cult, finding one of the dead detectives as a ghost, and then watching Joey shove a spirit parasite into another dimension.”

Roderick and Brian stood there with their mouths agape.


“Doesn’t sound like anything exciting at all.” Roderick commented.

“Did you guys find anything interesting?” Jordyn asked. Brian shrugged.

“I got freaked out by an old lady obsessed with her dolls. That’s about it.”

Roderick didn’t answer right away. He hadn’t really gotten any evidence against Douglas Smalls, but he still felt the need to go back.

“I still need to look into my guy.” he said finally. Ian nodded at his brother in understanding. While Ian didn’t always approve Roderick’s choices at time, he did learn to trust his younger brother’s intuition when it came to solving a case.

“Well I’m about ghosted out for today…” Ian sighed. “I’m done.”

“Well are you guys hungry? Would could go grab something to eat.” Brian offered. Roderick nodded in agreement.

“I’m in the mood for pizza. What about you guys?”

There was a pause as Jordyn, Joey, and Ian thought this over.

“You mean… all of us? Go out and get… pizza?” Joey asked quietly. Jordyn shrugged.

“I don’t see why not. I mean-nothing makes you hungrier than almost getting killed by cultists.”

Joey shifted a little uncomfortably, but at the same time, seemed pleased to have been invited somewhere with people.

Despite everything, Ian felt himself smile.

“Well I guess let’s go get some pizza.”

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