The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 17: The Real Use of Essential Oils

Everyone dove for cover as stuff started flying everywhere. A few of them overturned a table and hid behind it, things banging over and around them.

“Roderick! Call Joey! Ask her what to do!”

Roderick already had his phone out. As he started to explain over the phone what was happening, Ian peeked over the table at the screaming ghost.

“KISHNU!!” she screamed, her arms rising.

What the heck was kishnu?

He ducked again as a chair missed him by mere inches.

“Roderick! Please tell me you have some information from Joey!”

“Do we have any lavender?”

“Like that essential oils crap?”

“Yeah. She says it sounds like a vengeful spirit. The lavender is supposed to calm it down and make it… wait-go to sleep?” he asked in surprise on the phone. “Do ghosts and spirits sleep?”

“Who cares-just do what she says! Find some lavender oil!” his brother yelled, dodging another chair. “I bet you one of the teachers has some-.”

“You bet?” Roderick asked with a mischievous smile.

“Not literally!” Ian spat.

Roderick nodded, and the two of them ran off to one of the teachers, who was huddling in a corner with some of the children.

“Do you know anyone here who has essential oils? Lavender specifically?” Ian asked over the screams. The woman blinked.

“I-I think Mrs. Johnston has some. She’s in room 103-.”

“Got it! Thanks!”

The two continued to dodge things as they bolted out of the room.

Away from the screams, Ian could feel his ears ringing as their footsteps echoed through the hallways.

“101-102-here it is! 103!”

The burst into the classroom, completely out of breath, much to the surprise of a classroom full of students who were being rowdy with flashlights.

“Do-you-have-gasp-lavender-essential oils?”

“Uh… In my drawer?”

“Ok we’re going to take it and use it to battle some ghosts ok byyyyyye!” Roderick breathed, throwing his hand in one of the drawers and rummaging until he found what he was looking for.

The two brothers raced out of there without any further explanation.

“Ok what now?!” Ian asked as they ran back down the hallway.

“Joey said we need to find a spray bottle and mix the oil with some water.”

“What-are we going to spray it like it’s a bad cat?” Ian asked distastefully.

“Yes. Like a bad cat.”


Fortunately, they were able to find an unlocked custodial closet, where they found a spray bottle to fill with water and lavender oil. Then they were off to stop the ghost.

When they ran back through the double doors, the lights were flickering on and off, and several people were being lifted in the air, including the Sheriff, the Deputy, and the Mayor. The boys walked in as the Reverend and the principal also started to be lifted off of the ground as well as a couple of the teachers.

“Let us down!” the Mayor exclaimed, uncomfortably waving his arms and legs in zero gravity above the floor.

Janet the ghost squeezed her hands together, and everyone up in the air began to choke.

Roderick jumped up on one of the tables and sprayed the ghost with their concoction. With surprise, she dropped all of her captives and turned to him, all of the wind stopping and everything else that was flying in the air falling to the ground.

Roderick sprayed her again, and she hovered there for a moment, and then fell down into the floor and disappeared.

There was a slight pause as everyone in the auditorium caught their breath.

“Well no detective or private investigator has ever done anything like that before.” the Mayor commented, fixing his askew tie, looking quite pleased.

“So what exactly is a ‘vengeful spirit’?” Jordyn asked after Ian and Roderick recounted what had happened. They were all standing outside the Brian’s van.

“Usually it’s someone who was murdered. If it was exceptionally bad and the murderer wasn’t brought to justice, then sometimes the hate can overtake a ghost until it is. They usually appear around the area of their killer, but are too blind with rage to see clearly who they are actually attacking.” Joey explained.

“Wait-so are you saying that the ghost’s killer was there at the flipping school?” Ian asked.

“Most likely.”


“But-Ian-one thing doesn’t make sense.” Roderick said contemplatively. “Didn’t the deputy say that she was one of the ones to be killed by the ghost girls? Everyone we’ve encountered with the parasite has dealt with that black goop stuff. But Janet didn’t. It was blood-from a gunshot wound…”

“So… maybe she wasn’t killed by the ghosts and people just thought she was.” Ian thought out loud.

“That would explain the gunshot wound.”

“Erg! Why’d she have to show up when so many people around! Then we could have narrowed down who the killer is!”

“But Ian-just because someone killed Janet, it doesn’t mean they killed the other girls or that they’re involved with the parasite. For example, Dolly and Vera.”

Ian made a face.

His brother was right.

He was just tired of how complicated things were getting.

“Well we’re going to need to find her killer as well, cause that lavender oil is not going to make her sleep forever.” Joey cautioned, causing the others to groan.

“Jordyn, did you get anything on the Sheriff when you guys snuck into his office?”

“Oh, we didn’t have to sneak in. Someone let us in.” Joey smirked, earning a glare from Jordyn.

“Sometimes I hate being a woman.” she murmured darkly.

“Wait-what did you do to-.”

“I’m not talking about this. We didn’t really find anything useful. He didn’t even have any pictures of his wife or anything. Don’t tell me that’s not odd.”

“Well apparently she did cheat on him so…” Ian brought in.

“But onto more important matters…” Roderick began. “Like what did you do to get into the Sheriff’s office?”

“I told you I’m not-.”

“She gave the guy at the desk her phone number.” Joey said blatantly, as Jordyn facepalmed.

“Wait-that guy has a thing for you?” Ian laughed.

Jordyn suddenly gave a rather evil smile.

“Oh don’t worry. He won’t be calling anytime soon. I gave him the number to the Rejection Hotline.”

This caused Roderick to roar with laughter as Ian frowned disapprovingly. At this point, the back door of Brian’s van burst open.

“GUYS! I THINK I’VE FINALLY GOT IT!” he exclaimed, his hair smoking a little, black grime spotted on his face.

“Got what?” Ian asked curiously.


At this point, Brian brought out the oddest contraption the others had ever seen. (Well, maybe not for Joey. She was pretty used to weird.) It looked like some kind of giant spray bottle, but instead of something to spray, there was a little motor on top with a flat side with holes in it.

“What in the world is that?” Jordyn questioned.

“That is his ghost catcher.” Joey said matter of factly. “I’ve been giving him some of the information he needs so it’ll stay in the bottle.”

“Waaait. A ghost catcher?!” Roderick exclaimed, astounded. “Dude! You really are like the ghostbusters!!”

“But how does it work?” Ian questioned skeptically. Brian thrust out his chest proudly.

“The black goop is magnetic! This little motor thing here amplifies the magnet here, and sucks the ghost into the bottle. Inside the bottle, it’s lined with Eucalyptus oil, which will trap the ghost inside!”

“Ok cool. But will it work?” Jordyn asked, scowling and folding her arms. Brian gave a toothy grin.

“Only one way to find out.”

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